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Asia is the most coveted backpacking continent. It’s a place of stunning contrasts, that’s full of excitement and awe-inspiring images. From futuristic cities to stunning natural wonders and plenty of historical sites, Asia couldn’t be more ideal to take the (long) vacation of a lifetime . Your options for which destinations to visit and what you’ll do are virtually infinite.

For all of your queries about gap year alternatives to Asia And you’re likely to have a lot of them We’ve put together this guide. (Not certain you’d like to travel to Asia? Take a look at our gap year guide on Asia, the US as well as Australia in addition to New Zealand.)

Fulfill your wanderlust From megacities to beaches

If you are looking for mountains, beaches, jungles or vibrant cities, Asia will surely fulfill your craving for adventure. It’s possible to see everything Asia has to offer in one entire year (or less) but you’ll never ever fail at falling in love every place you visit.

Explore Southeast Asia by moped is an ideal vacation activity. You can take a ride, for instance through Hanoi up to Ho Chi Minh City and explore Vietnam’s hidden gems throughout the journey. Biking around Thailand lets you sample everything from the bustling Bangkok to wild festivals at full moons and stunning beaches. If the thought of navigating Asian traffic doesn’t appeal then get off your bike or moped and take a boat ride along the famed Mekong River to see more of Vietnam and Thailand and the best experiences of Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. Further south, you’ll be able to visit Malaysia’s vibrant capital cityof Kuala Lumpur, before going to Borneo’s untamed jungles or visiting Singapore while in the neighborhood. From there, you can island wander through Indonesia’s archipelago, and discover more than 17500 islands. Some of them include the famous Bali.

Also, you shouldn’t quit Asia without visiting old sites such as Angkor Wat, The Great Wall of China and Bagan in Myanmar They’re all irresistible attractions. Another must-see however, for completely different reasons are the ultra-modern cities that are Tokyo, Shanghai in addition to Singapore and Singapore. Nowhere can you find more high-tech than these three cities. The Japanese bullet train an extremely fast method to travel around the country and visit places such as Mt Fuji and Kyoto (and it’s actually very affordable with Japan Rail Pass). Japanese Rail Pass). In addition, it’ll take you to delicious sushi stops in record time!

If you decide to visit the two countries of Japan as well as India in the same trip during your time in Asia and experience both, you’ll encounter two different ways that train trips. The Indian railway is unique in its appeal and is an excellent opportunity to experience the unique culture of India for a minimal cost. It is possible to spend all of your time with India as well as the Subcontinent and it won’t be wasted. India offers everything you could want to indulge your senses in food markets in arid cities or enjoy at sunrise from the Taj Mahal, hike in the Himalayas and take a dip at Goa’s gorgeous beaches – the option is yours.

The list of destinations to visit continues to grow We’re just beginning to discuss the dreamy Maldives and the excitement that awaits you on the horizon in Mongolia or China‘s enormous landmass beyond the major cities previously mentioned. …. But it’s a good start and will get your wanderlust to go!

Learn and teach Learn and teach

The teaching profession in Asia is among the most sought-after and rewarding options for your gap year If you’re looking for something more than just traveling. There’s a constant need for English teachers who have an TESOL, TEFL or TESL certification. It’s a great addition to your resume and is an extremely satisfying feeling knowing you’ve made a difference to people who are often from poor backgrounds. This isn’t just limited to the vast cities of Asia where teachers are required, but teaching in remote areas all over the world is an excellent opportunity to explore and aid less visited regions. You could be a teacher but there aren’t limitations to the knowledge you can gain from this diverse group of students. Benefits, pay and vacation vary throughout the region with teachers from Japan as well as South Korea usually paid the highest, while the pay for teachers in Vietnam, Cambodia and China are in line with the living costs.

Additionally, learning a new language like Japanese or Mandarin could be the perfect way to get more deeply into the culture of a different country and different way of living. It’s also among the most effective ways to utilize an opportunity to make yourself stand out in the process of applying to colleges, looking for jobs or furthering your career. Furthermore, Tokyo as well as Beijing are among the most fascinating cities around the globe and perfect for study abroad students. If the thought of learning Japanese and Mandarin appears daunting, worry not because you can enhance your English proficiency in a global hub such as Singapore too You’ll be amazed at the possibilities this opens for you in your professional career.

Volunteer your time

There are many volunteer opportunities to take part in Asia that include habitat conservation, wildlife protection and community development. 60% of world’s population resides in Asia and despite rapid growth beyond the towering skyscrapers and skytrains, huge numbers of communities are in need of help to climb from poverty. Volunteers can build and upgrade essential infrastructures like schools and homes for instance. It is also possible to spend time helping out in orphanages, healthcare programs and disaster relief efforts.

Asia is a thriving wildlife area however, as with many other places habitats are in danger by poachers, climate change, and development. If you’re passionate for the natural world there are few more enjoyable places to take a break than the wilderness of Asia It is possible to help to protect the pandas of China or the tigers in the Indian Kanha National Park, or you can visit the forests of Borneo for help protect orangutans. In the beautiful Maldives you can help with marine and coral conservation as well as in Thailand, Sri Lanka and many other countries, you can help in the conservation of elephants. This is just one of many possibilities on the volunteer Iceberg. Whatever your interest is, it can be found in Asia.

Note on the practicalities Visas

Visas are often like the most feared enemy of travellers. But don’t worry, as all you need is a little patience, a bit of planning , and sometimes some luck. The process for obtaining a visa varies between countries. For instance, the amount of duration of processing could vary from 30 days to one or two days. And In some cases they are available for purchase at the border crossings. The visa could have some restrictions, like the main reason to travel must be the purpose of vacation or temporary work. Certain visas require insurance for travel, while other visas only require that you have it. The duration of your stay can be hugely different with some Asian countries permitting you to stay up to one year, while others allow a maximum of 30 days stay. However, the latter can be extended. If you’re applying to get a visa during your travels the world, you should conduct research and making sure you have a flexible Plan B.

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