Best VPNs for Binance in 2022

Binance is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the entire world. Unfortunately, Binance’s full version is not available in the US. It’s been reduced and has many restrictions that will limit your ability to use Binance to its full potential.

There is an easy way to access Binance’s full version via the US. You will be able use the entire cryptocurrency exchange if you sign up for a VPN.

Although it is legal to do so, it is against Binance’s Terms of Service that US residents can use VPNs to access Binance. If you are caught, your account could be suspended. We have identified VPNs that can bypass Binance’s restrictions without being detected.

This guide will cover everything you need to know to use Binance in the US. We’ll also discuss which VPNs to use and which to avoid. Continue reading to learn how to choose the best VPN for Binance.

The best VPNs for trading on Binance

  1. NordVPN – The Best VPN for Binance

  2. Surf Shark – The best Binance trading VPN

  3. Atlas VPN – VPN with no cost

  4. PrivateVPN – A secure VPN for cryptocurrency exchange

  5. IPVanish is a great lightweight option for quick trading

  6. VyprVPN: Fast, safe trading

Use a VPN to connect to Binance, USA

Accessing Binance from the US is much simpler than you might imagine. You only need a VPN to access Binance. Follow these steps and you will be trading in no matter what time it is.

  1. A VPN should be able to unblock Binance. NordVPN is our recommendation.

  2. Sign up for the VPN by downloading it to your phone.

  3. Connect to a server that allows full Binance access such as France, Spain, and Mexico.

  4. Register or create an account on Binance

  5. Trade!

Our detailed list of the best VPNs that work with Binance.

To find the best VPNs that unblock Binance, we carefully reviewed a wide range of VPNs. We tried to find solutions that were affordable for different price points when compiling this list. Each of our favourites comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. This allows you to try them all before you commit to long-term payments.

Here’s our top-rated VPN for Binance, based on extensive testing.

1. NordVPN – The Best VPN for Binance

We found that NordVPN was the best VPN to bypass Binance’s restrictions in our testing. NordVPN has over 5400 servers across 60 countries, many of which are in areas where Binance’s full version cannot be found. You’ll always find a wide range of servers that can unblock Binance.

Apart from these, NordVPN is an outstanding choice for Binance due to its impressive suite of security features. This includes military-grade encryption, a kill switch, and a kill button that ensures your data and location remain secret.

You also have protection against phishing websites and obfuscated Binance servers. The double VPN feature provides extra anonymity, protecting your transactions from online snoopers.

NordVPN’s other great selling point is its super-fast speeds. It uses NordLynx which is a modified version of the WireGuard protocol. It averages 249mbps.

NordVPN offers excellent value, starting at $3.29 per month.

For more information, please see our detailed NordVPN review.


  • In seconds, Unblock Binance

  • We tested the most privacy-friendly VPN.

  • NordLynx offers fast speeds

  • Good customer service

  • Large server fleet

  • Many security features

  • Great value for money


  • No router app

2. Surf Shark – The best Binance trading VPN

Surfshark, while a less expensive alternative to NordVPN, is still able to provide many of the same benefits and features. It can unblock Binance consistently in just seconds. There are more than 3200 servers located in over 95 countries. This means you will have plenty of options when trying to connect to a server that is in an area with unrestricted Binance access.

Surfshark, which is one of the most secure VPNs available, will connect to your server. It has a host of security features that will keep your trading private. These include military-grade encryption and an impressive leak protection.

Surprisingly, Surfshark is the fastest VPN we have reviewed. It uses the WireGuard protocol and delivers an average speed of 263mbps. You’ll also get unlimited simultaneous connections so that everyone in your household can use it simultaneously for no additional cost.

Surfshark’s prices start at $2.30 per month, which is incredible considering all of this.

For more information on Surshark VPN, please read our complete review.


  • Outstanding value for money

  • You can unblock Binance easily

  • There are thousands of servers available

  • Unlimited simultaneous connections

  • This is the fastest VPN on this page

  • You can customise the kill switch

  • No-logs policy


  • Isn’t independently audited

  • Not quite as good on Apple devices

3. AtlasVPN

Atlas VPN is the ideal solution if money is an issue. Atlas VPN is extremely affordable and offers a free trial. It can even allow you to access Binance from the US. It has around 750 servers spread across 38 countries. This gives you a wide range of servers available in Binance locations.

Atlas VPN offers a wide range of security features that will help you keep your activities private. This is the only tunnelling protocol that Atlas VPN offers.

