Best VPNs for torrenting in 2022

In recent years, torrenting has come under increased scrutiny. Online criminals and other interested parties can target you and your data.

You may be blocked by your ISP from downloading P2P files, or your connection might slow down. A torrenting VPN will ensure that your data is safe and secure while providing fast download speeds.

We don’t condone online piracy. We don’t condone online piracy.

We have compiled a shortlist of the top torrenting VPNs.

  1. NordVPN VPN is the best VPN to torrent

  2. Surf Shark is a great VPN service to torrents for a very low price

  3. Atlas VPN- A cheap VPN for P2P download

  4. PrivateVPN allows you to torrent quickly.

  5. IPVanish, a low-cost VPN, is available.

What are some of the benefits of using VPN to torrent?

Torrenting with a VPN can cause many problems

  • The actual connection. Anyone who looks at the seeders list will see your IP address.

  • Copyrighted material. While it might not be your intention to steal, torrent files will not always be correctly named Your ISP and copyright holders will likely ignore the circumstances and treat you as any other pirate.

  • Social engineering can be a form fraud. A P2P connection can reveal lots of information.

  • ISP activity monitoring Your ISP may detect torrenting activity. This could cause serious problems, including slowing down your internet speeds and even legal action.

We have compiled a detailed list of the top VPNs for torrenting – The Best VPNs for Torrenting

All VPNs claim to hide your identity. However, not all VPNs work well with P2P networks. You will have a great user experience, online privacy, and only if you combine all these factors.

We’ve selected VPN providers that work best with torrenting clients. They have all the best features, unlimited bandwidth, and the fastest speeds.

1. NordVPN-The best torrenting VPN

NordVPN torrents well. They are optimized for bandwidth-intensive downloads.

Every client has a kill button. This will shut down your Internet connection to prevent unwanted IP leaks. One mistake like this could expose you and put you on the blacklist.

More than 5400+ servers are available in 60 countries, so there are many choices.

A VPN that is only used for torrenting does not need to encrypt all traffic. If you only use a VPN for torrenting, you don’t have to encrypt all traffic. Socks5 proxy is available.

VPN providers have a strict policy of no logs. The VPN provider has a strict no logs policy.

NordVPN is a great choice for torrents. Strong encryption ensures that you don’t lose any of your personal information. The additions of the next-gen NordLynx Tunneling Protocol won’t affect performance.


  • SOCKS5 proxy

  • P2P Servers – Specialized

  • No DNS leaks

  • Split tunneling for apps/webpages

  • Audited no-logs policy


  • Longer subscriptions are eligible for discounts

2 Surfshark, one of the most inexpensive VPNs that allow torrenting is one.

Surfshark allows torrenting from all of their servers. Surfshark allows torrenting from any of their servers.

The VPN service is very fast.

The provider also considers safety measures. Switch between AES256–GCM and Chacha20Poly1305 encryption keys. These keys are indestructible even on the most powerful modern hardware.

Their server fleet is subject to the same quality standards. They do not use hard drives.

Select from over 3200+ servers across 95 countries. There are many servers available to meet different needs.

If you are only using a VPN to torrent, the Whitelister feature will work. Surfshark has an audited policy that bans logs.

It is also the most affordable option. You get steep discounts for longer plans. Unlimited simultaneous connections are also available.


  • Low price

  • Servers for P2P

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Split tunneling

  • Customisable encryption methods


  • No SOCKS5 proxy

3. Atlas VPN – a cheap, torrent friendly VPN

Atlas VPN doesn’t have P2P servers, but that doesn’t mean it’s ineligible to torrenting.

Atlas VPN permits torrenting from multiple servers. A 2.7 GB file was downloaded in just seven minutes.

Atlas VPN is unique among torrenting VPNs. The free Atlas VPN version can be used to establish P2P connections. This feature is rare among VPNs.

Atlas VPN operates 750 servers in 38 countries. This is slightly lower than what you might expect from a VPN service. There are 750 servers in 38 countries.

This VPN offers many other features, such as a malware detector and data breach detector. Atlas VPN offers IP address rotation.

 Atlas VPN’s best feature is its affordable price. If you have a longer subscription, you can get unlimited bandwidth and many other great features for $2.05 per monthly.


  • Unblock streaming sites

  • Free download torrenting software

  • Affordable price

  • Malicious page blocker

  • Unlimited simultaneous connections


  • Based in a Five Eyes Country

  • Not many servers

4. PrivacyVPN is a fast VPN to torrent

PrivateVPN is the best VPN for torrenting. PrivateVPN will allow you to download files much faster than normal due to its fast speeds.

PrivateVPN Windows was able to download at 15MB/s. This is quite remarkable.

PrivateVPN allows port forwarding which is something not many VPNs offer. This service also offers SOCKS5 proxy and HTTP proxies.

PrivateVPN can also torrent. PrivateVPN allows you to unblock streaming services like YouTube, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix.

Prices start at $2.00 per month


  • Unblock many streaming sites

  • Supports torrenting

  • Port forwarding

  • Proxy for HTTP and SOCKS5

  • Customizable encryption


  • Limited tunneling protocols

  • Modest server fleet

5 IPVanish allows torrenting to be done quickly

IPVanish doesn’t have dedicated servers for torrenting, but that is not a problem. It is an excellent choice for torrenting as it offers high speeds thanks to the WireGuard protocol.

