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POTUS Biden Wishes SpaceX, Elon Musk Luck for Next Moon Mission from NASA—When?

President Biden: NASA Will Include Japanese Astronaut on Artemis Mission to Moon

Japanese astronauts will board NASA’s Artemis missions for the moon. There is also the possibility of landing on the surface as part of an interagency collaboration:

US-Japan Gateway Commitment

President Joe Biden made the promise to Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishhida on Monday, May 23rd, during a meeting in Tokyo. This was confirmed by NASA and the White House in separate announcements.

This would mean that NASA will include a Japanese astronaut in its planned Gateway moon-orbiting satellite station. NASA stated in a statement that Kishida and Biden share the “shared ambition” of having a Japanese astronaut visit the moon with NASA.

Biden stated in the agency announcement that the United States and Japan are “excited” about the joint work on the Gateway station orbiting the moon. Biden is excited to have the first Japanese astronaut join them on their lunar mission, which will be part of the Artemis program.

According to a White House explainer, the commitment was part of a series of agreements between Japan and the U.S. on matters such as 5G cellular networks and cybersecurity and science and technology partnerships.

Japan will expand its space exploration capabilities and reach if these agreements are successful. This would be in addition to the many missions it has launched over the years. This is in keeping with Kishida’s October promise to put a Japanese astronaut on its moon surface. It also will allow Japan to revise its space policy to prioritise a crewed landing.

It’s worth noting, however, that Japan has successfully launched space missions before. The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, (JAXA), actually retrieved a sample from an asteroid for our planet in 2020. It has been a long-standing partner of the ISS, particularly for its robotic arm technology and Kibo science modules that were contributed to the station.

According to the Japan Times, the agency had more than 4,000 applicants for the job and launched its first recruitment of astronauts in 13 years.

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“Expanding Bilateral Cooperation”

During this time, Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine has caused many space partnerships to be damaged. The ISS interagency arrangement with Russia is still in effect. However, it is uncertain that Russia will extend its mission beyond 2024, even though Biden allowed the U.S. to continue its operations at the station for six more years.

However, the U.S. is continuing to expand its space work in Asia. Biden and President Suk-yeol met in Seoul, South Korea on May 21st, where they discussed expanding their space corporations.

The White House noted that the U.S. and Japan have a “bilateral commitment for decades to follow” in space explorations.

The two countries also exchanged asteroid samples collected from recent missions. This strengthened their collaboration. For example, NASA received a Ryugu sample from Japan that was returned to Earth in December 2020.

NASA will also give Japan a sample from the asteroid Bennu when the Origins, Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer spacecraft returns in 2023.

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Biden and Harris Want Electric School Buses to Replace Old Diesel Service. Atleast $24M is Dedicated to the Project:

Both Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden are open to clean energy. The White House confirmed its commitment to the electrification project for school buses. It will replace the existing diesel school buses, which are still in use by students.

Biden and Harris to Replace Diesel Service With Electric School Buses


In response to the new coronavirus, COVID-19, outbreak in Arlington, Virginia, approximately 100 school buses have been parked at Arlington County Bus Depot. In response to the coronavirus pandemic that has afflicted nearly 55 million students, 47 states and the District of Columbia have shut down schools. Seven states in the US have also closed their schools for the rest of the year as the virus continues to spread.

The White House released a fact sheet that detailed its plans to address the current climate crisis. It also stated that it wants to provide America with the resources it requires to make the transition. While electric school buses are the main focus, it also includes clean transit trucks and buses that will travel daily around the country.

VP Harris presented the budget for the country, which amounts to billions. He emphasised the many future needs of the government. The US Public Schools will receive the new electric school buses in order to replace diesel buses.


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$24 Million to Electric School Bus Project

The Environmental Protection Agency will spend $17 million on the electric school buses. This budget will be used to fund the new transports. The American Rescue Plan will also provide $7 million for the transition and new vehicles.

Another $10 million will also be used to purchase cleaner alternatives for the diesel buses, but not necessarily electric, under the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act.

America’s Electrification

POTUS Biden’s electrification campaign is not limited to private cars and homes. It is also focusing on clean energy solutions for the public. The Biden administration’s main focus is to make clean energy available to the country. This includes the change of the federal fleet by 2035.

This includes the Presidential service, escort, and everyday transportation needs of the United States Postal Service. They will be using electric mail trucks. The POTUS did not request more electric trucks. Instead, it will concentrate on a mixed fleet that includes new ICE-powered vehicles and its clean energy counterpart.

The Climate Crisis should be a focus of the entire world and a way to help improve the environment. The administration’s goals align with the rapid changes that are taking place now. It will transition to electric power, which will provide clean energy transportation for all and can even be used by the US public schools.

After announcing the venture, Elon Musk reminds Joe Biden about Tesla’s achievements as an American-Made Car:

Isaiah Richard, Tech Times, 16 February 2022 at 06:02 PM

Elon Musk reminded Joe Biden, President of the United States, that Tesla was an American-made vehicle that created jobs, revenue and provided opportunities for the country. Tesla, a huge company that delivers electric cars to the United States for use, is a catalyst for one of the first EV revolutions worldwide.

For unknown reasons, POTUS Joe Biden lies on Tesla.

