An Easy-to-Read Guide on Leicester Square

Would you like to learn more about Leicester Square in London? You have probably heard that this is a popular place to go when you are visiting the capital, but you might not be sure why. Well, the reason is that there is always a good atmosphere here, as well as many fun things to do.

If you are not sure where to start when it comes to planning a trip to Leicester Square, do not worry. We have created this easy-to-read guide that is going to help you. So, let’s get started and learn about this popular spot in London.

Where is Leicester Square?

If you are thinking about visiting Leicester Square, you are going to want to know more information about the place. Well, this is a popular spot in London, and it is in the West End Theatre District. In particular, you will find that there are movie premieres in this location.

The location is named after Robert Signey and he was the 2nd Earl of Leicester. He had a house in this location back in 1635. Indeed, there were many wealthy people that lived in Leicester Square over the years and now, it has developed into the popular place you see today.

What Can You Do in Leicester Square?

If you are having a day out in Leicester Square, the best thing you can do is plan it in advance. This is going to make sure you see everything you want to and make the most of your time there. So, here are some things you can do.

Go to A Comedy Club

If you want to have a laugh, there is going to be nowhere better to go than a comedy club. You can see a stand-up comedy show, which will allow you to relax and enjoy some hilarity with your friends. For example, check out to see what shows are at Comedy Carnival. There are new acts all the time, which means that you can see more than one show if you are in town for a few days.

See a Film at Prince Charles Cinema

If you would rather see a film, you can always try going to Prince Charles Cinema. This is an independent cinema and it is going to be somewhere you can relax and enjoy a movie. In particular, it is the only one you will find in the West End of London. You can grab a drink and something to eat, enjoying one of the films they are playing, which can be a blast from the past. In fact, there are often movie marathons playing, which means that you can watch some back-to-back.

Splash Out on Dinner

There is nothing better than getting dressed up and going for dinner. This is something you can enjoy doing with a group of friends, family or your partner. The good thing about Leicester Square is that you are never far away from somewhere to eat. It is easy to find a good spot for lunch or dinner, with some fancy options out there if you want to splash out. So, whether you are looking for pizza, Indian food or even steak, this is going to be the place you can go to eat and have a good time.

Enjoy a Drink

Just like there are many restaurants you can visit, there are also many cool bars you can visit when you are in Leicester Square. You can socialise, relax and have a cocktail in a rooftop bar or other awesome spots with live music. The good thing is that they are all situated in the same area and you can easily walk between different bars. So, you can enjoy a drink at many of them and explore the different themes they have.

Go Shopping

Let’s not forget that you can do a fair bit of shopping when you are in Leicester Square. Here, you will find plenty of shops you can visit and browse. This can make a good afternoon and there is something for everyone. So, make sure that you bring your credit card and see what you can pick up on your afternoon of fun.

Take a Walk Around

Sometimes, it is just nice to walk around Leicester Square and take in the atmosphere. For example, there are often street performers and this is something you can enjoy. Often, you will find them on the north side and this is sure to keep you amused. What’s more, you can enjoy a wander and enjoy the other sights too. This includes bronze statues of celebrities and stars of the movies.

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