Stars Swim Schools

Stars Swim Schools recognizes that learning water skills and safety is a life-long skill, so we strive to offer quality training sessions that deliver substantial results in an engaging learn-to-swim environment.

Our heated indoor pools give children the chance to practice swimming all year long in an environment with controlled temperature settings, helping them acclimate more quickly to being immersed in water while decreasing risk for colds and infections.

Water Skills & Safety

Swimming lessons clyde provide your children with the knowledge and skills to remain safe around water. Drowning is an imminent risk; however, this danger can largely be reduced through learning to swim, practicing water safety skills and having constant supervision of children around water bodies.

An excellent swimming school will teach your children to get out of the water quickly if they become sick or fatigued, and how to float on their backs when necessary to catch their breath when needed.

Stars Swim Schools was established with the belief that teaching water skills and safety is an invaluable life lesson for babies. Their experienced teachers are committed to offering quality training sessions that produce results in an enjoyable learn-to-swim environment, and each instructor is certified through Swimming Coaches and Teachers Australia which offers best practice guidelines, aquatic qualifications and professional development programs for instructors. Furthermore, heated indoor pools allow your children to practice their strokes in a temperature-controlled environment.

Heated Indoor Pools

Star Swim Schools was established on the belief that learning water skills and safety is vitally important to babies’ future wellbeing, and is committed to offering quality training sessions with noticeable results in an engaging learn-to-swim environment. Their experienced swim teachers offer engaging, developmentally appropriate lessons designed for maximum student retention and safety.

Additionally, these classes focus on creating smaller groups for children to ensure they receive enough individual attention from instructors that is required for them to flourish and learn quickly. Furthermore, this method ensures your kids remain safe while aiding their educational development faster.

Swimming pools with year-round heating ensure your children can practice swimming throughout the year without fear of contracting colds from being exposed to colder climates, and help them acclimate more easily to temperature controlled pool water (32-33) without getting sick from exposure to harsh climate conditions. This also allows them to practice safe and sound swimming practices throughout their swimming journey!

Baby Swimming Lessons

Baby swimming lessons clyde provide an engaging way for babies and their parents to develop a positive association between water and themselves, providing fun experiences while creating an aquatic education foundation that will last throughout life.

Year-round training at our year-round program with 49 weeks of uninterrupted learning can give your child the consistent training needed to move through levels more rapidly. In these supervised lessons, your little swimmer will develop breathing and floating techniques as well as ways to propel themselves with arm-leg propulsion.

Many parents have the mistaken notion that infants cannot begin swimming lessons before they reach an older age. This assumption is incorrect – teaching your baby early to swim can provide tremendous health advantages – such as creating another barrier against drowning, improving body reflexes and having positive impacts on heart and lungs health as well as encouraging improved balance, coordination and grasping abilities.

Kids Swimming Lessons

Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths among children aged 1 to 4, yet formal swimming lessons significantly lower their risk.

Swimming is a wonderful social and community activity for young children to get acquainted with their peers while also teaching them how to set and achieve goals – something which will serve them throughout their lives.

Swimming offers children numerous benefits that improve concentration and boost confidence, including learning to associate exercise with fun from an early age – an effect which will carry through throughout their lives.

Infant swimming lessons provide parents and babies alike an opportunity to form strong bonds through interaction, as parents can comfort their baby and hold them close during lessons. Furthermore, having this special time alone together allows parents and infants to form nurturing attachments which may assist their development and help them navigate challenging situations as they grow up. Studies demonstrate that kids who begin formal swim lessons early often reach physical and mental milestones quicker than their peers.

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