Haven Cauble Information Regarding Lisa Whelchel’s Daughter

Haven Cauble is the daughter of Lisa Whelchel, a popular actor, singer and songwriter. She is also an author as well as a life coach. The mother of Haven is an adored entertainer who has gained respect and love of her work in the field of entertainment. Check out the information we have collected about Haven Cauble’s personal life.

Who is Haven Cauble and What is her age?

WhelchelHaven Cauble regarded as the artist’s daughter Lisa Haven has been born on the 26th of September 1991. At the time of writing, Haven Cauble is 31 years old. Her name is Katherine Hill Cauble. Her dad is Steven Cauble, known to be an associate pastor at The Church on the way in Van Nuys, California.

Cauble was born alongside her siblings. Clancy Cauble born on 12 November 1992, who was 30 years old by 2022, along with Tucker Cauble born on 17 January 1990, which is 32 years old by 2022. The sister Clancy Cauble is an actress desirable known for her roles in Hearts of Spring (2016), Sunburst(2016), and Separation Anxiety(2016) as well as her brother, Tucker Cauble, is an actor as a character on Home & Family (2012).

The maternal grandparents of Haven Cauble are Virginia Whelchel and James Whelchel. Her mother, Virginia “Genny” (nee French) is a real estate agent , while her father James “Jimmy” Whelchel, sr. is an electrician.

Haven Cauble Personal Life

We do not have any information on Haven Cauble’s job. We don’t know what she earns money. But she is married. Her husband is Aaron Weits. They were married at the outdoors in a ceremony. Haven realized she was pregnant , and revealed her story to the followers of her on Instagram.

On June 1, Haven Cauble shared a picture of a sonogram to her Instagram page . She also commented on the post that she and her child enjoy falling asleep on the spot. Also, she shared a short video of her as well as her husband Aaron Weits, revealing that the baby is due in December. The couple is expecting an infant girl.

How Did the Parents of Haven Cauble’s First Meet?

Parents of Haven Cauble Steven Cauble and Lisa Whelchel were close friends before they started dating each with each other. According to some sources, Lisa Whelchel was in an intimate relationship at the time she first became acquainted with Steven.

Lisa Whelchel, has a success job as an artist, actress, songwriter, singer author, public speaker. Steven Cauble was an associate pastor at The Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California, which Whelchel was a member in the early days. Lisa and Steven were at church together after Lisa made the decision to be a new Christian. They started to get acquainted.

What year did Haven Cauble’s parents get married and divorced?

Her parents had a relationship for a time before they tied the knot. They were married in a ceremony July 9th in 1988. In the course of their wedding, they had three children: Tucker Stephenson Cauble, Haven Katherine Hill Cauble as well as Clancy Elizabeth Cauble.

Parents of Haven Cauble Steven Cauble and Lisa Whelchel were married for nearly 24 years. They divorced in March of this year. According to some sources, Steven Cauble was living independently prior to separation of Lisa Whelchel. He bought a house located in North Texas.

As per Lisa Whelchel, she didn’t believe that her relationship with Steven Cauble will end. When speaking to People she stated that it was a painful experience to realise that things between her and her ex-husband did not go as planned. She stated that they will always be family and friends regardless of their separation.

Lisa Whelchel filed for divorce in Denton County, Texas, following the departure of her youngest child to attend college. In December, she filed her divorce papers. of 2011. Lisa Whelchel and Steven Cauble remain in good standing following their divorce.

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