POTUS Biden reminded by Elon Musk of Tesla’s Achievement


Tesla CEO Elon Musk woke early today and took to Twitter to send a funny tweet to President Donald Trump and remind him about the many accomplishments of Tesla. As a reminder, a cough doubles as a way of getting his attention.

The Tesla CEO has embedded a link about Tesla’s achievements in making America better through the creation of its vehicles in the country. According to the article, Tesla created opportunities and drove sales here because the cars are made in this country.

The current administration’s ‘American Made’ index for 2021 is one of its projects. It focuses on promoting the United States’ economy and promoting local products. It also aims to increase production and productivity in the country, which will improve opportunities on the local market as well as decrease dependence on imported goods.

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Ventures also has Tesla as an ‘American-made’ car.

As President Biden stated in his tweet, he wants to make “buy American” a reality. It focuses on directing the country’s business of production and sales. He stated that 600,000.00 federal vehicles are now going for electric change. This is a more focused announcement on the clean energy campaign in the country.

Tesla’s Support in EV Growth in America

Tesla is a major driver in helping to make America’s electric car presence in the United States an important factor in its economy and the distribution of clean-energy cars around the globe. Because it is focused on its products, Tesla’s Fremont plant is often regarded as the most productive in North America.

Even the CEO considers it a limitation, not compared with Gigafactories.

Tesla supporters needed to create an online petition to urge President Joe Biden not to forget Tesla during the recent events.

The petition was used by the supporters to convince the President to recognize Tesla for the contributions it made to the country’s electric vehicle scene.

After acknowledging Tesla’s leader, Elon Musk has become more active in responding to the POTUS via Twitter. Musk, however, wants more from President Obama, particularly as Musk continues to support the country’s business production.

Elon Musk thanks President Biden for acknowledging Tesla as the Largest EV Manufacturer:

Isaiah Richard, Tech Times, 08 February 2022, 07.02 PM

Elon Musk thanks the supporters and people who started a petition to call out President Joe Biden about his inability to mention Tesla during speeches. After obtaining more than 58,000 signatures online and reaching the POTUS’s offices, Biden recognized Tesla as the country’s largest EV manufacturer, surpassing Ford and GM.

Elon Musk thanks fans for their online petitions


Elon Musk thanked the petitioners for their concern about President Joe Biden not naming the company or acknowledging it in speeches on “Made in America”. According to the CEO, the petition had made a significant difference because Tesla was not mentioned in any previous statements by President Obama in relation to the venture.”Made in America,” focuses on the future projects that are centred around the US’s innovations in various fields. It focuses on electric vehicles and clean-energy ventures, and takes the time to recognize different companies such as GM and Ford’s efforts to preserve the environment.

Tesla was not acknowledged or given special mention prior to the most recent speech or petition.

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President Joe Biden Recognizes Tesla as the Largest EV Manufacturer

A number of Twitter users recorded the event, and it is a testimony to an unusual event for Tesla. This is the POTUS acknowledging Tesla.

POTUS Biden stated that Tesla is the biggest electric vehicle manufacturer in America and compared it to Ford and GM.

Tesla’s Relevance in the EV World Now

Tesla has many features to make its cars compliant with the requirements of other countries. One example is the recently patented feature that allows a headlight to adapt to different global standards and regulations. This allows for any need to be met using one design.

Elon Musk’s clean energy company is still the largest manufacturer and company, despite Ford’s top sales in the month. With its global influence and sales, Tesla is the only electric vehicle company that comes close to it.

Tesla is a well-known brand for electric cars and has been since 2004.

Despite this, Tesla is still in dispute with the POTUS. He has been ignoring Tesla or refusing to acknowledge his efforts to bring EVs into the limelight.

The petition was a success and reached out to the White House. It also led to a national recognition of the company.

Elon Musk calls out Joe Biden, President of the United States for not acknowledging Tesla–Fan petition gets 10k signatures:

Isaiah Richard, Tech Times, 30 January 2022, 07 :01 PM

Elon Musk has joined the social media saga about Joe Biden, the President of the United States. Fans believe that he doesn’t acknowledge Tesla’s contribution to the EV. Fans have started a petition to get President Biden to recognize the company name and use it in his speeches. It has already collected more than 10,000 of the 15,000 needed.Elon Musk calls out President Joe Biden Concerning Tesla.After quoting a fan’s tweet, Elon Musk spoke out on Twitter. This issue focuses on Tesla and POTUS Joe Biden’s alleged inability to recognize the EV company as a brand that drives mobility sales and is essential for the country’s transition to electric vehicles.

Many argue that Biden’s campaign on electricity leaves Tesla out of it.

This incident was a chance for Tesla CEO to play a joke about, claiming that the POTUS is “unable” to name the company due to unknown reasons.

However, the CEO didn’t say anything negative about President Trump and did not mention the petition of fans, which he wasn’t a part of or a partner in.

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Tesla and POTUS Biden: Fans Demand Action

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Joe Biden speaks about the attack on Washington’s Capitol at the Rose Garden of Washington on August 5, 2021. Biden spoke before signing H.R. 3325, legislation that will award four congressional gold Medals to the United States Capitol Police officers and others who protected the U.S. Capitol in January 2021.

