Trains airplanes, automobiles, and planes The best songs for travel

Few things are as compatible as traveling and music. A great tune can take you farther than any train or car, and that’s the reason there’s a great music playlist for every situation. Sunshine? It’s time to get that “California Soul”. A rainy day? Hello, Adele. Are you feeling confident? You can feel that 24K Magic to the air.

If it’s a long-distance flight or a road trip, or a train journey, take these jams the every time you travel.


1. Locked Out Of Heaven Bruno Mars – Bruno Mars

This track is one of my favorites during take-off. It’s got a pounding bass and beautiful synth riffs that blend to mimic the motions of flight. It’s an amazing experience that can help you get rid of any anxieties you might feel regarding flying.

2. Wonderwild – Hive Riot

After the plane is to its cruising altitude , and you’re flying now is the time to appreciate the views below. Take a look through the window and then enjoy the synth-pop tune by electronic pair Hive Riot.

3. Midnight City – M83

If you’re landing in the air, you’d like to be on the ground with a feeling of epic. It’s been in the air for a couple of hours. Enjoy the moment as the plane completes its descent.

Road journeys

1. How big What’s the Bluest, How Blue, Beautiful!” – Florence + The Machine

Florence’s powerful voice is set against a riff of indie rock on this album that is well-crafted, making it a perfect beginning to any journey. From the first song “Ship to Wreck” to the more angsty “Mother” You’ll find many songs to belt out while you drive down the highway.

2. Presents — Tame Impala

It’s true that psychedelic rock may not be everyone’s favorite however, the album isn’t a problem regardless of the backdrop I place it on. The Aussie musicians created an album that’s sure to transport you from the big city to the beach and wherever else you may wish to go.

3. W_olfgang Amadeus Phoenix_ – Phoenix

Perhaps it’s due to the fact that their track “1901” is a perfect commercial for cars or something, but there’s something in the album that evokes the city’s nighttime vibe for me. I would recommend it for a long , dark night journey through cities such as Paris, Los Angeles, Berlin or Phoenix (so very meta).

Train travel

1. Pure Heroine – Lorde

The first album of full length from The Kiwi Queen is a perfect fit for traveling style that trains are known for. It’s fun and nostalgic, yet mellow enough to be staring at the sky, contemplating the significance of your life.

2. Funeral – Arcade Fire

Perhaps it’s the indie-loving music nerd that I am but this has ever been among those records that you can put on, lie back and enjoy. It’s a great choice to take on a relaxing train ride and you can even hear an element of French by listening to songs like “Haiti” as well as “Une Annette Sans Lumière”.

3. Loner – Sucre

Any track by Sucre is the perfect option for a breathtaking visual experience. The five tracks on this EP set the stage for the magic that can be found at every turn. I highly recommend it for a journey through the desert, or a trip along any of the alpine routes.

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