The top cycling terms you’ll need to understand in order to enjoy on the Tour de France

I am a biker who loves to ride. I commute and mountain bike, I join regularly scheduled group rides and keep track of my rides using an app that helps me make me quicker. A majority of my acquaintances and family members will say that I am an “avid cyclist” however when you think about understanding how to race on bikes… it’s something else.

The yellow jersey, the polka-dot shirt and the chase, the peloton, the pace line – this is enough for me to feel my mind spin. In anticipation of next year’s Tour de France, in which the team from EF is competing I decided to be able to educate myself prior to the race.

These are the most important terms you should know to be able to watch (and take pleasure in!) at the Tour de France and understand the things those men in vibrant spandex are up to.

The jerseys

Yellow – overall leader

Also called”the maillot jaune The yellow jerseys are worn by the participant in charge of in 2the position of General Classification (GC) leader who completes the race for the shortest duration of time.

Green points in the leader

The green jersey, also known as maillot Vert will be worn by the participant who has earned the most points throughout the race. Points are awarded according to the places riders finish every stage, as well as their performance in intermediate sprints in the stages.

Polka-dot – King of the Mountains

The rider who has had the most successful results and has earned the most points during the stage of the race that is mountainous. As difficult as the hill, more points are possible to earn.

Roles of the Rider


A light rider that specializes in racing that is hilly or mountainous.


A strong rider that can deliver high-speed burst finishes.

Trialist in time

A tough endurance rider who is able to maintain an impressive speed for an extended period of time in order to finish in time trials.

Captain of the road

An experienced rider who is in control of the team’s strategy and ensuring that each rider is taken to the right spot at the appropriate moment.

Rider protected

The rider who is picked by the team to win the stage of the day or overall. It could be an athlete who climbs on the mountain stage or a sprinter on the flats or even the GC racer.


A teammate who aids the rider in need, whether by shielding them from the winds, physically buffering the rider from other riders or taking additional water from the car of the team.

Rider positioning


The primary racers’ group.


The riders will arrange themselves in the form of a double or single line to get aerodynamic shelter from the rider the front. Riders then turn toward the leading edge of their line creating winds for their teammates.


In the event that one or more riders break away from the peloton and ride before the rest of the group.


Groups of riders or riders trying to catch the break, but are caught between the peloton and the break.


The riders who are at the rear of the peloton. In a mountain stage these are usually heavy riders or sprinters who don’t have the speed of the lighter climbers.

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