How to Download and Install iTunes on Chromebook

Chromebooks have taken over the lecture rooms withinside the US lately. The college students may in all likelihood use an iPhone as their number one tool along the Chromebook. As a end result, ecosystems’ incompatibility turns into a barrier among the 2 due to the fact that they’re the bi-merchandise of one-of-a-kind companies, Google and Apple.

So, how approximately jogging iTunes in your Chromebook? Yes, it’s miles feasible to run iTunes on Chromebook, undoubtedly. In this article, we’ll undergo the whole system of putting in iTunes on Chromebooks. Additionally, we’ll permit you to realize how matters carry out in the long run to foresee matters earlier than putting in it in your Chromebook.

Installing iTunes on Chromebook (2022)

Create Shortcut for iTunes on Chromebook

How does iTunes on Chromebook Perform

Enjoy iTunes on Chromebook

Installing iTunes on Chromebook (2022)

This manual will give an explanation for the way to get iTunes operating in your Chromebook. TL;DR, we’ll be the use of a Linux field to put in the Windows model of iTunes in your Chromebook. For this purpose, we’ll use the Wine app to run the iTunes app. In the cease, we’ll additionally manual you with the system of making a shortcut on your own home screen.

  1. Before beginning matters, you want to allow Linux in your Chromebook. To gain that, you want to move over to the Settings app in your Chromebook and look for the choice that says, “Linux (Beta),” and click on the “Turn on” alternative subsequent to it.

It will set up Linux in your Chromebook, and a terminal window will open. Alternatively, you may search for a Terminal icon withinside the app drawer and open it.

iTunes for Chromebook – Enable Linux Beta

Credits: GroovyPost

  1. After launching the Terminal window, you’ll want to execute a few codes. Don’t fear approximately it; it is straightforward to do. Now you want to get updates for the device applications and their dependencies. To do so, kind the subsequent command withinside the Terminal.

iTunes on Chromebook – Linux Terminal

  1. Once the textual content says “Done” after some lines, you’ll want to put in Wine. To accomplish that, you’ll want to execute this command.

sudo apt-get set up wine

iTunes on Chromebook – Install Wine

  1. Once Wine receives set up in your Chromebook, you want to allow guide for 32-bit applications. You want to execute the subsequent commands, one via way of means of one, to do so.

sudo dpkg –add-structure i386

sudo apt replace

sudo apt-get set up wine32

iTunes on Chromebook – Enable 32-bit Architecture

  1. Wine have to be installation via way of means of now absolutely in your Chromebook. Now it’s time to down load the iTunes for Windows (32-bit) setup. All you want to do is click on at the Download hyperlink below, and you’ll be ready.

Download iTunes for Windows Setup (32-bit)

  1. Once downloaded, it’s time to transport the iTunes Setup to the Linux documents directory, as proven below. Afterward, you shall rename the document to some thing smooth like “iTunesSetup.exe” to remember.

Move iTunes Setup into Linux Directory

  1. Once accomplished with the above step, it’s time to put in iTunes in your Chromebook. To set up iTunes, you want to execute the subsequent command, however replace “username” with the call of your Chromebook. The username which you pick out even as permitting Linux (Beta) on the primary step. Furthermore, replace “iTunesSetup.exe” with the call of your document.

WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=/home/username/.wine32/ wine iTunesSetup.exe

  1. Once you press enter, an set up window will open up. Just click on Next, and undergo the setup. Once the set up finishes, you’re appropriate to go.

iTunes for Chromebook – iTunes Install

That’s it! You’ve effectively set up iTunes in your Chromebook. All you want to do is release iTunes from the Application’s menu quickly.

Although, you would possibly face an blunders that says, “Path Not Found.” If that’s the case, hold analyzing along.

Create Shortcut for iTunes on Chromebook

  1. Open File Manager in your Chromebook and open the Linux document directory. On the pinnacle right, click on at the 3 dots menu (⋮), and select “Show Hidden Files” from the menu.
  2. Navigate to the subsequent path:

.local → share → applications → Wine → Program Files → iTunes.

iTunes on Chromebook – File Explorer, display Hidden Files

  1. You’ll discover an “iTunes.desktop” document. Right-click on on it and select “Open with Text Editor.”

iTunes on Chromebook – Open with Text Editor

  1. Once the Text Editor opens, you’ll discover a line that begins offevolved with Exec=. You want to feature the subsequent code subsequent to that. Make positive to replace “username” with the call of your Chromebook, as defined in preceding steps.

iTunes for Chromebook – Create Shortcut Command

  1. Save the document the use of Ctrl + S and near the textual content app.

iTunes on Chromebook – iTunes in App Drawer

  1. Finally, open iTunes out of your App Drawer, which have to open up flawlessly. Furthermore, you may pin the app on your Chrome Shelf to get admission to it immediately.

How does iTunes on Chromebook Perform

We controlled to put in iTunes at the Chromebook as properly. But the query is, how does iTunes run on a Chromebook? Our time spent with iTunes on Chromebook wasn’t great withinside the first place. However, we noticed it coming due to the fact that we’re jogging iTunes on a Windows field, which runs on a Linux field.

Whether you’ve got got a excessive or low-cease Chromebook, the consequences are speculated to be the same. The overall performance wouldn’t be as appropriate as expected, as a end result. Linux on Chromebook received the capacity to stumble on USB recently. Notwithstanding, iTunes become not able to apprehend the iPhone on our Chromebook. It can be due to the fact Apple doesn’t guide Linux connectivity for Apple devices.

iTunes on Chromebook – Welcome to iTunes for Chromebook

You may additionally face crashes even as logging in on your Apple account on iTunes. So, no get admission to on your media or library. In the cease, the end result is iTunes on Chromebook isn’t as appropriate because it sounds. It’s higher to are searching for a few different options. We’ll put up a devoted article concerning iTunes options for Chromebooks.

Enjoy iTunes on Chromebook

That’s how you may set up iTunes on a Chromebook. We realize this system isn’t simple, however you may strive it. Once you put in Wine, you may get admission to a huge variety of Windows apps on a Chromebook. iTunes won’t paintings as expected, however you have to deliver it a chance, and matters may run properly for you.

If you face any hassle withinside the system, go away a remark below. We will strive our pleasant to cope with it. If we discover a higher iTunes construct for Chromebook, we’ll replace the manual for you. If you’ve got got similarly suggestions to enhance this manual, you may additionally go away them withinside the comments.

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