Fix the PS4 Controller’s Red Light (5 Methods)

If you’re a console player and you’re a console gamer, then chances are that you’re aware of the meaning of is RROD as well as YLOD refer to. Luckily, the red and yellow lights, whether flashing or not, are not an indication of the demise or demise of your DualShock 4.

The yellow light that is on the DualShock 4 controller is termed an “amber light” rather than yellow. It is typically visible when you’re charged with your device and appears as it is a blinking amber light which becomes solid once the unit is charged to full.

This is also an indication to indicate that it indicates that the PS4 controller remains in standby mode.

How do I fix the flashing yellow Light

It’s all about trial and trial and as you work your way through various issues until you find the answer. If you own other devices at home like a computer, iPad, Android tablet or anything else that works to your PS4 controller which you’ve used previously and haven’t had any issues with, then chances are you’re having a problem..

Method #1

What you need to do is to get the other devices to abandon the PS4 controller and then reestablish a pairing of you Playstation 4. Take any device which you’ve previously connected with your DualShock 4 with in the past.

  1. Open your device.
  2. Click on Settings > Bluetooth. Bluetooth.
  3. Choose your DualShock 4.
  4. Choose “Forget Your Device”.
  5. Start to your PS4.
  6. Connect your DualShock 4 into your PS4’s USB port.
  7. Hit the PS button.

Because it’s not connected to all other devices in the home It is expected to automatically connect to you PS4 after you connect it to the internet. If it is successful it will show the PS4 blinking in white and blue.

Method #2

This is the fast PS button press method to use a different word it’s a favored method that has worked the trick for hundreds of PS4 players around the globe.

  1. Switch off the PS4 (completely turned off and not in asleep mode).
  2. Connect to your PS4 controller via USB cable.
  3. Turn on the PS4 off.
  4. If the screen prompts you to switch off the PS4 controller push and hold down to hold the PS button.
  5. Keep it on till you can hear 2 beeps.
  6. Switch off your PS4.
  7. Reset it.
  8. If the screen is at”the “press button PS button” point, you must do two things.
  9. Remove your USB in the USB and start pressing PS. PS button.

You can release the PS button when you have seen the blinking white and blue. If this method is working for you, excellent. If it doesn’twork, proceed to the next step.

Method #3

Setting the PS4 to safe mode can be something is usually done whenever there is an issue that is serious taking place and you’re trying to pinpoint it to a specific issue through elimination. But, it can be a great option for this too.

  1. Switch your PlayStation 4 off.
  2. Press your power switch until you’re able to hear an sound (the initial beep isn’t considered to count).
  3. Connect to your DualShock through USB.
  4. Hit the PS button.
  5. Controller will be connected.

This method is basically focused on connecting to your PS4 controller. If it fails it’s likely that the controller is irreparable.

Method #4

The reset of your DualShock four controller is a common method that works perfectly. Once it’s reset, it must be connected to your PS4 through it’s USB cable. If you reboot it, the system is restored to its original state, identical to the way it was when it first came out of the box.

On the back of your controller there’s an reset switch which is located underneath the L2 shoulder button. It’s a tiny opening that requires pins or a paperclip that is not bent to get inside to access the button.

Put the pin in the slot and press the button for a couple of minutes. When the reset is complete then you are able to proceed and connect it to your PS4 using it’s USB charger cable and press the PS button. The system should then sync up, and the flashing yellow light will turn into the blue and white light.

Method #5

The reset of your PS4 controller can be one thing. Resetting all of the system another , and could be one of the more extreme steps to consider.

If you’re considering the PS4 reset procedure it is important to ensure you have all your data backup particularly where the games you play. Make sure you keep track of your sign-in credentials because nothing is more frustrating than trying to fix the issue and then forgetting your login details when the time comes.

  1. Switch off the power to your PS4 as well as disconnect the power for 5 minutes.
  2. Reconnect it.
  3. Press the power button for longer than 10 second.
  4. Plug your PS4 controller in.
  5. Click “Initialize”.

This method can erase all data stored on your hard drive, so making backups is essential unless you have any data on the drive that you’re truly concerned about much about losing.

If neither of the options are working, it’s an opportunity for you to update the firmware of your DualShock 4-controller. There are a myriad of options to try to make it connect, and if you’ve exhausted all of them, it’s most likely the result of a serious problem with the controller’s hardware.

The problem is that PS4 controllers certainly are expensive, even with the introduction and subsequent popularity of the PS5 as well as the new DualShock 5 controllers that come with it. In the event that the DualShock 4 controller is working with other devices at home but it is not compatible with your PS4, it will be compatible alongside your PS4.

Replacing your DualShock 4 Cable

There’s a possibility that you’re trying to connect the Dualshock 4 to reconnect to your PS4 and it’s not your controller itself that’s the issue or even your PS4 or PS4 itself and it’s likely the USB cable giving you issues.

If we’re truthful it’s true that those PS4 controller cables, which came from the first PS4 and are quite fragile and it’s no unusual that they’ve got an incredibly high percentage of failure.

The problem is due to Sony desire to play a exclusive game in which they only have their USB controller cables are used and not any other. They want you to purchase solely Sony accessories for your PS4 and absolutely nothing else.

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