How To Brew a Potion of Slow Falling in Minecraft

This potion can be used to make you feel invincible if you also bring a potion that will resist fire to defeat the ender dragon. The potion of slow fall causes the player not to take any damage to the ground but to fall at a slower pace. This potion is perfect for anyone who has just climbed to the top of the world and wants to descend safely.

Here’s a quick guide on how to make a slow-falling potion in Minecraft.

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Table of Contents

Making a potion for slow falling

  1. Make a glass bottle

  2. Make a water bottle

  3. Get fuel for brewing

  4. Take the Potion Modifier

  5. Make a wacky potion

  6. Make a slow falling potion

  7. Redstone Dust – Continue to Extend

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h/minecraft * 91 guides



h/gaming * 242 Guides

Series of Minecraft Potions


Make a glass bottle


To begin brewing, you will need 3 glass blocks to create 3 glass bottles.


Make a water bottle


Now take your newly made glass bottles and go to a water source. Right click. Now you have a water bottle.


Get fuel for brewing


This is the hardest part of brewing. To begin the actual brewing process you will need to gather blaze powder. This powder can be used to fuel a brewing station. A blaze powder can be made from blaze rods that are dropped by (you guessed right) blazes.


To create two blaze powders, simply place the blaze rod anywhere you like on the crafting table.


Take the Potion Modifier


A potion modifier is required for basic potions. We will need neither wart in this instance. While you are looking for blazes make sure to grab some soul sand from the nether fortress and nether wart!


Make a wacky potion


An awkward potion is the base potion of every standard potion. As shown, place 3 water bottles, blaze powder and nether wart in the GUI of the brewing stand.


Make a slow falling potion


A Phantom membrane is required to make this potion. These can be dropped by phantoms. You can then place the phantom membrane on top of everything, as you did in the previous step.

Once the brewing process is completed, you can create a standard potion for slow falling. This option allows the player to fall slower and does not cause any damage after hitting the ground for 1.5 minutes.

Continue reading to find out how to increase the potency!


Redstone Dust – Continue to Extend


A redstone dust can be added to the base ingredient slot to extend a potion that causes slow fall. The effect of extending a potion will last longer.

Now the potion will last for four minutes.


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