Atlas VPNs SafeSwap feature can change your IP address while you are connected. Your IP address can change if you close one window and open another.

Atlas VPN offers a free version with unlimited data. The monthly cost of the paid-for plan is $2.05 per month.

For all the details, see our Atlas VPN review.


  • Servers at sufficient locations to allow Binance to be unblocked

  • It’s pretty great to have a free version

  • Pay-for plans that are really affordable

  • Solid security

  • SafeSwap makes a great addition


  • Only one tunnelling protocol

  • The US is not privacy-friendly.

4. PrivateVPN – A secure VPN for cryptocurrency exchange

Although PrivateVPN is a relatively new provider, it is still worth looking into if you are looking for a way to access Binance. It has only 200 servers. However, there are 63 countries that have them, which includes many areas that allow you to use Binance’s full services.

You can also use it to trade with confidence, including AES256-bit encryption and leak protection. It is based in Sweden which is not a privacy-friendly country. PrivateVPN lives up to its name. It has a strict zero logs policy, and you can use anonymous payment methods to enhance your privacy.

This provider offers fast and smooth trading speeds. It uses obfuscation technology to hide your real IP address so that your Binance account is not blocked. You can exchange currency on multiple devices with up to six simultaneous connections.

PrivateVPN plans start at $2.00 per month.

Are you still not convinced? To find out more, read our PrivateVPN Review.


  • You can easily access Binance by hiding your IP address

  • Detainable security features

  • Six simultaneous connections

  • Strict no-logs policy

  • Competitively priced


  • There are not as many servers available as with other providers

  • No split tunnelling

5. IPVanish is a great lightweight option for quick trading

IPVanish is the best lightweight VPN for Binance. It bypasses geo-restrictions in Binance and doesn’t consume too much processing power.

This provider boasts over 2000 servers in 50 countries. It isn’t nearly as many as Surf Shark or NordVPN. This list does include a number of servers that are located in areas that allow full access to Binance’s offerings. It’s an excellent option for accessing the site.

IPVanish offers a robust suite of security features including a kill switch and DNS leak protection. You should also be aware that IPVanish’s headquarters are in the United States, which is not a country that is very privacy-friendly. If you are particularly concerned about privacy, this might not be the right choice.

IPVanish offers an average speed of 237.5mbps and a smooth, lag free experience. It can connect up to 10 concurrently, which allows you to seamlessly switch between devices while trading cryptocurrency.

IPVanish plans start at $3.33 per month and are competitively priced.

 It is possible to be tempted by the idea of giving it a shot. Check out our IPVanish review.


  • Can get around Binance’s geo-restrictions

  • A great selection of security features

  • Reliable and fast speeds

  • Ten simultaneous connections


  • Based in the USA, which isn’t privacy-friendly

  • No Linux app

  • After a year, prices rise

6. VyprVPN: Fast, safe trading

VyprVPN, a VPN that allows you to trade fast and securely, is an excellent choice. VyprVPN boasts just over 700 servers, which is similar to PrivateVPN. It’s important to remember that these servers are located in more than 64 countries around the world, so you will have many options when signing up for Binance.

VyprVPN offers strong security to protect your transactions from prying eyes. There are bulletproof encryption and strict zero logs policies. Also, Chameleon 2.0 tunnelling protocol disguises traffic from countries that ban VPNs like Russia, China, and Turkey.

It uses the WireGuard protocol, which delivers surprisingly fast speeds of an average of 224 Mbps. You won’t need to worry about buffering when you exchange cryptocurrency. It’s possible to switch between devices with up to five simultaneous connections.

VyprVPN’s prices start at $8.33 per month, which is a bargain considering the value.

For more information, please refer to our VyprVPN review.


  • Can Binance remove restrictions in its region

  • Chameleon 2.0 tunnelling protocol makes an excellent addition

  • Secured with the most stringent measures

  • Smooth, fast speeds


  • Server fleet very small

  • iOS app limited

  • Linux Support Limited

These VPNs: How we tested them

We considered the following criteria when compiling our list of top VPNs for Binance.

  1. Its ability to unlock Binance: This is no surprise. We tried a variety of VPNs and found that each one had enough servers to operate in Binance. Each provider also had security measures to conceal an IP address. Our list included all providers that were able bypass Binance’s restrictions.

  2. Security: Protecting your online identity and trading cryptocurrency is one of the most popular reasons to purchase a VPN. Each VPN we have included on our list offers strong security features that will keep your data private online.

