A Real-World Review of Lowepro Camera Bags

Chris Backe Cameras , Stay Secure and Safe October 25, 2019 4 Comments First published 2014

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When you fall from a scooter, your brain goes through a series of priority lists.

A series of expletives is usually followed by a quick review of you, your travel partner, and any other involved parties (is everyone OK?

The scooter is next. Is it starting? Are there any injuries? The camera bag/or backpack is second or third to far more important people, as they should.

Once the adrenaline and shock wear off, however you can gather your wits to figure out what’s missing or broken. )

I took it with me on the road and was expecting to find my Nikon DSLR broken down in many pieces…

Nope. The D700 is powered up and auto-focused. After that, a picture was taken that was saved to the memory card and played back.

The Bigger One: Lowepro Fastpack 35

This was the first, larger investment, a Lowepro Fastpack350. You can keep it simple with the blue or go all out with the black. Or you can blaze new trails using the red. It’s been reliable across much of South Korea and Thailand.

This has been my main backpack for around two years. It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, despite being on the floor of many bus stations and buses.

The main/bottom compartment zips up and closes from the side. This allows you to quickly access your camera without having to take the backpack off. )

You can arrange the four pockets on each side as you like. Or, use them to stuff your clothes inside.

The inside flap has a few pockets for memory cards (CF and SD), while the bottom compartment holds enough space for my phone charger, an assortment of charging cords and an external battery pack.

The top compartment has enough space to hold a week’s worth of clothes. The side compartment zips down to reveal an ample pocket for your 17-inch laptop.

I don’t usually take my Macbook along with me so this pocket holds my iPad, a notebook and any brochures or maps that I find while on the road.

The back is equipped with the standard straps, including a chest strap and belly strap. I keep my feet warm and dry by wrapping them up in rubber bands.

The flap is closed at the front. It’s nice to have these clips and it shows concern for what other photographers might carry.

The Smaller One. Lowepro Adventura 170

My standard daybag, my Lowepro Adventura170, has survived two scooter falls.

This bag can hold a DSLR, 28-70 lens, a towel, and a few other items. Be careful where your pole is placed to avoid accidentally poking someone!

There’s another pocket to hold a memory card. I have a few mints, tissues and bandaids.

Although I didn’t know this at the time I bought them, they are very compatible. You get double protection with

The Final Word

Are LowePro bags cheaper than street-side backpacks?

However, serious travellers with a lot of gear (or just a world to carry) shouldn’t rely on one bag.

After two years of travelling to different cities, countries, and provinces, not a single stitch, strap, or zipper has broken, the only thing that makes it different from a new bag is the netting inside the drink pocket.

The bag has suffered some damage from overstuffed and being rubbed against a Thai bus edge unknowingly.

d convenience.


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