Employee Onboarding Checklist

The process of integrating employees is a huge task, and it’s very easy to overlook certain steps in the process.

Learn more about our guide to your employee onboarding procedure to ensure that you’re prepared to welcome any new employee. Prepare with an employee onboarding guideline.

A checklist is not just a way to ensure an easy onboarding process but also ensures that the new employee has a positive first impression of your business.

Checklist for new employees to be onboarded

You can streamline your process of onboarding by adding these things to your checklist:

1. The Welcome Email Checklist

The first formal message the new employee receives in addition to the signature of the contract of course. The email must make an impression that is positive to set the prospective employee on the right path to success right from the beginning.

  • Send them a warm greeting at the office.
  • Enter the date along with the location and time.
  • Give the contact number and email address of your contact.
  • Give a list of the documents that they need to bring along.
  • Include an overview of the schedule for the first day.
  • Discuss the dress code in case it is.
  • Include information about your business.

2. Pre-Onboarding Checklist

This is an important step! You don’t want your new employee to feel as if you’re not prepared. Make sure you follow this guideline carefully, and you won’t forget a thing.

  • Send out an all-company email with the name of the new employee and job.
  • Indicate the date when the employee will start work, as well as the place of work in which the new employee will work.
  • If possible, inform employees of the date and location of an introduction meeting.
  • Be sure that the department’s manager is ready for the new employee.
  • Find out the location of where the new employee’s work place will be.
  • Get all the equipment you need.
  • Create their own accounts in the HR system.
  • Create accounts including email and other services for the potential employee (make an entire list of all the services).
  • Secure keys and security cards can be purchased.
  • Create a welcome bag and place it on your desk, if you can.
  • Make HR-related documents.

3. Checklist for the day’s first day

Make a list of everything that has to be done by day one.

  • Make sure to greet your new employee upon entering the building.
  • The new worker is introduced to colleagues and to the department.
  • Let the new employee know about their work space.
  • Create a working tour. Make sure you visit the main points such as bathrooms, entrances and kitchens. Also, the lounge.
  • Introduce the new employee’s onboarding companion.
  • Verify that he has access into his computer and the devices are functioning properly.
  • You should have access to your learning environment, if you have one.
  • Include all pertinent information including guidelines and rules.
  • Verify that all login information and access is working.
  • Organise a meeting with a supervisor of your employee.
  • Plan a dinner for a welcome party with the new employee and the team.
  • If possible, conduct an interview in person at the time your day.

4. Checklist for the week that begins

Because this is the crucial stage of self-adjustment, it’s essential that you help the new hire , and not overburden him.

  • If you can, plan the possibility of a welcoming coffee.
  • Access the information and inform them of which policies are available at your company.
  • Make sure that the employee has met with the department’s head and any other person who is relevant to their job.
  • Make sure that short-term goals are been established.
  • Verify to ensure that all software and equipment specifications are in place.
  • Inform the new employee about fire safety and fire protection precautions.
  • Consider additional training when needed.
  • Organise the new employee and invite them in group-building activities.
  • Set up a face-to-face conference at the close of the week.
  • Add the new employee’s name to the list of birthdays to ensure you don’t miss out on them.

5. Checklist for the month of January

The first month is the time you must check on how your employee is performing and how they are feeling about their new position. Find the issues and fix the issues.

  • Create and distribute an onboarding survey to one month.
  • Set up a time for a meeting with the head of department to discuss the employee’s performance.
  • Set up a face-to-face appointment with the employee towards the final day of the month.
  • Examine the employee’s opinions regarding the job.
  • Invite the new employee to be a part of the team’s activities as a member.
  • Schedule and plan an annual three-month survey and a six-month employee survey.

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