IPVanish was tested, and the download speed was between 7-8MB/s. This is a great result.

The provider also supports split tunneling. The provider also supports split tunneling.

IPVanish currently has more than 2000 servers in 50 countries. There are still many servers available in Asia and all other continents.


  • Excellent P2P speeds

  • The kill switch can be customized

  • Unlimited simultaneous connections

  • Proximity To SOCKS5 to Get Free!

  • Split-tunneling With Android


  • Based in the USA. is not privacy-friendly

  • No Linux app

6. PureVPN is an excellent torrenting VPN

PureVPN can be used for torrenting. You will still find enough servers that support P2P to download your favorite content.

PureVPN boasts a large server network with 6500 servers in 78 countries. It is easy to locate the right server.

Although download speeds are stable, they are not the fastest. This shows that there are still many areas for improvement.

Split tunneling is available with PureVPN. This allows you to choose the traffic that will be routed through the VPN. Split tunneling does not work with WireGuard. However, you can enable an OpenVPN protocol obfuscation Layer with multiport to hide your traffic while using a VPN.

PureVPN’s pricing is very attractive. PureVPN’s 2-year subscription costs just $1.99 per month.  It is an amazing deal, considering all of the features.

Learn more about PureVPN in our review.


  • Servers for P2P

  • Tunnel WireGuard

  • Netflix Unblocks

  • Supports port forwarding

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • No DNS leaks


  • WireGuard doesn’t support certain features

  • There’s no free

We tested these VPNs to torrenting and chose them.

We prioritized features that are important for torrenting. A VPN service ranks higher because they excel at these areas.

  • It is possible to torrent. It can be difficult to maintain the infrastructure.

  • Security. Anyone can see your IP address when you download torrents. Cybercriminals have the ability to see it and try to gain access to your home network.

  • Performance. Performance. The faster your VPN is, you will get better download speeds. Better performing services get ranked higher.

  • Logging. Logging. You can trust a service that has been thoroughly tested and verified by third parties.

  • Value. The best VPNs offer both value and cost-effectiveness.

How do you torrent?

A VPN is very easy to use for torrenting. A VPN for torrenting is easy to set up.

  1. Install NordVPN a torrenting VPN.

  2. Connect to a P2P server

  3. Download your torrent client from one of the many torrenting sites.

  4. Get torrents now!

If you have any questions about how to torrent safely in 2022, or are having trouble setting it up,

Top VPN countries for torrenting and P2P traffic

There are some countries that have more relaxed laws regarding Internet downloads. These countries make torrenting easy.


Switzerland is generally considered to have the highest privacy standards. Seeding is a different matter.


Because Spain emphasizes profit over copyright violations, torrenters find Spain a safe haven. Uploading is a crime.


Copyrighted material downloading is illegal or not legal in Poland. This loophole could be seen as an opportunity for Poland become a digital pirate haven.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands has changed its regulations regarding torrenting. It is forbidden to share them.


As of 2019, Mexico has no laws or regulations that prohibit file-sharing. No government agency has jurisdiction over file-sharing.

Is torrenting with a VPN legal?

Using a VPN to torrent is allowed in all countries, except where it is illegal. You can’t share or download any Ryan Gosling movies you have recorded on your phone.

While some things might appear legal, others fall under the gray area. Each case will be treated differently by different government agencies and courts.

We don’t recommend VPNs for torrenting.

It is possible to torrent from many services that we didn’t include in this list. These VPNs can be either paid or free.

Hola VPN may be the worst choice. It uses P2P networks to establish a connection. They also have a privacy policy that collects user logs.

Betternet is another bad option for torrenting.

SuperVPN- Our editorial team recently discovered that users of this service provider’s credentials had been leaked to the dark web. It seems like the provider was collecting user data despite their privacy policies.

This is to remind you that not all VPNs are created equal. Before you sign up for a long-term service, do your research.

Which VPN service is best for torrenting?

Most VPNs are safe enough to use for daily use and don’t allow torrenting.

It is possible to find VPNs that work with torrenting connections.

What are the other dangers that torrenting poses?

Using a VPN to protect your computer from the dangers of public networks is a great idea. This also includes your torrent tracker, and torrent app.

Version 3.4.2 uTorrent for Windows significantly slowed down users’ devices. Even the latest version of uTorrent will prompt to install a lot of adware.

Deluge and QBittorrent offer safer alternatives. Think before you click any links.

Bottom line

Use caution when downloading torrents. While it may seem harmless, there are serious consequences. Your IP address is public and you could be targeted.

A VPN can reduce your risk of online activity. Make sure you do your research and find reliable services.

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Is torrenting legal using a VPN?

Yes, torrenting with a VPN is safer. It’s less likely that someone will hack into your computer or fine you.

Can I torrent using a VPN?

If your VPN kill switch is not working, your IP address could be exposed. Fines and throttling can all be expected.

Can I go to prison for torrenting?

It depends on where you live, and what information you have. This is what Peter Sunde, and other founders, learned from The Pirate Bay 2009.

Does torrenting speed up when you use VPN?

If you have slow internet, a VPN won’t make your internet speed more fast. A VPN can’t increase your torrenting speed if your ISP uses speed throttle.

Which VPN works best for torrenting in 2022

NordVPN VPN is the best VPN for torrenting. With its purpose-built servers, this VPN offers a stable and fast download experience.


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