How to Reset an AT&T U-Verse Router or Modem

Sometimes, factory resets are required to troubleshoot and set up a network. Customers of AT&T U-Verse can also reset devices to factory default.

Resetting your device will cause data such as your WiFi password or WiFi name to be lost. Before you start, ensure that your device is ready to be reset.

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AT&T U-Verse Router Reset:

  1. Locate the factory reset button

  2. Click the Reset button

  3. Do not wait for the reset to be complete

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Locate the factory reset button

Your AT&T U–Verse device has a factory reset button. You will find the reset button on your AT&T U-Verse device’s back. It is usually located in red.


Click the Reset button

Hold the reset button down for 20 seconds to initiate factory reset. When you release the button, factory reset will take place.


Do not wait for the reset to be complete

Allow the reset process to finish. After about five minutes, restart the AT&T U–Verse device. When your router boots, you should use the factory default settings.

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