How to Get Xbox Game Pass for Free (or cheap)

Xbox Game Pass gives you access to over 100 top Xbox One titles. Members pay a monthly fee for the game library.

Sorry, you won’t have unlimited access to Xbox Game Pass. These bundles could help you save lots of money.

[Updated for 2020. ]

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Get a free game pass

  1. $14 Xbox Game Pass 14-day Trial

  2. Get a free Xbox Game Pass when you purchase Kellogg products

  3. Get Game Pass Ultimate for $1 per quarter

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$14 Xbox Game Pass 14-Day Trial


Signing up as a new Xbox Game Pass customer is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get access. You have the right to cancel your trial at any moment.


How to Get a $1 14-Day Trial

  1. Go to the Xbox Game Pass website.

  2. Click here to join

  3. These steps will help you create an account and choose a plan.


All available

Xbox Game Pass

Visit an external site

You will need to provide payment information when you sign up for a trial. However, if you cancel within the time limit you will only be charged the first $1.

Cancelling Xbox Game Pass


Get a free Xbox Game Pass when you purchase Kellogg products


Get free access to Xbox digital gift cards for products marked by Kellogg’s.

How to get an Xbox Game Pass for free when you purchase Kellogg’s products

  1. Register to Kellogg’s Family Rewards and log in to your Kellogg’s Family Rewards account.

  2. Take a picture of your receipt with the Kellogg’s eligible product.

  3. Send the purchase information to Kellogg’s Family Rewards for details on how to redeem your Xbox gift card. This gift certificate can be used to purchase Game Pass.


All available

Kellogg Family Reward Account

Visit an external site


 Get Game Pass Ultimate for $1 per quarter


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers the best Game Pass deals at 44.99%. Ultimate can be purchased now for 98% off

Get Game Pass Ultimate for $1

  1. Go to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate website.

  2. Click Join

  3. These are the steps to create an account and register for a plan Cancel your subscription anytime before the next quarter’s due payment


All available

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Visit an external site

The package offers three months of unlimited Xbox Game Pass Access.

See our guides for more freebies.


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