How Do I Repair Google Play Music Not Uploading

If you’re experiencing problems uploading music to the Google Play Music account, there’s an explanation. In 2021, Google stopped offering its Google Play Music service, and was replaced by its more well-known kin YouTube Music. Today, we’ll assist you to move to Google Music to YouTube Music to add your most loved music to YouTube Music.

Now, let’s proceed to uploading music using the aid by Youtube Music. But, if you do not wish to make use of Youtube Music, we will guide you through downloading the older versions that is part of Google Play Music on your Android.

Method 1 Method #1: Uploading Music to YouTube Music

Uploading your entire music library to YouTube Music is quite simple. All you need is only a couple of clicks and you’re ready to go. Furthermore, the music that you upload to YouTube Music is ad-free and you’ll be in a position to access it even when your device is not online. This is how to upload music to YouTube Music.

  1. Visit Your Google Music application.
  2. Choose ” Account Settings”and choose ” Upload Music.”
  3. Choose the song you wish to upload, and then click “Ok.”

Once you’ve confirmed that you have uploaded, the progress bar for uploading will appear in your display. When the progress bar is finished you’ll be able browse your music that you have uploaded.

Method 2: Use an APK to Google Play Music

If you’re not fond of YouTube Music and would rather use your traditional Google Play Music, there is a method to use Google Play Music. It’s a bit of a risk, however, this method can expose your device’s security to risk since it requires downloading an additional APK.

If you’re willing to take the risk the only thing you need to do is follow the steps below, and you’ll be good to start.

  1. Then downloadthe Google Music APKfrom your web browser.
  2. Before running the application ensure that you enable the source that isn’t trusted..
  3. Choose the install optionand take several minutes.

After you have your APK was installed you are able to access it via the home page. If the app is constantly crashing Try installing an alternative Version that is compatible with Google Play Music.

Transferring Music to Google Play Music Google Play Music

Uploading music to Google Play Music is way simpler than uploading music on YouTube Music. To upload music to Google Play Music, you must ensure that there is the song you wish to download on your gadget. You can install your MP3 files via your browser or transfer them to on your personal computer.

When you’re certain that the music you want to play is available in your device, head to Google Play Music Library. In the Library there is your music that you uploaded, which you can play many times without worrying about advertisements appearing.


The uploading of music onto Google Play Music is no more a possibility. It is however, YouTube Music and Google Play Music’s APKs are likely to be excellent alternatives. We hope that we’ve been successful in teaching you how to solve your problem with music uploading with this guide.

If, for any reasons, Google Play Music APK does not work on devices, then it may be a signal to move onto YouTube Music as it does the same thing as Google Play Music does but more effectively.

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