What was the reason why Vecna require 4 kills?

In the end, it’s shown at the end of Stranger Things season 4’s finale that the motive behind why Vecna was murdering Hawkins teens was to make a massive gate that connects to create a massive gate that combines Right Side Up with the Upside Down And he was specifically in need of four bodies in order to accomplish this.

Who were the 4 victims Vecna kill?

A flashback from “The The Massacre in Hawkins Lab” later reveals that Vecna murdered more people at Hawkins Lab than we thought. The latest scene shows how nine security guards died, including three ordnance officers as well as Selee as well as Miller.

What number of people did Vecna killed?

Overall Henry Creel/Vecna directly killed at most 28 individuals, with or without. This does not include Max who, naturally who is still alive but is in a in a coma.

What made Vecna select his victims?

Brenner (Matthew Modine) says on”Papa,” a scene from the Stranger Things episode “Papa” that Vecna “consumes” all things about his victims. Vecna seeks out traumatized victims as they create an archive of painful and bitter memories to draw upon. Every victim he comes across becoming more powerful, he will become more effective.

What was the reason Vecna do not take 11?

Here’s why. Instead of just killing Eleven and getting eliminated from her forever, Vecna wanted her to witness him murder Max and decimate Hawkins on Hawkins’ complete destruction in the Stranger Things season 4 finale. Although Eleven was not part of the battle against Vecna for the majority of the show, she proved to be his greatest foe in the end.

What is the reason why Vecna need to have 4 Chimes?

The new season shows the four chimes from the grandfather clock represent that of the victims Vecna has to take in order to reach our world and take over humanity.

Why is it that Vecna allow Max go?

What made it clear to Max was the joyous fond memories of her close friends especially Lucas and Eleven These are the only things that allowed her to free herself from Vecna’s sway and get away.

Who is stronger , Mind the Flayer, or Vecna?

Although both are powerful creatures of the Upside Down capable of taking over Stranger Things’ lesser monsters such as Demogorgons, Demodogs and Demobats, the increased ability to think and the personal motivation Vecna has will likely increase his risk of being a threat.

How did 001 come to be Vecna?

In a fit of anger, Henry used his restored abilities to brutally kill other test subjects and then attempted in the identical manner with Eleven. But Eleven held her own and eventually overpowered Henry, causing him to be pushed through a doorway to the Upside Down; there, Henry slowly transformed into the person called Vecna.

Does Eleven superior to Vecna?

This means Stranger Things season 4’s dramatic final episode was a time when Eleven becoming more powerful than ever before with her family and friends gathered around her, with her loved ones fighting for her. Vecna is a man who has never heard about love, has no idea of what he’s facing during Stranger Things season 5.

What was the reason Vecna need four gates?

Vecna started his scheme to open four gate in Hawkins in order to allow The Upside Down to spread throughout the town. Soon after the initial victim Chrissy Cunningham who was Hawkins’ head of the team and most well-known student. She was also the lover of Jason Carver, captain of the basketball team.

What’s Vecna’s weak point?

The weaknesses of Vecna in the face of music will turn into an important element in Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 as the characters are required to be able to save Nancy from the curse of Vecna.

Who is #1 Vecna?

The final scene from Volume 1 includes a shot of Vecna as well as an in-depth look at the tattoo 001 on his arm, which confirms it was Henry Creel, a.k.a. Number One was transformed into Vecna.

IS 001 in Stranger Things Vecna?

Not just are Vecna an alter-ego for 001 following his exile into the Upside Down and the Upside Down, but he is also the child of Victor Creel.

Why didn’t Vecna kill Will?

It is possible that the reason Vecna didn’t kill for seven years that followed his murder in the Hawkins Lab massacre was because Vecna was waiting to gain more power when The Mind Flayer as well as Demogorgons took on more victims and he was diminished after being thrust into the realm of.

Did 001 invent an upside-down?

Eleven might not have invented The Upside Down, but she was the one who commanded the fire that it sparked. Stranger Things 4 left fans with some shocking revelations. The terrifying Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) is discovered to be One, a creature with the same potential to develop unexplained supernatural powers as Eleven.

Does Nancy have any idea that Vecna has a number 001?

The end the fourth season of Stranger Things season 4, volume 1. Vecna divulges his identity to Nancy however there’s speculation on why he would reveal his identity to her. Specifically.

Did the upside-down actually existed before Vecna?

Brown is likely to be right in stating that no one invented”the Upside Down and that the parallel dimension has always existed.

Is the Mind Flayer 001?

It is possible that the Mind Flayer might be the number 001, and could have been locked within The Upside Down for several years or even created the whole dimension. The majority of fans believe that all the “numbers” or other laboratory experiments conducted by Hawkins National Lab to be dead. Brenner even hints at this in his own words.

Do you know if Mind Flayer exist before Vecna? Mind Flayer exist before Vecna?

The entire run of Stranger Things thus far, The Mind Flayer was the main villain (pre Vecna). A omnipresent creature that reigned on all of the Upside Down and spent its time trying desperately to break through into the Hawkins in which our heroes reside.

Did Vecna created the Demogorgon?

Vecna invented the Mind Flayer

In the last episode of Stranger Things 4. Vecna was the one responsible to create the Mind Flayer. Many fans will remember this as the terrifying monster that the gang confronted in seasons 2 and 3. The episode 9 Vecna describes his loneliness in Upside Down to Eleven.

How did Max get through Vecna?

When Max was briefly dead, Eleven used her powers to resurrect Max. But there was an unintended consequence. The newly resurrected Max is still in a coma which El seems to be unable to wake from.

What is the reason behind Vecna the weakest of music?

However, he has an unusual weakness that is music. Max was pulled away from his grasp due to her favourite track Kate Bush’s “Running up That Hill” and she plays it over and over again as an oath to protect her mind. Vecna is also believed to be in a relationship with the victims of his murders in the course of their deaths.

What was the reason Vecna have Nancy?

The video in which Dow explains the reason Dow clarifies why Vecna specifically picked Nancy as his primary messenger during Stranger Things Season 4. “The reasons he picked Nancy is because she’s connected to Eleven and she is already connected to Vecna through her travels into her home in the Upside Down, and Nancy is an investigative reporter.

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