What Is The Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Setting


Ghost of Tsushima: Tales debuted in October 2020 as a totally free DLC. It included a multiplayer experience to the previously single-player-only video game.

The web content debuted as Update 1.1, and also it provides a brand-new video game setting you can open up from the primary food selection. Simply put, it’s a stand-alone setting, so you will not reach have fun with the Jin Sakai you crafted throughout the project.

The multiplayer a little modifies the gameplay, as it leans much less right into stealth, and also much more right into activity and also dream. However, it converts the video game’s effective formula right into a fully-fledged co-op without micro-transactions or concealed costs.

Also, we must make clear that Ghost of Tsushima is offered free of charge for all PlayStation And also subscribers. If you possess an electronic or physical duplicate of the PS4 title, or if you belong to the solution, you obtain accessibility to Legends.

How Does Ghost of Tsushima: Tales Job?

ghost of tsushima what is legends

Ghost Tsushima: Legends is a co-op setting that takes you to a Japanese folklore dream. You can access it using the video game’s food selection by mosting likely to the “Legends” area.

As soon as inside the Legends setting, you’ll see it provides 4 extra gameplay settings. You can play these settings with a personality you develop, and also you might select among the 4 offered courses for Legends.

After that, you can level up your personality in numerous means, no matter the multiplayer setting you play.

So, essentially, the Legends setting offers 4 courses, 5 gameplay settings, and also straightforward personality progression. To supply it as a co-op experience, the video game makes use of a routine matchmaking procedure, although you can additionally quickly join your buddies’ entrance halls or vice-versa.

Ghost of Tsushima Multiplayer Video Game Modes

ghost of tsushima legends

Overall, Legends permits you to play an experience or a survival journey with your buddies. It adheres to a various story than the project, you reach have fun with a various personality, and also it presents brand-new locations, adversaries, managers, loot, and also abilities.

You can appreciate these auto mechanics on among the 4 offered multiplayer video game modes

  • Quickplay: You can sign up with “Survival Quick Play” or “Tale Quickplay.” These permit you to sign up with arbitrary and also continuous fights if matchmaking is allowed.
  • Story: These provide a collection of degrees you can have fun with an extra gamer. These goals lean greatly right into Japanese mythology, and also it supplies a dream establishing where dark and also demonic beings become your adversaries. The tale setting is offered for two players, and also it crosses 10 show 3 phases each.
  • Survival: These sustain up to 4 players. The setting places you on among the 7 offered maps, and also the objective is to safeguard locations versus adversary waves, and also there is mosting likely to be a manager every 5th wave. Beating a manager will certainly rejuvenate locations you have actually shed on previous waves. Last but not least, as you play, you’ll make money you can invest to buy abilities.
  • Challenge: These raids belong to “The Story of Iyo. It’s a four-player co-op that places the group in dungeon-like places. The video game setting crosses 3 phases, and also, as a result of its trouble, it’s the end-game area of Tsushima’s multiplayer co-op.

Both Survival and also Tale goals have 3 trouble settings. Each brand-new rate increases the decrease price of top-level and also unusual things. Especially, increasing the trouble degree will certainly elevate the optimum variety of waves you need to hold on Survival— 15 for Bronze, 20 for Silver, and also 25 for Gold and also Problem.

So, as you see, the 3 troubles are Bronze, Silver, and also Gold. You might play Tale and also Survival goals as lot of times as you desire, on the trouble you select. The adversary generates and also the loot is arbitrary, so you locate various points and also have a various experience each time.

Lastly, when you get to level 90, you can play these 2 settings in the “Problem” trouble. This is an obstacle setting that supplies one Tale goal and also one Survival goal every week. Likewise, degree 90 would certainly permit you to play the obstacle raids without passing away in a number of secs.

Ghost of Tsushima Multiplayer Classes

ghost of tsushima legends classes

Ghost of Tsushima’s primary personality Jin Sakai can discover lots of abilities. He can grasp all elements of samurai melee, varied assaults, stealth, combinations, and also much more.

In Legends, however, those abilities are separated right into 4 courses. Every one has a distinct passive or energetic capacity and also “Ultimate” ability to match the course and also abilities they have.

