5 cozy and cool cafes in Cambridge

Beyond the chain restaurants of the high street (hello Nero and Costa Coffee! ), Cambridge is a place to find independent cafes with cozy spaces where you can relax during a long, relaxing lunch break or just a relaxing after a long day. Here are my top five to explore, enjoy and spend at least an hour…

1. Hot Numbers

Hot Numbers is an independent and friendly coffee shop that is near Mill Road. It serves sandwiches, drinks and cakes, all freshly prepared and deliciously filling.This is a tranquil spot on a weekday, therefore if you’re looking to work or enjoy an unhurried meal, Hot Numbers is your place! If you’re not looking for a peaceful place, do not worry, there are also concerts on the weekends.

2. Fitzbillies

Fitzbillies is an iconic Cambridge institution. The famously sticky Chelsea Buns were produced and sold at the location since 1921. Trust me when I say that they are delicious and mouthwateringly delicious! A few tips from my own experience You might want to have a meal with a pal since it’s difficult to finish it on your own. Everything is cooked in-house with fresh ingredients from local suppliers. A trip to Cambridge is incomplete without a visit to Fitzbillies!

3. CB1

CB1 is a warm colourful, vibrant, and artistic cafe. CB1 is the longest-running internet cafe in the world, so don’t be shocked to see laptops in back of the cafe or laptops plugged into free WiFi. When you first enter the cafe, you may believe it’s tiny, but it actually has three different areas that include the main space and the downstairs (more peaceful) which is where you can participate in classes in creativity, as well as a green space that is a delight during the summer! They have a selection of sandwiches, drinks and cakes at a reasonable cost. The menu isn’t huge, but everything is freshly prepared and delicious.

4. Auntie’s Tea Shop

This is the best place to enjoy tasting the classic British after-dinner tea. The location is in the city’s central area and facing the Senate House They offer fantastic service and great food (breakfasts as well as light lunches, sandwiches Paninis bagsuettes, and delicious cakes freshly made.) A visit to Auntie’s Restaurant can make you feel truly British I we promise!

5. Stickybeaks

It is located in Hobson Street Stickybeaks located on Hobson Street is an inviting coffee shop with a very welcoming staff. They have an open kitchen that gives you the opportunity to view how food is prepared. The space is quite tiny, but you can be outside enjoying the bustle of the city while sipping a cappuccino. The cupcakes and cakes are delicious at the cafe as well.

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