The CEO retweeted the tweet of a user who had taken a screenshot from the petition. According to the fan, there are more than 10,000 signatures on petition asking for the POTUS’s recognition of Tesla’s achievements.

After hours of tweeting, the petition’s parameters were changed from 15,000 to 25.000 signatures. This grew quickly. It has also seen a doubled number of signatories, from 10,000 to now 20,000, and counting.

Tesla and its EV Contributions

Elon Musk is well-known for discussing the features of his companies, particularly Tesla, a clean energy vehicle manufacturer. Tesla’s main goal is to promote clean electricity. One example is the huge production at the Gigafactory. This includes the one in Texas, and the one in Berlin. It will soon be able to produce its vehicles.

Tesla is well-known for many contributions to the EV market. One of these is making clean energy more accessible in today’s era. This is by focusing on all the features it can offer the public. Many components are now included in EVs. One of the most well-known is FSD, or autonomous AI and driverless machine driving, which can be found on all releases from different countries.

The petition is growing in size and the public recognizes the efforts of Musk, Tesla and others regarding the EV campaign across the globe. They noticed that POTUS Joe Biden was not acknowledging Tesla’s achievements in the EV industry, particularly in his speeches.

For US Citizens, COVID-19 Home Testing Kits are available for free starting Jan. 19, 2009. Where to Order?

Isaiah Richard, Tech Times, 14 January 2022 at 08:01 PM

Soon, COVID-19 home testing kits will be available free of charge to any citizen of the United States. They can be ordered and used without any cost, delivered directly at their door. This effort by the Biden Administration to control COVID-19 cases is also reflected in the effort. Awareness may help prevent the spread of the virus.

Start January 19 with FREE COVID-19 Home Testing Kits


(Photo courtesy of GABRIEL BOOUYS/AFP via Getty Images

According to the White House’s fact sheet, one billion rapid-test kits were purchased by the Biden Administration to be made available to all Americans for home use. You can register to order them and get information about their condition.  The virus is quickly spreading throughout the community.

Although the test kits can help determine whether someone needs medical attention, the White House recommends that you request tests if symptoms already exist.

The Administration recommends that the test be performed at least five days after contact with a person positive or when you experience symptoms associated with the coronavirus.

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How to order free at-home COVID test kits offers a free, at-home rapid coronavirus test. The website promises that the test is completely free and does not require you to provide any personal information. This is because it can be delivered right to the doorstep of a person without them having to ask.

The test would begin its orders and distributions on Wednesday, January 19.

COVID-19 Test Kits for Home Use

RT-PCR swab tests were the only method to test a patient for the virus in the early days of the pandemic, almost two years ago. The test inserts a long, circular swab into the nose to collect samples at the site where the nose meets the mouth. People initially believed that swabbing could cause brain fluid leaks and puncture the brain.But, this is false.Researchers and pharmaceutical companies have since developed testing kits that use a variety of methods, including saliva tests for mass testing, and one from CRISPR. This new kit is the smartphone camera. The saliva test (also known as Antigen test kits) is the most popular and convenient. It provides results within minutes.

The home test kit can be used to determine a person’s partial condition. This is especially true if they have been exposed to COVID-positive people through contact tracing. It is important to remember that the home test kit is not as accurate as the nose swabbing-PCR test, which sends its samples to the laboratory.

The at-home testing kits can be used to detect the virus in a person and remind them not to transmit it.

President Biden’s Mandate: No more ICE Cars in 2035. US Federal Government Fleet to Be EVs:


Isaiah Richard, Tech Times, 09/12/2021, 09:12 PM

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images). WASHINGTON DC, JULY 06: President Joe Biden speaks at an event about COVID-19 and the vaccination program held at the South Court Auditorium Eisenhower Executive Office Building, July 6, 2021, Washington, DC. After failing to meet his July 4th deadline, President Biden encouraged Americans to get vaccinated.

President Joe Biden has launched a new mandate to focus on electric vehicles and eliminate internal combustion engines using gas or diesel by 2035. The POTUS’s new directive is not for each state, but for the whole country. It is the same order that governors and other state leaders have used in their campaigns.

President Biden Requires No More ICE Cars in the USA by 2035

A White House Executive Order issued by President Joe Biden gives a mandate for the use of vehicles in the United States. It would ban the sale and use of internal combustion engines cars by 2035.

It will be widely adopted in the US. The focus of the mandate will be on the many US states that are soon electrified and would use a zero emission vehicle for transportation.

In 2027, the first signs of electrification will be evident. This would be the last year that ICE cars are sold in the country. It would then be an eight year transition, which would see the end of all gas-powered cars in the country and reduce the imports of fuel.


(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

WASHINGTON, DC, JULY 06: U.S. president Joe Biden speaks at an event about COVID-19 response, and the vaccination program, held at the South Court Auditorium Eisenhower.Executive Office Building, July 6, 2021, Washington, DC. After failing to meet his July 4th deadline, President Biden encouraged Americans to get vaccinated.

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EV Fleet for the US Federal Government

The Department of Energy reports that the US Federal Government branches have joined this cause as part of the EV mandate. Federal units will also be able to use electric vehicles in place of the ICE cars originally used.

It would be a huge change for the country, and not everyone would like it once it happens.

