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www.protectsyourdevice.com/key: Warranty Registration

  • You can register in English and French
  • To begin registration, you will need a PIN
  • You must provide the device information
  • For assistance, a support email address can be accessed.

It is a smart idea to defend your tablet or smartphone monitor. How do you defend the device that protects it? It is easy. Register your warranty! Register the warranty for the Key fluid glass monitor protector and you will get 12 months of warranty protection. You can do this by going online and visiting the registration page for the device. Next, enter only the PIN that was provided on the registration instructions. After you have joined the PIN, you can proceed to register the product by entering a name.

Learn more about the Protect Your Device Key Warranty Registration

  • This procedure explains how to properly mount the request
  • You can cancel your warranty if you do not register it within 30 days.
  • Instructions for how to register and verify the device are provided by the applying
  • You can start your 1 year warranty appointments as soon as you purchase the Key
  • On the product loading, the warranty value must be clearly indicated
  • After registering successfully, you will receive an affirmation mail
  • Appear to be as user-friendly as the plan The Rural method

You will need the make, design and IMEI to complete the Key warranty registration process. This allows your device to be associated with your warranty. You can now move on after you have completed this task. roku.com/link

 By the way, if you have questions in regards to the registration method you may send a contact to support@asfaliswarranty.com for assistance. Moreover, you may mail claims@asfaliswarranty.com if you need to record a claim.


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