Fastest DNS Servers for PS4 and PS5 To Boost Internet Speed

In an severe healthy with buddies on PS4, you begin noticing a lag among your moves and what you spot at the screen. Well, that’s a terrible sign. It would possibly end result from the PS4 having a terrible connection to the Internet. It isn’t constantly the difficulty together along with your net connection however may be your DNS server. As a end result, you would possibly want a few speedy DNS servers for PS4 to enhance your ping and connection stability.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) gives the default DNS settings on your connection. Even so, it’s first-rate to keep away from the usage of the default DNS. We constantly endorse the usage of a custom DNS server. Having a awful DNS for your give up can destroy your precise Gaming experience, specifically in case you’re doing multiplayer on line gaming.

To enhance the gaming lag for your PS4, we endorse the usage of a custom DNS server. Using a custom DNS isn’t best useful on your gaming console, however it’ll notably enhance latency troubles. This manual blanketed the first-rate and speedy DNS servers for PS4. It additionally applies to gaming PCs and smartphones as well.


What is DNS?

21 Fastest DNS Servers For PS4 in 2022

How To Change DNS Server Settings on PS4?

Frequently Asked Questions approximately first-rate DNS Servers for PS4

These are the Best DNS For PS4

What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. If that’s too technical so as to understand, we’ll make it less difficult for you. DNS is sort of a phonebook for the Internet. If you are taking the instance of a phonebook, you faucet on a name, and it calls the variety related to the name. Similarly, in case you go to, the DNS interprets the hostname to its respective IP deal with, for

21 Fastest DNS Servers For PS4 in 2022

DNS Provider Primary DNS Secondary DNS

Google eight.eight.eight.eight eight.eight.4.4

Cloudflare DNS

DNS Advantage

OpenDNS Home

Safe DNS

Comodo DNS eight.26.56.26 eight.20.247.20




Yandex.DNS 77.88.eight.eight 77.88.eight.1

DNS. Watch 82.200.69.eighty

Alternate DNS 198.101.242.seventy two



Uncensored DNS hundred

Level3 DNS


Quad9 nine.nine.nine.nine

OneDNS 117.50.eleven.eleven

Fourth Estate

Century Link 205.171.3.sixty six


Best DNS Servers for PS4

These are a number of the first-rate DNS servers for PS4. We endorse the usage of DNS servers like Google’s DNS and Cloudflare DNS. While Custom DNS assist to enhance net speed, additionally they can help you get entry to a few censored sites. A custom DNS helps you to browse a video or internet site out of your area, even if censored.

To test the ping of every DNS, you may use a benchmark application like DNS Name Speed Benchmark. Similarly, you may additionally use DNS benchmarkers like DNS Speed Test on Android to check your ping. We endorse acting a DNS check to test which DNS server might be first-rate for DNS server on your PS4.

How To Change DNS Server Settings on PS4?

Custom DNS on PS4

Changing the DNS server on PS4 is exceedingly smooth than you assume. That said, it could make a large distinction for your net speeds, latency. The DNS speeds would possibly fluctuate primarily based totally for your area. Before locating the first-rate DNS servers for PS4, right here is the way to extrade DNS settings for your PS4.

Open PS4 Network Settings

Settings on PS4

Turn for your PS4 and head over to the Settings menu. Then choose the Network option.

Select “Setup New Internet Connection”

Under the Network option, choose the “Setup New Internet Connection” option.

Select LAN/WiFi, then pick “Custom.”

Set Up net connection

Depending for your Internet Connection, pick LAN or WiFi. Then you may want to choose the “Custom” option.

Click “Automatic” and set DHCP to “Do Not Specify.”

PS4 DHCP Settings

Once you pick the Custom option, you’ll want to choose “Automatic” after which choose “Do Not Specify” on the subsequent screen, which says DHCP settings.

Select “Manual” Settings on PS4

Manual DNS Settings PS4

You’ll get a activate to set the DNS settings. To set the first-rate DNS server for PS4, choose the “Manual” option.

Enter Primary and Secondary DNS

Custom DNS on PS4

From the listing of first-rate DNS for PS4, pick the only which you assume works the first-rate for you. For this example, we’re deciding on Google’s DNS. Now choose “Primary DNS” and input the respective Primary DNS. Similarly, do the identical element for “Secondary DNS.”

Set the MTU and Proxy Settings

Test Internet Connection

Finally, set the MTU as Automatic and Proxy Server as Do Not Use. At last, choose Test Internet Connection. Try all of the DNS settings, and spot what works the first-rate for you primarily based totally for your area.

Frequently Asked Questions approximately first-rate DNS Servers for PS4

How to discover my DNS Server?

To discover your DNS Server, you may visit the IP deal with of your Wireless Router (when you have one) and test for the DNS. If not, you may ask your Internet Service Provider what DNS they’re the usage of.

What is the first-rate DNS for PS4?

Although no precise DNS works for everyone, we endorse attempting out Google and Cloudflare DNS first. These are a number of the first-rate DNS servers for PS4. The DNS server’s overall performance varies relying for your area and ISP.

Is it secure to extrade DNS on PS4?

It’s absolutely secure to extrade your DNS at the PS4. It won’t damage your PS4 in any respect in case you need to revert for your default DNS each time you need.

These are the Best DNS For PS4

Since there’re no first-rate DNS servers for PS4, all of it comes right all the way down to trial and error. If one DNS doesn’t paintings on your connection, it’s first-rate to search for the only that offers you the bottom latency possible. The indexed DNS servers are a few first-rate Public DNS servers for PS4 out there. If you continue to face any in addition troubles concerning DNS servers for PS4, allow us to recognize withinside the feedback below. If you’ve got got a few greater DNS suggestions, strive to say them down as well.

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