Begin Food Selection Will Not Open Up? 7 Ways To Repair It


There are some circumstances where you can not open your Begin Food selection. It typically takes place as a result of short-lived factors such as Windows Traveler not functioning correctly. Yet damaged updates or corrupt system documents can additionally cause this problem.

If you can open up the food selection making use of the Begin symbol yet can not while pushing the Windows trick, the problem can be with the vital rather. In such a situation, we advise inspecting our write-up on Windows trick not functioning to discover the needed services.

If your beginning food selection does not open up in any kind of situation, initially, attempt rebooting your computer. If the problem continues, use the feasible services listed below.

Restart Windows Explorer

The Begin Food selection runs as a component of Windows Traveler (explorer. exe). So, you can fix most problems with these parts by resetting the procedure. Additionally, the total taskbar might not operate in some instances, resulting in this problem. You can additionally settle it by rebooting Windows Traveler.

  1. Press Ctrl + Change + Esc to open up the Job Supervisor.
  2. Most Likely To the Details tab and also look for explorer. exe
  3. Click on it and also pick End Task.
  4. Currently, most likely to File > > Run brand-new job from the food selection.
  5. Kind explorer and also press Go into to re-open Windows Explorer.

Repair Service Corrupt System Files

You might additionally be experiencing the problem due to the corruption of some system documents. The Begin Food selection itself is a mix of some system applications, so you will not have the ability to utilize it if the application documents or various other dependence documents do not run correctly.

You can attempt running the Implementation Picture Maintenance and also Administration (DISM) and also the System Documents Mosaic (SFC) to fix such documents.

  1. Open Run. Kind cmd and also press Ctrl + Change + Go into to open up the Elevated Command Prompt.
  2. If you can not open up Run,
    • Open the Job Manager
    • Go to File > > Run brand-new task.
    • Kind cmd, check Create this job with management privileges, and also click OK.
  3. Go into the complying with commands (in this order):.
    • dism/ on the internet/ cleanup-image/ restorehealth
    • sfc/ scannow

Change Net Time Sync Server

In a previous variation, syncing with the default time web server in some way triggered this problem. It may be since this syncing damaged some parts needed for Begin to run.

While Microsoft has actually time out of mind repaired the problem, something comparable might happen in the future too. So, it deserves fixing this mistake.

Some customers had the ability to arrange it out making use of the complying with actions:

  1. Altering the day a couple of days onward. (timedate. cpl on Run)
  2. Restarting Windows Traveler.
  3. Altering the go back to the genuine one.
  4. Restarting Windows Traveler once more.

Yet you can additionally fix the problem by changing to afterward web server and also resyncing your time.

  1. Open Run or the Begin brand-new job home window from the Job Supervisor.
  2. Kind timedate. cpl and also press Go into to open up Date and also Time.
  3. Most Likely To the Internet Time tab and also pick Change Settings.
  4. Establish the web server to a various choice and also struck Update now.
  5. Click OK > > OK.
  6. Reboot the Windows Traveler once more and also see if you can open up the Begin food selection.

You can attempt making use of the Google time server ( too.

Reinstall Some System Apps

You ought to additionally attempt re-installing or re-registering your system applications to make up any kind of corruption in their software application. While the Begin Food selection utilizes the StartMenuExperienceHost. exe for its procedure, it requires various other system applications too. So you require to re-register them at one time.

  1. Open Run. Kind powershell and also press Ctrl + Change + Go into to open up the Elevated Windows PowerShell.
  2. You can additionally begin this program from the Job Supervisor with admin gain access to.
  3. Go into the command:
    Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers|Where-Object {$_. InstallLocation -like "* SystemApps *"}|Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($ _. InstallLocation) AppXManifest.xml"}

Rollback Windows

If you began experiencing the problem after upgrading your system, the upgrade may have brought the pests in charge of the problem. You require to report it to Microsoft immediately. After Microsoft launches a later upgrade that addresses this problem, mount it on your system.

Yet in the meanwhile, you can uninstall the bothersome upgrade and also curtail your system to fix the problem.

  1. Open Run or Run brand-new job from the Job Supervisor.
  2. Kind appwiz. cpl and also press Go into to open up Programs and also Features.
  3. Click View set up updates.
  4. Seek the most recent upgrade (referring the moment you began experiencing the mistake).
  5. Select it and also click Uninstall. Validate if triggered.

Perform System Restore

The over remedy ought to suffice to bring back any kind of modifications made by the buggy upgrade. Nevertheless, the problem might have begun after you made various other modifications to your system. It may be some pc registry modifications or the installment of unstable applications.

In such instances, you require to do a system bring back to return all these modifications. Yet remember that you require to have a bring back factor from the moment when the Begin food selection was functioning correctly to implement this remedy.

  1. Open Run.
  2. Kind rstrui and also press Go into to open up the System Restore application.
  3. Select the suitable bring back factor and also click Next.
  4. Comply with the on-screen directions.

Develop New Customer Account

It is additionally feasible that the Begin food selection is not functioning as a result of some corrupt documents or authorizations inside your present customer account or account. So, if you were incapable to fix the problem making use of all the above services, you can attempt developing a brand-new account and also see if the trouble still exists.

  1. Open Run.
  2. Kind netplwiz and also press Go into to open up the Netplwiz Customer Accounts device.
  3. Click Add and also pick Sign in without a Microsoft account > > Local account.
  4. Go into the Username and also Passwords.
  5. Click Next and after that Finish.
  6. If you desire to make the account an Admin,.
    • On Netplwiz, pick the account and also click Properties.
    • Most likely to the Group Subscription tab.
    • Examine Administrator and also click OK.

Visit with that said account and after that inspect if the Begin Food selection begins functioning. If so, you can relocate all your customer documents (appearance inside C: Users) to this account and also begin utilizing it rather.

If this approach still does not fix the problem, your only remedy is to reset your computer.


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