Interesting ways to use your old phone.

Keep your outdated smartphone out of the trash or the drawer where it will collect dust. While looking at it, you might be wondering how old is this phone. You may use it as a surveillance camera, alarm clock, science experiment, and more in simple steps. We carry a supercomputer around with us all the time. It performs data analysis, plays games, streams media, checks the weather, and checks the internet. Smartphones are fantastic, but newer, better models are constantly being developed.

Although the majority of us can probably use the same phone for years, the update cycle makes it tempting to spend more money on a model with more flash. Of course, when purchasing a new phone, you can save a little money by trading in your old one, but occasionally you find yourself with an extra, outdated smartphone lying around. Reuse that gadget instead of letting it gather dust! It can still be a useful addition to the home if it connects to Wi-Fi. These fascinating uses for an old smartphone are listed below.

Videogame System

You can download a ton of different mobile games for iPhone and Android with just a Wi-Fi connection. Create a dedicated gaming system out of an additional smartphone if you have one lying around. This will ensure you never have to worry about storage space while unwinding on the couch.

Device for Video Chat

Your old smartphone can act as a dedicated video chat interface if you frequently communicate through a video chat platform. In addition, your smartphone is still available for incoming calls and other alerts, so why not use it that way?

Clock alarm

While time management tools are now available, not everyone wants a microphone in their bedroom. So instead, repurpose that old smartphone’s large display into a privacy-preserving alarm clock. You may set the alarm by downloading an app over Wi-Fi, mounting your phone on a stand, and connecting it to electricity. Then, if you have a habit of hitting the snooze button in the morning, it is simple to take the phone off the stand and carry it around while you continue to sleep.

A TV remote

The majority of video streaming devices have remote controls. However, they are typically small and simple to misplace. There’s a good probability that you will lost the remote control for your TV. You can use it as a remote instead of buying a new one. Each service has a mobile application you may download, link to your account, and then you can use your old device as a remote control once more. For app-based live TV streaming services like YouTube TV, this can also be useful.


Even though you presumably always have your phone, it never hurts to have a backup device handy. For instance, you might keep a dormant phone in your vehicle. You might even donate the abandoned device to an elderly relative who might not have a smartphone but could utilize a quick means to call in an emergency. Many nonprofit organizations also accept contributions of used mobile phones, which they either give away or sell for a profit to help those in need.

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