Enterprise Infrastructure EI CCIE Course LAB Documentation: Guest Shell Lab

This article corresponds to Section 5 of Cisco’s new Enterprise Architecture EI CCIE syllabus.

  1. Cisco IOS XE system. Cisco IOS XE system is the latest operating system (in fact, it has been several years) on Cisco enterprise-class equipment, and is the core technology supported by one of Cisco’s four major series of operating systems (IOS, IOS XE, IOS XR, NX-OS).

Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), Ethernet Virtual Private Network (E Virtual Private Network), Segment Routing, Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP), Vxlan The devices that support the IOS XE system are as follows

Note that this includes the CSR1000v analog device. In addition, the switches in Cisco’s XE are more inclined to be oriented towards edge computing in the Internet of things (do not send data to the cloud computing server in the core computer room, and perform computing directly on the XE system on the access device)

  1. IOx on the IOS XE platform. You can temporarily understand IOx as a service of the XE platform. It is a computing platform, application architecture and software development kit that work on the network boundary of the host application and service platform.
  2. Guest Shell overview. Guest Shell Overview is a 64-bit application environment running on the IOX-XE and NS-OS platforms. Administrators can install, upgrade and operate third-party Linux applications. It is bound to Python. By default, access is only allowed through Mgmt VRF. Additional options for integrating with the device data plane Cisco IOS XE devices can almost all be managed through a scripting language, python is one of the on-box shell methods, the python scripting language in the linux system built into Cisco’s C9K runs inside the device In a “container”, they can communicate with the network or the device itself in an off-box python way, run an automated script on a third-party server, and manage the guest shell through the network through NETCONF (an API) or other protocols and switches. Guest shell is a linux container on Cisco IOS-XE devices. On the ISR 4000 series device platform, guest shell provides a Centos7 environment, which can be used to install and run applications, such as the python scripting language is one of them. With such a guest shell, you and your application can access the host platform’s network, storage, and even IOS CLI commands. Cisco’s Guest Shell is independent of the underlying host software to prevent the device’s core network functions from being interfered with by guest shell-enabled devices.
  3. Guest Shell basic LAB part.

Step1. Open IOXIox to manage the application on IOS XE. Guest Shell is only one application of Iox. It should be noted that the Iox server takes 3 minutes

Step2. Create a virtual port group. This function is only valid on the routing platform for connecting to the container of the Guest Shell

Step3. Creating a NAT entry only takes effect on the routing platform and converts traffic in an off-box environment, such as connecting to the Internet

Step 4, start Guest Shell is defined as an application in a CLI Once an application is defined, it can have three behaviors, namely open-close-destroy.


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