What has happened What happened Nick of Kindig-it? What’s he doing now?

Nick Panos is a mechanic and reality TV star who was previously associated with the team Kindig-it. The company that was in question was started through Dave Kindig, the lead designer and president.

Due to his involvement with Kindig-it Panos was a guest in Bitchin”Rides”. The majority episodes were shot on location in Salt Lake City, where Nick was located during the period.

The rest of the team devoted the majority the time working a range of vintage automobiles. Recently, fans have been asking out what was the fate of Nick Panos. Are they still able to find him on the show?

What made Nick leave Kindig-it?

Nick Panos joined the cast of Bitchin”Ride” in the year 2014. It is believed that he joined Kindig-it’s team at that same time. He was hired to be the team’s electrical finishing worker.

In reality, Nick only appeared in two episodes in this same season. It is possible that he didn’t remain with the Kindig-it team for an extended period of time.

A visit to the official website of the company reveals that Nick isn’t a member in the group. From all indications it appears that Nick has decided to leave the team to seek out better pastures.

Another reason that could be behind his departure could be that he didn’t like the grueling schedule of tv that was offered by reality tv.

What was the matter with Nick who was Kindig-it?

When Nick had left Kindig-it He decided to start an independent business. Nick is the sole proprietor of Legend 4X4 which is a vehicle-related company that is based within Salt Lake City. Nick established the motor vehicle business in order to serve four-by-4 vehicles primarily.

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