How to save money with pleasure. 10 financial games

We are all partly children – we love to play with something. In the game kids can learn many useful skills, and have fun and enjoy it. Why not take a gaming approach to your savings?

Just like children, adults can benefit from playing games that help them learn new skills while having fun. We have several suggestions to make saving money an enjoyable experience. Are you ready to play?

Let’s go!

1.Piggy bank or 52 weeks of wealth

The essence of the game is to set aside a certain amount every week and gradually increase it. In the first week you save 1 000 VND, in the second – 2 000 VND, in the third – 3 000 VND, etc. In total, we play 52 weeks. With small incomes, you can start with 100 dong.

If you set aside 1 000 dong for the first week, and add 1 000 dong to the sum of the previous week with each subsequent week, you will accumulate 1,378,000 dong in a year.

2.We are saving discounts

If you like to buy goods on promotions and always follow promotional news, then this method of accumulation will be close and pleasant to you. When you buy goods in a store, then promotions, then the purchase amount and discounts are indicated on the check. Collect checks for a month or keep a record of such purchases electronically. At the end of the month, calculate the sum of all discounts and allocate it in your budget. Put the saved amount into a bank deposit or savings account.

3.Purchase tax

At the end of the month, calculate how much money you spent on purchases (clothes, entertainment, cosmetics, etc.), and send 1-2% of the total amount to a savings account. There is an alternative – to accumulate cashback, that is, if you receive cashback when paying with a card, then you can transfer this amount to a savings account or a regular bank account.

4.Day off for money

Do without paid entertainment or cafes for one day off per month, and transfer the saved money to a savings account or deposit.

5.Time is money

Set aside money for the number of minutes you spend on your phone. Once a week on a certain day, see how much time you spent at the screen of a smartphone or computer in social networks. Multiply the total amount of time by 100, 500, 1 000 dong. – you choose the value yourself. Send the resulting amount to a savings account.

For example, in a week you hung out on social networks for 12 hours; 12 × 1 000 = 12,000 VND transfer to a savings account. For a year you will accumulate: 52 weeks × 12,000 VND = 624,000 VND. (excluding savings account returns).

6.Weather piggy bank

In this game, you need to put as much money into the account every day as there are degrees outside the window. In what currency to save (dongs, dollars, euros) – decide for yourself. You can play with the whole family, connect friends, and at the end of the month compare who has accumulated more. Save a table that should be printed and hung in a conspicuous place.

Here is an example of a weather piggy bank table:

numberoutside temperatureamount in dong
1202 000
2222 200
3212 100
4181 800
5191 900
6202 000
7222 200

7.1000 dong every day

Set aside 1 000 VND per day. You can change the amount. The main thing is that its size is comfortable for you.

Variations of the game: every day before leaving the house, add to the piggy bank an amount that you do not mind losing. Or postpone by date: January 10 – VND 1 000, May 20 – VND 2 000. You can multiply the amount by 10.

8.Rounding the amount to a round remainder

Once a week or every day (morning or evening – your choice) look at your account balance and round it up. For example, your balance is VND 126,780. So, transfer VND 780 to a savings account.

9.200 dong challenge

This method is suitable for people who use cash. Cash is a tangible asset that you can touch, put in your wallet. Money from an abstract concept turns into a material thing. Therefore, their accumulation, the accumulation of cash, becomes obvious, you see how they arrive, banknotes can be taken and counted. It is very helpful and inspiring to see and take an active part in increasing the stack of banknotes.

Set aside every 200 dong bill that comes into your hands. You can send in a capsule and bills of 2000 dong.

10.Monthly Challenge

Each month, set a new financial goal, a new financial challenge for yourself that pushes you out of your comfort zone. It is important to change the conditions so that it is a challenge for you, not a routine. Everything new arouses our increased interest and excitement of victory.

For instance, in March, challenge yourself to avoid going to cafes on weekends. In April, aim to save 1 000 dong every Monday. And in May, resist the temptation to go to the cinema. You can either choose from the suggested options or create your own challenge. The purpose is to save money effortlessly while breaking your usual spending habits.

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