Today’s EVs and Their Benefits

Electric cars make up the top 2 percent of all new cars sold today. This is due to carmakers’ many efforts to produce new models and adapt their existing releases to the clean-energy campaign. General Motors and other companies are opening numerous charging stations across the country to facilitate the use of electric vehicles in the future.

There are many benefits that EVs bring to the world. One of these is the reduction of the pollution and emissions caused by the smoke a car produces when it burns fuel. Toxic gases are produced by gas-engine vehicles that emit harmful gases from their engines.

The new approach to EVs is to make it more efficient, as they don’t have to use any fuel or exhaust.

California is the pioneer state in EV legislation. Governor Gavin Newsom has mandated that all ICE cars be removed from California by 2030. The country and the POTUS are slowly catching up to the new rules, and this will happen by the middle of next decade.

House Democrats pass the Build Back Better Act to Reduce the Impacts of Climate Change:

Sophie Webster, Tech Times 19 November 2021, 04:11 pm

(Photo: GettyImages/ Anna Moneymaker). Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, preside over the vote on the Build Back Better Bill at the U.S Capitol on November 19, 2021

The US House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better Act, which is a $1.75 trillion climate and social spending bill.

President Joe Biden called the bill a key part of his agenda, and he wants it to be brought before the Senate.

Create a Better Act

Despite fierce opposition from Republicans, the majority of Democrats in the House approved the bill on November 19. According to President Biden the bill is a significant step forward. It puts everyone on the right track to rebuild the American backbone, which is the workers, and builds the economy back to its former glory.

After months of delay, Democrats used this House majority to pass the expansion for the social safety net. CNBC reports that the vote was almost entirely partisan, with 220 votes to 213.

Kevin McCarthy, Republican minority leader, had disrupted the Nov. 18 vote schedule by giving a marathon overnight speech lasting eight hours and 32 seconds. Although it was the fastest speed ever recorded on the House floor, it could not delay the vote but instead was denied.

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Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, brought her gavel down to signify the bill’s passage. CBS reported that the bill was received enthusiastically by Democratic members.

Pelosi said that the bill was historic, monumental, transformative. Pelosi stated that they care about climate change and wanted it to be passed.

The People Behind the Bill

USA Today reports that the Build Back Better Act could provide hundreds of billions of dollars for new social programs and activities that help to reduce the impacts and worsening effects of climate change.

Pramila Jayapal, a progressive leader and Democratic congresswoman, stated that there wasn’t agreement on all elements of the bill. However, she was pleased with the overwhelming support. She called it a strong vote to send the bill to the Senate.

James Clyburn, a South Carolina congressman who helped to get Black voters to vote for President Joe Biden during his struggle in the 2020 primaries, saw Biden win. He said that passing the bill was “a good day”.

Now, the Senate has passed the bill. It faces opposition from Republicans as well as an uphill fight against centrist Democratic senators Joe Manchin from West Virginia and Krysten Silena from Arizona.

The Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer has stated that he would like the bill to pass in the Senate, go back to the House, and be signed by President Joe Biden before December 25th. He expects that there will be a heated debate in December.

The reconciliation process is used for budgetary-related legislation. This means that the bill can be passed in the Senate with a simple majority and not a threshold of 60 votes. Democrats can only see it through the chamber if Democrats continue to support it.Bernie Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont, stated that this legislation has the potential to be truly historic. Sanders said that the senators would listen to the people’s demands and strengthen the bill.

A 2015 study found a link between the climate crisis, the economy.

A Tech Times report previously highlighted the scale of the climate crisis and how it could affect future generations.Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images. President Joe Biden speaks about the attack on Washington’s Capitol at the Rose Garden of Washington on August 5, 2021. Biden spoke before signing H.R. Act 3325 to give four congressional gold medals for the United States Capitol Police officers and those who protected it on January 6, 2021. ( Photo courtesy ROB ENGELAAR/ANP/AFP via Getty Images

Apple, Amazon and Microsoft CEOs were confirmed to attend Wednesday, August 25,’s White House Cybersecurity Event. They will be joined by President Joe Biden.

These Big Tech CEOs will be the most prominent names after the President of the United States, which only underscores how important this event is, particularly when it comes to security in the digital age.

It is well-known that there have been many cybersecurity breaches in the country, including the Kaseya ransomware attacks and others, such as JBS Meats and Electronic Arts.

POTUS to be joined by Microsoft, Amazon and Apple CEOs

Joe Biden speaks about the attack on Washington’s Capitol at the Rose Garden of Washington on August 5, 2021. Biden spoke before signing H.R. 3325, legislation that will award four congressional gold Medals to the United States Capitol Police officers and others who protected the U.S. Capitol in January 2021.

Bloomberg reports that sources claim these tech CEOs will be joining the White House’s President-Elect Donald Trump by Wednesday to discuss cybersecurity issues in America.

The biggest names at the event are Apple’s Tim Cook and Andy Jassy from Amazon. Microsoft’s Satya Nella was also invited. This event is the culmination of the country’s attention to cybersecurity, particularly in this digital age where everyone is connected online.

Joe Biden, President of the United States, would be joining these CEOs and other interested parties at this White House event. This invitation list includes more than just these companies and names. It also contains all of the country’s technologies, which can be vulnerable to cyber attacks.

