Settlement for Toledo auto accident claims: How long will it take?

You suffered severe injuries in a car wreck in Toledo and want to file a lawsuit against the other driver who was responsible for the mishap. Car accidents often put undue financial pressure on injured victims, who often have multiple medical bills and other expenses to manage. Filing an auto accident claim may sound easy, but how long will it take to get a settlement? The answer is not straightforward. Your best bet is to get a top law firm, such as Groth & Associates, to negotiate your settlement. Below is an overview of the aspects that may delay or impact the process of recovering compensation.

Is there a dispute on fault and liability?

As the claimant, it is your responsibility to prove the other party was responsible for your injuries. If there is a dispute on how the accident happened or who is liable for the mishap, the battle may continue for a long time. Once you get an attorney, they will start gathering evidence, and you can expect the insurance company to do the same. If there is no agreement on who caused the accident, the matter may eventually end up in court. Cases that involve disputes often tend to drag on for a long time. In other situations, you can expect a settlement within six months.

Have you endured permanent injuries?

Your lawyer may advise you to wait for a while before you file an auto accident lawsuit in court. Accident injuries may not be immediately apparent, and you deserve a settlement that covers your medical expenses for the present and future. If you agree to the initial insurance offer, you will have to sign a release of liability, and therefore, you cannot sue the party again for injuries that are discovered later.

Get a lawyer

Without a seasoned lawyer fighting for your rights, the insurance company may not find it necessary to offer a fair settlement for your auto accident claim. While lawyers don’t always have control over how things may shape up, they often can negotiate settlements more aggressively. Your lawyer is aware of the possible outcomes, and if required, they may even file a civil lawsuit and argue the case in court. It is best to keep your options open when you file an auto accident claim. Also, your lawyer only gets money when you recover a settlement, which is why they tend to be proactive with such claims.

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