Why go to concerts in Europe?

It is unlikely that many of us wonder why people attend concerts and other public events. They spend a lot of time and effort on their preparation and organization, especially abroad.

It is unlikely that many of us wonder why people attend concerts in Europe and other public events. They spend a lot of time and effort on their preparation and organization, especially abroad. Mostly those who are interested in creativity or are a fan want to listen to this or that performer. 


Seeing the poster of a concert, most often a person feels 2 opposite emotions. I want to relax, unwind, plunge into a special atmosphere. However, doubts arise: is it necessary to spend time and money on this, is it not better to do something more useful.

Interestingly, this has never been a problem before. If there was an opportunity to attend a mass event, then it was not missed. Modern active Internet users can literally watch and listen to everything on the Web.

There are other reasons why some people hesitate to go to concerts:

  • rationality of the decision. Time is a very valuable resource;
  • the danger of a large crowd of people;
  • individual tastes. Some people like non-standard musical genres.

There are also many who believe that ticket prices are too high, which absolutely does not justify itself.

In general, everyone can be divided into 2 groups. Some say that you need to go to concerts. Others answer that you should not waste time on this, everything can be found on the Internet. Both categories can make quite logical arguments.


Most people attend concerts to listen to their favorite music and see the performer live. The energy you feel is really unique. Emotions, drive received from the performance, it is simply impossible to repeat.

Moreover, even the most shy forget about the discomfort in the circle of strangers. A good show helps to get away from problems, to sing and dance from the heart. In such an atmosphere, it is much easier to find new acquaintances. Surrounding people have the same musical preferences, and this is already very important. It is interesting that the sensations from the performance of a rock band in an open area and from a chamber, calm event will be equally pleasant.

Young people will be able to get closer to their peers, people of a more mature age will remember themselves 20-30 years ago. Such rest and communication will help to get away from heavy thoughts, from the boredom of everyday life.

Arguments “against”

What are the opponents saying? Their main argument is high ticket prices. If we judge what costs the performers bear, take into account that for them it is still work, they strive to earn income, then the price tag will no longer seem particularly large.

To organize a concert, you need at least:

  • rent a room. Club or stadium – it does not matter, in any of the cases there will be expenses;
  • pay for the work of lighting engineers, musical equipment. If an individual master, then it is even more expensive;
  • give a fee to the manager, PR manager, organizers from the site where the concert will be held;
  • pay for the flight, relocation, accommodation and meals;
  • advertise the show. You need to go to the local radio, put up posters around the city.

Essentially, attending performances is about supporting the performers, providing an opportunity to create new music. It should be understood that any work is paid. If we talk about people in show business, then the cost of the show of each of them depends on the popularity and style of the music being created.

In any case, mass events  are a chance to get an unforgettable experience, to hear songs performed live. This is a feeling of homeland and a special flavor, immersion in a completely different world. Even the highest quality Internet connection does not convey the atmosphere that reigns in the hall. This is something that is really worth experiencing at every opportunity.

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