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Cybersecurity Chiefs from Big Tech Companies in the United States


Sources also claim that more Big Tech CEOs are on the horizon, including Sundar Pichai of Alphabet Inc., IBM’s CEO and JP Morgan and Chase Co. and Southern Co.This event is geared towards private tech companies that are vulnerable to cybercrime, especially ransomware and malware attacks. This shows that the POTUS cares about the technological landscape in the countries, especially those under their management.

Massive Cyber Security Concern in America


(Photo : Pexels/Sora Shimazaki)

Ransomware for cybercrime

It is not known at this time which of the national public agencies are invited to the briefing. However, it is known that cybercrime is the focus of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of Defence (DoD) and other agencies.

It is not clear what the event’s goal would be, or if it was to form a new alliance between these private companies in order to fight cybercrime and extend the US resources to them.

Cybersecurity is a major concern in the country. It has been subject to a lot of attacks in recent years and will continue to be.


President Joe Biden and the Treasury will pay $100 to All Americans If They Get COVID-19 Vaccine Starting Today, Onwards

According to the US Government, Facebook’s COVID-19 Misinformation caused deaths:

Sophie Webster, Tech Times 17th July 2021, 04.07 am

(Photo : Pixabay/fernando zhimin acela) Vaccine Facebook

According to the United States government, Facebook’s inaction on COVID-19 misinformation has led to many deaths.

Joe Biden, the US President, stated that widespread misinformation about COVID-19, particularly on Facebook, was “killing people” on July 16.Facebook’s COVID-19 Misinformation Issue

According to BBC, President Biden’s response was to a reporter asking about the role of social media platforms like Facebook in spreading false information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, and the pandemic.

All social media companies have been under pressure from the US government to address the disinformation issue.

Facebook claimed that it is taking steps to protect public health.

According to US health officials, the increase in COVID-19-related deaths and infections in the country in recent months has been a problem for people who have not been vaccinated.

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Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, stated in a press conference Facebook and other social media platforms are not doing enough to counter misinformation regarding COVID-19 vaccines.

Kevin McAlister was the Facebook spokesperson and stated that Facebook would not be “distracted” by allegations that aren’t supported by evidence.

McAlister stated that Facebook had removed more than 14 million COVID-19 posts that were considered fake news and that thousands of accounts had been deleted since 2020.

Not doing enough

Biden and his staff criticised Facebook, accusing it of failing to do enough to remove accounts and groups and conspiracies, including anti-vax content.

President Biden signed last week an executive order to limit the power of social media companies like Facebook.

Facebook isn’t the only company to be accused of not removing conspiracies from its platform. YouTube was also criticised for its practices.

According to The New York Times’, President Biden chose Facebook to be the focus of his “personal grudge” with the social media giant, even though other platforms have not solved the misinformation issue.

The New York Times quoted President Biden as saying that he wasn’t a big Zuckerberg fan in 2020. He also said that he considered him a problem.

Continuous Rollout of Vaccine

About 67.9% have had one dose of the vaccine since it was introduced in the United States in 2020. 59.2% have been fully vaccinated since then.

Many people who are eligible for the shot refuse to give it, stating that they don’t trust them.

CBS News reported in March that anti-vaccine activists had more than 59,000,000 followers on platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

In the same month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey were interrogated in Congress about the spread of misinformation.

During the hearing, Dorsey stated that Twitter was moderating posts. Pichai claimed that YouTube had removed any videos with misleading content.

After social media platforms confessed to censoring information about emails that Hunter Biden had sent from his laptop last year, the hearing was held.


Biden: The US will vaccinate more Americans than ever before.

Isaiah Richard, Tech Times, 06/07/2021, 09:07

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images). WASHINGTON DC, JULY 06: President Joe Biden speaks at an event about COVID-19 and the vaccination program held at the South Court Auditorium Eisenhower Executive Office Building, July 6, 2021, Washington, DC. After failing to meet his July 4th deadline, President Biden encouraged Americans to get vaccinated. (Photo by, Pexels).

President Joe Biden has a plan for improving US Vaccination efforts. It is traditional to knock on doors and ask people for their records and invite them to have a shot. These plans are part of the administration’s plan to increase immunisation rates in the country and protect people against the virus.

Recent cases of the Delta variant have been alarming. Vaccination is the best way to combat it.

Biden’s plan: Open Doors to Distribute Vaccine


(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

WASHINGTON, DC, JULY 06: U.S. president Joe Biden speaks at an event about COVID-19 response, and the vaccination program, held at the South Court Auditorium Eisenhower Executive Office Building, July 6, 2021, Washington, DC. After failing to meet his July 4th deadline, President Biden encouraged Americans to get vaccinated.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, revealed five key plans by the government to distribute vaccines across the country. The administration has a plan to knock on doors and is serious about this, especially since they want to quickly end the pandemic.


Appealing to the emotions and calling out to the public has not been enough. It was evident for past events that people still avoid vaccinations.

Although there is no guarantee that people will go door-to-door to get vaccinated, it would be an enormous effort to spread knowledge quickly.

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Vaccination is the Key to Herd Immunity

Experts consider vaccines to be very protective against the disease. If enough people had them, they would be able to achieve “herd immunity”. This immunity would effectively protect the population against the virus and make it less likely that people will become infected.

