WhatsApp Plus Download APK (Updated) January 2023 – Official Latest (Anti-Ban)

The modified version of the original WhatsApp is called WhatsApp Plus APK. Instead of using the default WhatsApp, you can use WhatsApp Plus, which has many more functions. The main advantages of WhatsApp Plus include features like masking the online status and airplane mode. There is no cost associated with using this mod, and it offers more privacy.

What’s the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus?

Instead of WhatsApp, there are numerous changes in WhatsApp Plus. Like the availability of attractive themes, hiding your online status, activating airplane mode, etc. The primary differences between WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp are shown below.

Auto Response

To begin with, you can always reply to any of your pals using the auto-reply feature.


You can use the DND feature to disable the internet connection for WhatsApp Plus only if you are using another app on your Android device and don’t want to be interrupted by messages from WhatsApp.

SMS messages Broadcast

It’s a fantastic function to be able to send Broadcast text messages to groups.

Sort messages

The Filter Messages function of the WhatsApp Plus APK allows the user to delete conversations while also filtering their messages.

Message against revoking

has a mechanism that prevents the revocation of messages.

Live sites to share:

Additionally, by using WhatsApp Plus 2023, the user can share their current locations with others.

Fantastic results

When sending photos and videos to friends and family, users can apply stunning and distinctive effects.

Multiple message revocation: You can cancel several messages at once.

Emojis Are Useful

When exchanged in one-on-one chats, many well-known custom emojis are also interactive; any user can tap to trigger synchronized, full-screen effects.

Try it with some typical feelings.

Those in the Area

To exchange contact information in person, we introduced People Nearby. With this upgrade, People Nearby can now assist you in making new acquaintances and setting up a last-minute Valentine’s Day date.

Send the most photos possible

Additionally, you can send more than 90 images at once in comparison to the official WhatsApp. Additionally, you can send your contact a 50 MB video clip and a 100 MB audio file.

Infinite Themes:

Additionally, the Whatsapp theme feature is also included in this upgraded version. Therefore, you can apply a variety of incredible themes and emojis on your phone depending on your mood.

Download Progress:

You may download the images and videos that other contacts upload with their status updates, which is another fantastic feature of this program.

Amazing Font: Are you tired of the standard typeface? Afterward, you can select the font of your choice using this option. Use this feature to make your preferred typeface your own.

History of Messages: You can view the history of messages sent to and received from your contacts and groups.

Changing contacts:

A contact’s media visibility can be changed in your gallery.

To indicate unread messages:

Messages that have been read can be marked from the notice.

Choose all chats: From the home screen, this app allows you to choose all chats at once.

Cover up your status:

You can conceal the voice recording state.

Best image quality: You may transmit high-resolution photographs using WhatsApp Plus.

Language: This feature allows you to choose a language from the list of pre-installed languages, making it one of the best.

Notification: With this program, you may also be alerted when someone on your contact list modifies their profile photo.

You may conceal the pop-up notifications for this app from your home screen, which is another amazing feature of WhatsApp Plus APK.

Installer’s Manual

The WhatsApp Plus MOD version is not available on Google Play, therefore you must download it from the website and manually install it. You can use this installation tutorial if you don’t know how to install Fouad WhatsApp APK on your Android device.

You might need to enable “Unknown sources” in Settings > Security > Unknown Sources to install an APK file into your Android operating system. Simply follow the instructions as illustrated in the following photographs.

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