How to Play MP3 Files on an iPhone

MP3 is one of the top commonly used media format used for audio files because of its excellent sound quality and smaller size. But, many people don’t have the knowledge to run MP3 songs on iPhones.

Are you able to play MP3 files using an iPhone?

The iPhone can run MP3 songs on the iPhone. Alongside MP3 All Apple devices can also play AAC, WAV and FLAC audio formats.

Playing MP3 files on an iPhone

If you’re thinking of what you can do you are able to use MP3 Files iPhone, our 4-step step-by-step guide will help users through this entire procedure without difficulty.

Method 1: Using iTunes

The iPhone can be used to listen to MP3 documents on your iPhone through iTunes by following the steps below.

  1. Make use of an USB cable connect the iPhone with your PC.
  2. Open iTunes on your computer.
  3. “Summary” or click “Summary”.
  4. Choose “Manually manage videos and music”.
  5. “Click “Music”.
  6. Drag and drop the MP3 in it in the iTunes window.

Method #2: Use AirDrop

If you own an iPhone and you want to listen MP3 files then you can utilize AirDrop to play MP3 files using the steps below.

  1. Start Control Center. Control Center.
  2. Hold and touch and hold the “Wi-Fi” tray and then tap on the “AirDrop” button to turn it on.
  3. Just right click on the MP3 download on your PC, and then select “Share”.
  4. Select “AirDrop”and select the contact.
  5. “Done” and click “Done”.
  1. Hold and touch and hold the “Wi-Fi” tray.
  2. Press and hold and hold the “AirDrop” button.
  3. “Everyone” and tap “Everyone”.

In the future, you’ll be able to get documents from all.

Method #3 Method #3: Use VLC Media Player

After following these steps, you will be able to additionally listen to MP3 documents on your iPhone with VLC Media Player.

  1. Start the the App Store and download VLC Media Player..
  2. Start VLC Media Player.
  3. Click “Network” and switch on “Sharing through WiFi”.
  4. Click “Sharing through WiFi”to copy the unique IP address onto the clipboard.
  5. Copy in the IP address into the address bar on your browser.
  6. Drop and drag your MP3 files into the “Sharing via Wi-Fi”window.

Method #4: Utilizing Dropbox

It is also possible to enjoy MP3 songs on the iPhone by using Dropbox using these easy and quick steps.

  1. Open your browser, visit Dropbox website and sign in with your credentials.
  2. “Upload”. “Upload”.
  3. Select “Files” and choose the MP3 file to upload.
  4. Start your app storeon the iPhone and download Dropbox..
  5. Start the Dropbox appon Your iPhone. Then sign inwith those credentials.

After you’ve been logged in to the app, you can search for and tap on the MP3 files to allow it to be played on the iPhone.

  1. Start a browser, then go to Dropbox website and sign in using your credentials.
  2. Select “Create”.
  3. Select a folder’s name. Then click “Create” again.
  4. “Upload” or click “Upload“.
  5. Select “Files” and choose those MP3 files you wish to include in the folder.


In this article we’ve covered how you can use MP3 Files on your iPhone by using iTunes, AirDrop, VLC Media player as well as Dropbox.

I hope that your question has been addressed, and you won’t miss out on the music you love in MP3 format on your iPhone.

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