  3. Speed is essential for online activities, especially if you have money at stake. To ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience, we tested each of the VPNs listed here.

  4. Price: Prices are important for any online purchase. We have a variety of solutions to fit every budget.

What is a VPN for Binance?

Binance is not available in the US due to US regulations. You won’t be allowed to use Binance if you attempt to access it from the US. The service offers only 50 options for cryptocurrency, compared to the 250+ available in the main site. It is not available in all US states and charges higher fees.

If you are in the US and want to enjoy Binance, you will need a VPN provider. VPNs work by hiding your real location using your IP address. This allows you to connect to a server located in a country with full access to Finance, so you can bypass its geo-restrictions.

Even if Binance is available in your country, it is still important to have a VPN. If you trade cryptocurrency online, a VPN encrypts all your data.

Apart from this, a VPN offers many other benefits. It will hide your activities from your internet service provider (ISP), and stop your speed from being throttled. It will not only unblock Binance but also allows you to bypass geo-restrictions for tons of other websites and services. Unblocking streaming services from other countries is one of the most common uses for a VPN. This includes HBO Max, BBC iPlayer and HBO Max.

Why is Binance prohibited in the USA?

Binance was prohibited from doing business in America in 2019 due to regulatory reasons. Because it uses securities that have not been approved by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Binance was banned from doing business in the USA.

Binance is also under investigation by the United States Department of Justice, Internal Revenue Service, and the United States Department of Justice for serious crimes like tax evasion, money laundering, and other related offenses. Binance is accused of allowing illegal trades by US citizens.

Finance US was created by the crypto exchange giants in response to these concerns. It is a separate entity registered with the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. Although it is compliant with US regulations and rules, it’s much more limited than the full version. Instead of the 250+ options available to US residents prior to the ban, it only allows you to access 50 cryptocurrency options.

Binance US is currently blocked in seven US states. This means that Binance can’t be accessed by a large number of Americans. Many people are able to bypass this ban by connecting to a VPN server in another country, which allows them to trade without restrictions.

Is it legal for Binance to use a VPN?

It is legal to use Binance as a VPN. Binance is not allowed in the United States. Binance’s Terms of Service prohibit you from using a VPN to access the site while you are in the US. Binance may ban you from the site if it finds that you are using a VPN.

Although using Binance’s VPN for login is legal, illegal activity while connected to it will be considered illegal. It is important that you do not engage in illegal activity while using Binance.

 To trade on Binance, do I need a VPN?

While you might be able use a free VPN for Binance, there is no guarantee that it will work. Because free VPNs are often limited in budgets, they don’t have the same quality and quantity of servers that paid-for services. It is more likely that traffic from Binance will be recognized as coming through a VPN, which could lead to your account being blocked.

Other than this, free VPNs are often slower and less user-friendly than more trusted alternatives. Worse, they are often less reliable and have fewer security options. Many free providers actually make their money by selling customer data. We recommend that anyone who wants to trade cryptocurrency should pay a monthly fee.

We recommend that you try a freemium VPN service if you are looking for a cheaper version of a premium VPN. Although they are usually more limited and have a higher data limit, they are generally more secure than free VPN providers. ProtonVPN and Atlas VPN offer decent freemium options.


A VPN is the best way to trade on Binance from the US. It will allow you to bypass Binance’s geo-restrictions and trade anywhere you like. VPNs may not be able to unblock Binance. If it recognizes VPN traffic, the platform might ban your account.  It is crucial to choose the right VPN. We tested a variety of VPNs, and found six that could consistently access Binance.

However, Binance access is not the only reason to use a VPN. A VPN is also an essential tool to improve your online security. This is especially true if you are trading cryptocurrency. VPNs encrypt your internet traffic to keep it safe from hackers, government agencies, and any other third party.

We hope you found this guide helpful in learning about the best VPNs available for Binance. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Post your question in the comments below and one of our experts can get back to it.


Which VPN is best for Binance?

We tried many VPNs and found NordVPN to be the best for Binance. It was able to quickly unblock the platform and provided great security to keep our trades private.

Can I use a VPN for Binance access?

A VPN can be used to access Binance from any country in the world. Binance can ban your account if you use a VPN. It’s therefore important to use a VPN such as NordVPN that is not detected by Binance.

What countries cannot use Binance?

Binance is currently prohibited in the USA, Canada, and the UK. It was also given three months to stop operating in Germany and Holland. Binance was also warned about its operations in Japan and Malaysia.


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