To achieve this, however, the US population must ensure that at least a majority of its citizens are vaccinated. Although a 100% vaccination campaign would be ideal, this is not possible due to anti-vaxers as well as those under the eligibility age of 12 years.

The goal is still to vaccine all of America

The Delta variant of COVID-19 is just one of many mutations that have caused fear and illness in the public. It also accounts for 20 percent of the US’s current death toll. As they seek to eliminate COVID from the Earth, the administration’s goal is to continue to vaccinate America.

People would benefit from knocking on doors to learn about vaccines, their benefits for all who would receive them and how they fight COVID. Instead of relying on digital or virtual platforms to call for action, the government’s appeal to action and effort aims to get people to take the steps necessary to become vaccinated.

Biden to order FTC to draft new regulations against Big Tech’s control:

The “right-to-repair” rules will soon be a draft. This would be under President Joe Biden’s order to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which aims to support local farmers and businesses.

This would be a protest against the Big Tech companies that don’t allow self-repairs of multiple devices and require it to be taken to the service centre.

There has been a lot of movement to support this advocacy. In 2016, a group called “The Repair Association” took on the DMCA in an attempt to stop it. However, the venture was not successful.

Biden to FTC: ‘Right to Repair’ Rules


Everybody can repair various devices, such as smartwatches and smartphones, as long as they consider it safe to do so.

These aren’t yet legal to be repaired. Manufacturers are reluctant to share resources such as parts, methods and the like with the public for them to modify it.

This is what President Biden wants to change and his administration has ordered the FTC focus on creating rules and regulations that Big Tech companies can follow. It was revealed earlier today that the government is currently working on it and would allow people to fix it “however they want”.

Farmers would be the main supporters of the “right-to-repair” rules, particularly when it comes to farming equipment such as tractors, water pumps and the like. This would be against Big Tech giants, who are well-known for opposing the movement. Apple is leading, with John Deere and Caterpillar being known labour equipment makers.

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What is the right to repair?


Engadget claims that the “Right to Repair” law will allow local businesses and individuals to thrive on their own without the need to bring it to repair centres or warranty centres.

Local repair shops could also benefit, as they would have the ability to buy the parts and equipment that they need without having to get help from the manufacturer.

Because Big Tech companies oppose it, this regulation is not yet in place. They believe that repairmen might cause more harm than good.

What will Big Tech do?

Biden has taken an active role in a variety of laws that will benefit the country and its citizens, including the vaccination campaign that he originally intended to reach 70 percent by July 4. Biden’s health views aside, he has put emphasis on local businesses and people now. This would allow them to modify the products or empower them.

It would allow people to fix their products themselves, sell parts and give instructions on how to do it at home. This is one of the most significant benefits for Big Tech.

COVID-19 Origins: POTUS Biden asks US Intelligence for ‘Redouble Efforts’ to Determine Virus Source:

 He also asks to stop the Wuhan Probe

President Joe Biden asked intelligence agencies and American communities to investigate the source of the COVID-19 infection. He hoped to “double efforts” to have the report delivered within 90 days. The President also requested that the investigation into Wuhan, China and its alleged manmade lab leak be stopped due to the “quality of evidence.”


(Photo by Stefani Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images

WASHINGTON DC, MAY 21: President Joe Biden of the United States and President Moon Jaein of the Republic of Korea meet in an expanded bilateral meeting at the White House State Dining Room on May 21, 2021. Moon Jae-in will be the second leader from around the world to be received by President Biden in his administration. Two other leaders will then participate in a joint conference.

The world has reopened the case to determine the true origin of COVID-19 after months of concluding it was from an animal-based wet market. Although the source of the virus is not known, most medical professionals believe it to have come from an animal that was sold on the wet markets.

Recent developments have shown that even Dr. Anthony Fauci of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, (NIAID), isn’t convinced of animal-to-human transmission of the virus. This has led to the reopening of this case. Dr. Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s and the former President Donald Trump’s assumptions are concerning, particularly since they believed in COVID-19’s laboratory origins.

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POTUS Biden asks US Intelligence for a probe on COVID-19 origins

Many people are asking about the origins of COVID-19. Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America, is one of them. According to CNN the President has assigned several US intelligence agencies to investigate its origins to find out for sure.

It seems like yesterday that former President Trump said “I wasn’t wrong” in a social media post about his initial assumptions that COVID-19 was a human-made virus originating from China’s bio laboratory. Initial theories suggested that the virus was “Wuhan-made” and used as a biological weapon against the entire world.

This theory, however, was not proven and remains a huge speculation against the Asian nation.


(Photo by Creative

Biden Wants the Wuhan Probe to Be Stopped

Additionally, President Biden issued an order to stop investigations that focus on Wuhan in China and the alleged biological lab where COVID-19 was created. The investigation was conducted by Trump’s previous administration to Biden’s current leadership. However, the current POTUS believes it will be a failure.

The Wuhan probe was stopped from operations and resources because the investigation has not received sufficient evidence to support it. This means that there are no concrete findings about its origins. Although there is increasing evidence regarding the origins COVID-19’s origins, Dr. Li-Meng Yan continues to remain silent about her Wuhan lab studies and findings. This silence has been welcomed by many believers in its Wuhan origins.

