Top 10 Enchantments in Minecraft

You will find that the early-game tools are not sufficient for Minecraft. This is evident as you continue to play Minecraft. Exploring the enchantment features of Minecraft can be both exciting and intimidating. Instead of worrying about finding the right enchantments for Minecraft, here are some great options!

This guide will show you how to enchant objects.

This guide will provide a list of both the Primary and Secondary items. The enchantment can be applied to Primary Items using an enchanting table. Secondary Items will require an enchanted textbook.

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No primary items

Secondary Items: All armour and tools, elytra, weapons, and all other items.

Max Enchantment Level: 1


What is the Mending Enchantment?

This is the most important enchantment you can get, especially after you have acquired diamond tools and armour. Mending is a way to fix an item that’s been bound to it using XP orbs. This item can only be obtained as an enchanted text through chest loot or raids, villager trading, or fighting. Two durability is required per level of experience to repair it.




One shovel was used

Primarily Items: All armour, tools, crossbows, tridents, bows, and turtle shells.

Secondary Items: Shears and flint-and-steel, shield, carrot on sticks, warped fungus and elytra.

Max Enchantment Level: 3


What is the Unbreaking Enchantment?

The Unbreaking enchantment improves an item’s durability. It gives the item the chance to prevent durability loss during use. Unbreaking III increases an item’s average life by 30%


Silk Touch


Primary Items: Pickaxes, shovels, axes, and hoes.

Secondary Items: Shears (Bedrock Edition only).

Max Enchantment Level: 1

Incompatibilities: Fortune

What is the Silk Touch Enchantment?

Silk Touch is one of the most desired enchantments. It allows blocks to drop their own items instead of being mined. Silk Touch is required to obtain mycelium and mushroom blocks.




Primary Items: Sword

Secondary Items

Max Enchantment Level: 2


What is the Knockback Enchantment?

When they take damage, players and mobs may be knocked back. It is possible to fall over a cliff, or even into lava from disorientation. Knockback increases a sword’s knockback. Knockback increases the base knockback by three blocks for each level of enchantment.




Primary Items: Pickaxes, shovels, axes, and hoes

Secondary Items: Shears

Max Enchantment Level: 5


What is the Efficiency Enchantment?

Simply put Efficiency increases the player’s mining speed. Combining two items with Efficiency IV can give stone tools Efficiency V. However, you can find diamond tools in an end-city or bastion remnant chest. An iron or netherite pickaxe is the best tool to get Efficiency. It’s hard to find a better feeling than digging through terracotta like a knife in butter.


Feather falling


Primarily: Boots

Secondary Items

Max Enchantment Level: 4


What is the Feather Falling Enchantment?

Feather Fallsing reduces fall injury, making it vital for players on hardcore difficulty. This enchantment is one of the most rare, with only 2.7% of Feather Falling IV appearing in boots that are enchanted with the magical table.


Fire Protection


This photo was not damaged in any way.

Primarily Items: All armour, and the turtle shell.

Secondary Items

Max Enchantment Level: 4

Incompatibilities: Protection, Blast Protection, Projectile Protection

What is the Fire Protection Enchantment?

Fire Protection is an armour-enchantment that reduces fire damage. This enchantment is especially useful when you explore the Nether. Hypothetically, if players had all their armour enchanted in Fire Protection, they would only be able to burn by standing in fire or lava.


Aqua Affinity


Primary Items: Turtle shell and helmet.

Secondary Items

Max Enchantment Level: 1


What is the Aqua Affinity Enchantment?

Blocks take five times longer to mine underwater. Aqua Affinity allows players to increase their underwater mining speed. This enchantment can be combined with Depth Strider boots to increase your underwater mining speed.




” “The real treasure was the food we ate along the way.” – No one ever

Primary Items: Sword

Secondary Items

Max Enchantment Level: 3


What is the Looting Enchantment?

Looting is an excellent sword enchantment for anyone who runs a mob farm to increase their chances of getting more item drops. Looting increases the chances of rare drops and makes mobs drop more items.

Be aware that Looting has some restrictions

  • Mobs that have not experienced drops are unaffected.

  • The iron golems, snow golems and Withers are unaffected.

  • Looting doesn’t increase the wool that is dropped by sheeps or the sponge drops from elder guardians.

  • The effects of evokers on the totems of undying are not felt.




Primary Items: Pickaxes, shovels, axes, and hoes.

Secondary Items

Max Enchantment Level: 3

Incompatibilities: Silk Touch

What is the Fortune Enchantment?

The Fortune enchantment increases the chances of certain items dropping. Use the Fortune enchantment best with a pickaxe to cut through ore blocks. Fortune II could allow you to drop 18 gold nuggets from a nether ore than the 2-6 standard.


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