How to make your Facebook profile private

Facebook allows us to share so many details, including our birthdays, interests, and close friends. Although it may not be a problem for you to share some information with the public, you might prefer to keep some, like the year you were born.

Learn how to make Facebook private.

Change your privacy settings on Facebook

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account

In your browser bar, search Facebook. Enter the required account information to log in to Facebook. Click on the forgotten password button to send a temporary password from Facebook.

Step 2: Click the Arrow at the top-right corner of your feed

Once you have navigated to your news feed, click the downward-pointing arrow at the top right corner of your screen. You will be able to access group options, advertising information and settings. Select the Settings button from here.


Step 3: Click the privacy tab in left column

You will be taken to the general account settings page by clicking on the settings tab.  Click the Privacy tab in the left column. This should be the fourth option. Clicking the privacy tab will open a new page to the right of your page that contains information about your name, username, and contact information.


Step 4: Scroll to the section “Your Activity”.

Scroll down to “Your Activity” after you have navigated to your Privacy tab. This section should be located under “Privacy Settings and Tools”.

You can edit your account profile’s access here. Select the “Only me” option to make your profile completely private. You can choose to restrict your profile privacy to friends only.


Step 5: Examine other privacy settings

You can change who can send you friend requests and who can search for you based upon your Facebook email address. You can review all privacy settings on this page to ensure that your Facebook privacy is optimised to your liking.

You can also privatise your Facebook page by reviewing the “Timeline and Tagging” tab in the left column. You can choose who can post content to your timeline, who can follow your Facebook stories, who can see tagged posts on the timeline, and many other settings.


 How to make your friend’s Facebook list private

Step 1: Navigate under Settings to the Privacy tab

You should now be familiar with Settings’ Privacy tab. To find the privacy tab, please follow these steps or refer to the section “How to make Facebook profile private” above.

  1. Click on the arrow at the top right corner of your news feed.

  2. The Settings option should be the fifth choice from the drop-down menu.

  3. Scroll down to the left column and click on the Privacy tab. This should be the fourth option at the top. Below is an example of what privacy pages should look like.


Step 2: Scroll to the section “How people find and contact you” on the Privacy page

Once you are done, click the Edit button to edit the prompt “Who can view your friends list?”. The general Facebook settings will usually be set to “public”.


Step 3: Choose “friends”, “specific friends”, or “only me”, to make your friends list public

Select the “Only me” option in the drop-down menu to make your friends list completely private. Select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu to share your Friends List with just your friends or with specific friends.

If you wish, you can also choose to exclude certain friends from your friends list.


Step 4: Alternativ, you can also navigate to your Facebook profile page


Step 5: Click the Friends tab below your cover photo and enter your name.


Step 6: Click the pen box located in the right-hand corner.

Click on the “Edit Privacy”button from the dropdown menu after selecting the pen button.


Step 7: Modify your friend list preferences in the popup Menu

You will see the same options to privatise your Friends list as in the first method of editing your friends list settings.


How to make Albums Private on Facebook

Step 1: Open the album with photos that you want to edit

Navigate to your profile page’s photos tab. Select the Albums tab under the photo header. Click on the album you are interested in.


Step 2: Click the three dots at the corner of the selected album.


Step 3: Choose the audience to which you wish to grant viewing privileges

Select the “only me”, if you wish the album to remain private. If you want only certain people to see the album, narrow it down to “Friends” and “Friends except …”. After you have chosen your privacy settings, save the changes.


How to hide your Facebook birthday

Step 1: Navigate your Facebook profile to edit it.

You can edit certain information by clicking the Edit Profile button.


Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the popup and scroll down to the section “about information”.

A popup will appear in the middle of the screen after you click on the Edit Profile button. Scroll to the bottom of this popup and click on the “Edit your About Info” tab.


Step 3:  Navigate to the “Contact” and Basic Info tab

A section called “About” will be displayed on your screen. Select the tab “Contact and Basic Info” in the left column. Select the Edit button next to your year and birth date in the “Basic Info” section.


Step 4: Select your desired privacy settings

To determine who has access to your birthday information, click on the drop-down menu buttons on the right-hand corner of your screen. You can also edit the year to hide your birth date from friends.


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