How to Install OptiFine on CurseForge

Ever wonder how the beautiful Instagram photos of Minecraft-built builds came to be? What makes water look so smooth in a video? OptiFine is the mod that allows you to do both. OptiFine makes Minecraft run faster and looks better. It supports HD textures and can be paired with shaders to change the way your Minecraft world feels.

OptiFine makes water look real and realistic. It also gives trees, grass and lanterns swaying movements. It also makes grass blocks dynamic so that you don’t see too much dirt at the sides of mountains. This guide will show you how to install OptiFine with CurseForge, regardless of whether you are using a modpack.

Please note: Make sure you aren’t using mods that conflict with OptiFine before you start. Mod incompatibilities are usually stated by the developer on CurseForge.  Before downloading, make sure to read it.

Locate the right file path

Before you can install OptiFine you will need to locate CurseForge where your game is!

  1. Open CurseForge, and navigate to the modpack that you are using.
  2. To the left of the Play button, click the … link.
  3. Click Open Folder in the drop-down menu.
  4. Open the Mods folder in the window that opens. This is where you will install OptiFine.
  5. Usually, the file path looks like this: C:\Users\USER_NAME\Twitch\Minecraft\Instances\MODPACK_NAME\mods.

    Note (Pre-1.18 version): Make sure you also download the OptiForge and OptiFabric mods to this folder. OptiFine won’t work and your game will not launch.

    Download OptiFine

    You will need the OptiFine JAR file to install Optifine. You should ensure that you download the most current version of OptiFine for your game version.

    1. To download the version that you are interested in, click the button to the right.
    2. You may have to wait five seconds for the Skip button on the next page.
    3. The Download OptiFine button is located in the middle section of the next page.
    4. Copy and paste the file path that you have found in the previous step to download OptiFine.
    5. Depending on the browser you use, you might need to click Allow or Keep if OptiFine warns that it may be dangerous. It’s safe, provided you download from OptiFine’s official website.

That’s it! You have successfully installed OptiFine via CurseForge. To ensure that there are no conflicts with any other mods, make sure you run your game.

You can customise your game with our guide.

 How to make a Minecraft recovery compass
The Wild Update, game version 1.19 added new items and blocks to Minecraft, and the recovery compass was also one of them! What is it used for? Find out more.

Because of the one item in this recipe, making a recovery compass is not easy. You can follow this tutorial to learn how to make a recovery compass using Minecraft version 1.19.

Our comprehensive overview will show you what was added to the Wild Update.

Make a compass

The compass is required for the recovery compass. You will need 4 iron ingots, and 1 redstone powder. Follow the instructions above.

Gather echo fragments

This item is the most difficult in the recipe. You’ll need eight. Echo shards can only be found in ancient cities. They spawn in deep dark biomes. To find one, you will need to descend to deepslate.

Check all chests in an ancient city once you have found it. There is a 29.8% chance of 1-3 echo fragments being found in a chest, both in Java and Bedrock editions.

Make a recovery compass

Once you have the eight echo shards and the compass, then follow the recipe!

For more information about the Wild Update, see our complete overview.

How to Tame an Allay in Minecraft

The allay is now a passive flying mob in Minecraft as of 1.19. These mobs are extremely useful for redstone explorers and lovers. They are primarily there to help players find and return items.

They are however difficult to manage , if they can be found.

They’re also so adorable !

Search for an allay

Pillager outposts are home to allay, as well as woodland mansions. Pillager outposts can be generated in any village-generating biome, such as deserts, plains, and so on. While woodland mansions are only able to spawn in the dark forest biome,

Tame an allay

An ally cannot be bound to a player. Its purpose and function is to locate lost items. All you have to do is give it an item to search for!

The allay will track you and deliver the dropped items to you. It can track a player up to 64 blocks away, even if they aren’t there, and seeks out items up to 32 blocks from the player.

There is a delay of 3 seconds after delivering items before it can search for items again. An ally can hold 64 items in its inventory, plus the item it received from the player. This will make it difficult for an ally to find unstacked items such as potions.

You can stop an alay from following your lead by taking its item back with an empty hand. Always, you can use a name tag and a lead!


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