In any kind of instance, to play the Legends setting, you need to choose among the 4 offered courses:

  • Samurai: Samurai is an offending melee course concentrating on Katanas and also swordplay. Its Ultimate, “Samurai Ultimate,” permits the warrior to reduce time to assault adversaries. Its capacity permits him to siphon wellness from adversaries passively.
  • Hunter: Seeker is a long-range competitor concentrating on bows and also eruptive arrowheads. Its Ultimate capacity, “The Eye of Uchitsune” releases a rainfall of arrowheads at adversaries. After that, Seeker’s course capacity permits him to stun targets in a location.
  • Ronin: Ronin is the group paramedic, however he additionally has fondness for magical capacities and also swordplay. The Ronin’s Ultimate is “Breath of Izanami,” which can restore a staff member or the whole group. After that, Ronin’s unique capacity permits him to mobilize a spirit canine friend to eliminate along with the celebration.
  • Assassin: Assassin concentrates on stealth and also Katanas. Its Ultimate is “Darkness Strike,” which teleports him throughout the combat zone to land shock assaults. Last but not least, its course capacity allows him disappear in a cloud of toxin that startles adversaries.

At initially, you’ll just have the ability to have fun with a solitary course. Nonetheless, as you progress to the Legends setting, you’ll open the various other courses and also learn to exchange in between them openly.

Ghost of Tsushima Multiplayer Personality Progression

ghost of tsushima legends character progression

Your Legends personalities can level up, purchase abilities on ability trees, locate tools with methods, loot lots of equipment, upgrade tools and also shield, and also locate sources to buy upgrades.

Notably, however, the 4 courses have a distinct ability tree plus their “Course Capability” and also their “Ultimate.” So, you can level these personalities as you would certainly do on any kind of various other action-RPG, obtain ability factors, and also acquisition additionally abilities.

Completing any kind of task within the Legends setting gives XP to your personality. Tasks imply finishing degrees on Tale setting, finishing a Survival map, finishing an obstacle, or completing a fast play.

After that, leveling up gives you the opportunity to unlock Methods. Unlike Jin Sakai, however, you can choose a solitary Strategy per row.

samurai class legends

Likewise, Tale’s personalities do not have the 4 Sword Positions offered. Each personality has a Sword Position, however they can locate swords with integrated Positions or Position combinations.

stone katana combo ghost of tsushima

The various other personality development aspects are:

  • Gear: You get equipment as an incentive for finishing goals and also tasks. The more powerful you obtain, the much better the loot comes to be. Additionally, equipment is available in 4 rarities (Typical, Unusual, Impressive, and also Legendary). Each rarity features even more statistics and also incentives, however you can “Reforge” and also “Reroll” Fabulous things to obtain various other incentives, or enhance these incentives.
  • Aesthetic Things: Aside from normal equipment, you can additionally locate aesthetic things to personalize your look. These consist of masks, course things, body things, sword sets, dramatizes, and also sword VFXs. Several of these cosmetics are offered in the Legends setting, however you require to open others in the single-player project.
  • Power Level/Ki: The “Ki” is the summation of your equipment’s rarity and also degrees. It’s an indicator that quickly informs you just how much you have actually advanced your personality, or exactly how challenging an objective can be. That stated, the optimal power degree is 110, and also just Problem trouble goals go down equipment with 110 Ki.
  • Resources: You obtain sources as an incentive for finishing goals and also tasks. These sources are “Significance,” “Honor,” and also “Shrines,” and also you require these to Reforge and also Reroll equipment. Reforging and also Rerolling can elevate your Power Degree.

How to Degree up Your Legends Personality?

The Ghost of Tsushima Legends needs some grinding to get to Power Degree 110. Thankfully, you have 3 trouble setups to climb your means up.

In significance, you would certainly wish to use Bronze till your Power Degree strikes 35. It can be hard initially, so you would certainly be much better off using Survival, as it permits you to deal with the obstacle with 3 extra gamers.

After degree 35, you can run the tale goals on Silver trouble. It might take you a solitary run of the whole co-op tale setting to get to degree 80. Later, you would certainly wish to maintain playing any one of the settings on Gold trouble. The Stories of Iyo obstacle are specifically satisfying around this Power Degree.

Once you get to degree 105 on Gold, you would certainly need to count on Problem obstacles to get to the top, 110. You might additionally maintain playing the Raids for the loot they provide.


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