Ford F-150 Lightning, the New Rival to Tesla Cybertruck–Appears in President Biden’s EV Plan For America:

In the wake of the Chinese growing number of electric vehicles, the Ford F-150 Lightning electric car could not have been more American. The Ford F-150 Lightning, a new electric pickup vehicle, is still a rival to the Rivian R1T and Tesla Cybertruck.


America is as keen to pick up trucks as Japan is for compact or “Kei”, and the Ford F-150 Lightning, which was just released on Wednesday, May 19, is a clear sign of America’s desire to improve EVs. Since the beginning of time, electric mobility has been a priority in the United States. Tesla and other EV manufacturers have sparked a campaign to eliminate internal combustion engines (ICE).

The next big thing in electric mobility is the pickup. This is despite the fact that there are many prototypes and designs for them in 2020. Rivian’s R1T and Lordstown’s 2021 Endurance are just a few examples. GM’s Hummer EV and the Tesla Cybertruck will follow in 2022.

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Ford F-150 Lightning’s Surprising Appearance

The most shocking drop was Ford’s entry in the electric pickup competition of 2021. It is the F-150 Lightning. This surprising drop was made without any speculations or rumours. After the F-150’s 2021 release, it was believed that Ford was developing one. However, it was surprising that prototypes were already in production.

Although the unveiling of the electric vehicle will take place in just a few hours on Wednesday, May 19, it has provided the public with a fresh thing to be excited about, especially since it was the first glimpse at the electric pickup. Although Ford is not as explosive with electric vehicle releases due to its rival Tesla, it is still a highly anticipated release.

President Biden’s EV Plan For America

Recently, President Joe Biden revealed his EV Plan for America. It is a staggering $174 billion pledge to support electric mobility in America and further develop charging stations throughout the country. He also drove an EV pickup wrapped in a Ford F-150 Lightning. The POTUS praised the vehicle and said “Man, this is going to be great!”

This EV pledge is meant to compete with China and its growing network electric vehicle fleet. The Asian country also plans to soon offer its EVs to all of the world as an alternative to top-tier companies.

The top EV companies are based in the United States and Europe. Rivian, Tesla, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz Porsche, Rivian, Rivian, Rivian, Rivian and many more. However, only a few EV companies come from Asia, such as Toyota or Hyundai.

Biden Climate Change plan: Hamburgers continue meat use after fake news in social media about the US going vegan:


(Photo by Roger L. Wollenberg–Pool/ Getty Images). ARLINGTON (VA) – MAY 5, 2009: President Barack Obama (C), and Vice President Joe Biden, (L) are seated at a table while they wait for their cheeseburger lunch orders from Ray’s Hell Burger, May 5, 2009 in Arlington. Obama and Biden paid an unannounced visit to the Arlington restaurant.

Twitter went wild over the fear and shock caused by fake news about President Joe Biden’s Climate Change Plan, which would limit one “Hamburger per month.” Incorrect information suggests that the plan may also consider vegan or plant-based alternatives to the hamburger.


(Photo by Roger L. Wollenberg – Pool/ Getty Images

ARLINGTON (VA) – MAY 5, 2009: President Barack Obama (C), and Vice President Joe Biden, (L), sit at a table while they wait for their cheeseburger lunch orders from Ray’s Hell Burger, May 5, 2009 in Arlington. Obama and Biden paid an unannounced visit to the Arlington restaurant.

For clarity, Biden’s Climate Change Plan 2021 isn’t about cutting resources or limiting red meat consumption (beef and veal). Instead, the plan would be focused on electric mobility and sustainability. Different politicians and media outlets were concerned about the rise of Hamburgers in the country and have circulated the information online.

Earth Day was celebrated last April. 20. It has sparked an international movement to refocus attention on the environment as the Earth continues to decline due to human activities and consumption. Big tech companies such as Apple and Tesla have now responded to these events, with their Sustainable Superchargers nationwide.

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Biden’s Climate Change Plan: Hamburger Fake News

The controversy surrounding President Joe Biden’s Climate Change plan to eliminate Hamburgers from the menu and reduce consumption to no more than once per month has been a focal point of attention over the past few days. The fake news spread quickly on social media with many calling President Joe Biden “The Hamburglar.”

The Hamburglar.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted a Fox News photo that showed misleading Hamburger statistics. It is about reducing red meat consumption to just one burger per month. The tweet was quickly followed by many more from concerned Americans who were worried about the possibility of their red meat diet being replaced by vegan and plant-based options.

POTUS Biden is also known as the “Hamburglar”, a McDonald’s mascot who steals hamburgers from unsuspecting customers and citizens.

White House Fact Sheet on Biden’s Climate Plan

The White House released a fact sheet about the Leader’s Summit on Climate. It focused mostly on the need to reduce carbon emissions from vehicles. This plan compares the pledge made by the United States to reduce 50 to 52 percent of its pollutants by 2030 to 2005 data.

Current administration plans to help develop the country. They will be looking for renewable and sustainable energy sources over the next few years. This will also help other countries. This is something President Biden intends to share with the rest of the world as climate change is not just a US-only effort.

COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Camps on Facebook, Twitter Pushed by Biden to Invite 16-Year-Olds:


(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images). STAMFORD CONNECTICUT, MARCH 14, 2018: Lucy Golding, a nurse manager, prepares doses of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Health workers administered shots to undocumented residents and immigrants on March 14, 2021 in Stamford. Building One Community, a non-profit organisation, organised the event to administer the Modern vaccine’s first dose to 350 immigrants. The federal Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) supplied the vaccines and Community Health Center workers injected them. The second dose of vaccines will be administered to the recipients in April. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images). (Photo : Pexels/Gustavo Fring). COVID-19 vaccine Johnson & Johnson

According to President Joe Biden and the White House, COVID-19 eligibility for 16-year-olds has been granted for Twitter and Facebook. This follows recent statistics from the country’s health departments about the number of 18-year-olds who have received their shots. ages 18 and over have had their shots.


(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images).

STAMFORD (CONNECTICUT) – MARCH 14, 2019: Lucy Golding, a nurse manager, prepares doses of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Health workers administered shots to undocumented residents and immigrants ages 55+ on March 14, 2021 in Stamford. Building One Community, a non-profit organisation, organised the event to administer the Modern vaccine’s first dose to 350 immigrants. The federal Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) supplied the vaccines and Community Health Center workers injected them. The second dose of vaccines will be administered to the recipients in April. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images).

Initial COVID-19 vaccine doses were intended for 18-year-olds and over. This was the age that companies determined would be eligible to get the immunisation shots. The most likely release of the vaccine would be emergency use authorised doses such as Moderna and BioNTech, both mRNA-based.

Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine and other adenovirus-based shots like AstraZeneca remain in the dark. This is especially because the FDA has stopped the administration of Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine due to the alarming side effects associated with blood clots. Recent effectiveness ratings have surpassed 90 percent. This is an impressive number that ensures safety against infection or transmission of the virus.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility via Facebook and Twitter


According to Axios, Facebook and Twitter were chosen by the Biden administration as the social media platforms to send push notifications regarding new vaccine eligibility. Due to the fact that most 18-year-olds are eligible for vaccines, the campaign was moved to April 19. All 18-year-olds and over have been registered to have received the vaccines.

To target a younger age for eligibility, the plan is to make the country more vaccinated and to create safety nets against the virus that has plagued it for over a year. The campaign aims to end the pandemic, and hopefully restart most of the affected industries, including education.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has released statistics showing that 50.4 percent of Americans over 18 have had at least one dose. These data show that 32.5 percent are fully vaccinated. This is 25.4 percent.

Social Media Toolkit: Facebook and Twitter

The COVID-19 vaccination eligibility campaign was sent to Facebook and Twitter by the two biggest social media platforms in the nation and world. Twitter and Facebook would then send push notifications to their users. The company allows users to create accounts if they are at least twelve years old.

The government’s social media toolkit for the “We Can Do This” campaign has been released. Once it is available on users’ devices as notifications, it will be clear what the campaign would look like. Information dissemination would enable the information about eligibility for vaccination in the country, particularly as it targets minorities.

The Antifa Site Redirects to the New White House: What Does This Mean? Plus, there’s a secret for coders:

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty) The White House website was launched moments after President Biden’s induction.

The United States officially welcomed Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harir to their new office on Wednesday, January 20, 2021. Along with their rise in the office, the new White House website was launched, with a secret coder’s bonus.


(Photo : Chip Somodevilla / Getty)

The White House website was launched just moments after President Biden’s inauguration.

Easter Egg for Coders

Protocol says that coders can view the HTML code of the government website. There they will find an Easter egg from the US Digital Service. This is the White House’s own tech team. It states, “If this is you, we need your help building better.” which then links to their website.

This is not an accident as Biden has allocated $200 million to USDS to help with the current healthcare crisis.

The new administration is aiming to use technology to help them achieve their goals of providing better assistance for US citizens.

The Biden administration wants to increase cybersecurity resources in the country as a result of the SolarWinds hacking attack that left both public and private organisations susceptible to Russian hackers.

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Antifa Domain redirects to White House Website

The antifa domain redirects to the White House website under the new administration. If you type into your web browser, it will load the official White House webpage.

The antifa is an antifascist political movement that exists in a loose network.

Does this mean that the network is showing support for the new President by redirecting the antifa domain URL to the White House website?

Mashable says that it doesn’t necessarily signify anything. Anyone can redirect their website to any domain they like to any other website. They don’t need any kind of affiliation or connection to the website owner they are redirecting.

However, it is not the first time that the antifa domain was linked to the US President.

What does this mean?

People discovered through the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine that the domain was originally redirected by Biden’s transition site,, earlier in the month. The domain was then redirected to White House’s newly launched website just moments after the inauguration.

It appears, however, that the antifa domain was following Biden for quite some time.

The antifa domain also served to redirect people to Biden’s official campaign website during the presidential campaign in 2020. However, this doesn’t seem to be a significant function.

Although it is possible that Biden is being supported by the network, it is also possible that someone behind the domain is a Trojan, according to the news outlet. The owner of the domain is not yet known.

However, misinformation about antifa or the government was not stopped.

Antifa is not a group or website. It is not an official entity.


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