Are Big Chief and Jackie Braasch Getting Married? Is it a rumor or fact?

Big Chief and Jackie Braasch are two of the most famous name drag racers. Justin often is seen on reality TV show, Street Outlaws, in which he battles drag racers from other teams to take the top place within their circle. Jackie however is not just a pro drag racer but is also an active member of Car Chix.

Surprisingly, Jackie has been competing since she was just eight years old. Due to their common interest, it didn’t come as a surprise to discover the fact that Big Chief and Jackie Braasch were romantically involved with the same relationship. Are they planning to marry? Let’s have a look.

What happened when Big Chief and Jackie Braasch Meet?

Prior to meeting Jackie, Justin Shearer was married to a woman whose name was Alicia. They lived for a decade together and had two sons prior to launching divorce proceedings. In the early days, there was a plethora of leaks suggesting the possibility that Big Chief had cheated on Alicia with one of his co-stars. Some speculated that the woman at issue was Braasch who was a drag racer at the time. The woman was quickly labelled as a homewrecker by the majority of supporters who supported Alicia on this issue.

In the end, Justin came out to quickly dispel any rumors which were based on the issue of infidelity. The couple Jackie were said to be to be just friends prior to his divorce. But, Big Chief would reveal that the two of them Jackie were in a relationship just a few months after his divorce. There’s a noticeable 10 years gap in age in between Big Chief and Jackie, who will be 31 in the year that she turns.

As of now they has been with Justin have been together for the last three years.

A post on the Big Chiefs Instagram page confirms that the two are dating. Then, on the 4 of June in June he sent a message to wish Jackie Braasch a happy birthday and declared his affection for her. While many fans were happy with the gesture, some were quick to remind that the couple were in the wrong over their illicit relationship.

Are Big Chief and Jackie Braasch getting married?

Recently, news sites have been circulating news stories about Big Chief and Jackie Braasch’s wedding. Therefore, just to be sure that we’ve done our research and here’s what we discovered.

While they’re in a wonderful and committed couple, there aren’t any specific evidence that proves it. Big Chief and Jackie are getting married. They have been together for more than three years, however Justin has yet to propose. According to all reports the two are still in love, however Justin as well as Jackie might marry soon. They are happy living together and working.

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