9 of the Best Ridesharing Apps for Travellers

Let’s suppose you are in Spain and would like to travel from Valencia to Granada. Although they are only 450km (280 mi) apart, there are not many options to get between the two cities.

You can spend an entire day riding public transport, even though there are no direct buses or trains. You won’t get much faster if there aren’t any direct flights.

It would be so easy to hop on a ride. BlaBlaCar and Mortar make it easy to hitch a ride, even if you don’t want to be on the sidelines of the motorway. These apps connect you with drivers who have similar travel plans to yours and allow you to carpool with other travellers.

Lyft and Uber offer carpooling services for short distances. Travellers can hop on a ride in comfort from their hotel rooms, regardless of where they are going.


You can’t ensure safety in any situation that involves sharing a vehicle with strangers. However, there are steps you can take to ensure your safety.

First, only allow drivers to ride with you if they have a positive past on the app. You can check out their profiles, reviews, and verify that previous passengers have vouch for them.

Second, try to ride with others rather than the driver alone in a carpool. If you are a female traveller, you can choose a female driver through many apps.

Fourth, make contact with the driver before you leave. Communicating should be easy and pleasant. In case of an emergency, it is important to let at least one person know where you are and with whom you’re going.

Let’s now discuss some options.


Uber may not be the perfect company but it is still the global leader in ridesharing. Uber is the best service in terms of its coverage and transport options, no matter if you need a moto-taxi to Hanoi or a minivan to Los Angeles.

For those with limited budgets, there is also the option of a carpool. Uber is a great choice for travellers who need to travel a shorter distance, usually within a municipality or city.

Price transparency is a major advantage, as rates are standardised and automatically generated. Uber can be a great backup option if you are being charged exorbitant prices for a short trip.


BlaBlaCar, Europe’s leading carpooling platform, is ideal for long-distance travel. This service is available in 22 countries and is called “blabla” because it allows you to chat with strangers.

After creating an account, you will be able to input your departure point, destination and travel date. You can view the profiles of other drivers and passengers as well as those generated by this service.

You will also be provided with details such as the pickup and drop-off locations, vehicle type, and cost of your trip. To join the carpool you must first submit a request to the driver.

Female passengers can also be considered. Female passengers have the option to filter only for female drivers, while female drivers can make their trips visible only to female passengers.

BlaBlaCar is a free app that allows you to have conversations with others.


ZimRide is open to anyone who has a connection to a school, company or institution in the United States. You can create a profile that is specific to your network (e.g. “University of Central Florida”) and search for drivers in your network. Then, you can request to join their journey.

ZimRide’s cool feature is the ability to see if your driver has any Facebook friends. This can be a great feature that helps people feel safer.

ZimRide is now unavailable to the general public, which is disappointing. This has changed the policy of ZimRide to be only available to those who are members of specific networks. You will need to search elsewhere if you aren’t eligible for one of the permitted networks.

Web-only, Free


Lyft can be a great option for those who travel shorter distances. Uber allows you to either rent a car or join a carpool. However, the average cost of rides is lower than Uber.

The overall atmosphere is informal and more relaxed. Lyft does not require drivers to have “nice” cars.

Some carpool deals are available during peak travel times like weekends and nights in larger cities. For a small fee, you could carpool between Manhattan and Brooklyn in NYC.

There are many apps available for ride-sharing in America, including Lyft and Uber. Lyft is a reliable service that offers affordable carpool rates and can be trusted for short-distance travel.


Canada: Are you planning to travel? PopaRide is a great resource. This app allows you to find drivers with similar routes and invite them to join your ride. Although the service is primarily for those who travel within the country, there are also rides between Canada and the United States.

A second option, “Private Networks”, allows people to connect with other networks or employers for a specific group of drivers.

It is encouraging to see how many drivers are PopaRide veterans. Most drivers had at least five reviews, with many having more than ten. You can also view the profiles of passengers in the cars.

PopaRide in Canada is a reliable and simple tool for ride-sharing.


Motar, the central European carpooling app, is the most popular. It has been in existence since 2007, so it is a bit of an industry veteran. Although the app isn’t perfect, it’s still one of the most important apps to cover the area.

Motor allows you to ride along in another person’s car while they travel along a specific route. You can set up an alert to notify future drivers if you are unable to find a driver immediately.

You can also choose the maximum fare and number of seats that you are willing to pay.


sRide is a great option for travellers to India. While the ride options are less consistent than Ola and Uber India, sRide offers more social experiences.

The service’s purpose is to connect people driving in one direction with others going the opposite way. The experience is more like BlaBlaCar or Mortar, but it focuses on city travel.

Currently, sRide offers carpooling support in many Indian cities, such as Pune, Hyderabad and Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai or Bangalore/Bengaluru. You can also find other people to cycle with by using the bikepool feature.

Maps for Hitchhiking

The Hitchhiking maps are a great resource for anyone who plans to hitchhike. It is possible to view the points on a map that show where hitchhikers have reported their success or failure in that location.

Some spots might be given a 5-star rating by reviewers who claim they were able to find a ride within a matter of minutes. Some spots might be given one star, if no cars were present.

It’s very basic. The app is essentially a map with pin locations. Reviews tend to be short. There is no single “hitchhiker experience.” People may have different luck depending on their location, weather, day and other personal characteristics.

Hitchhiking maps have not been updated for a while. However, it pulls information directly from the HitchWiki database so you can still access the information even if the app stops working.


The RideGuru app acts as a global aggregator for carpooling and ridesharing services. It is ideal for comparing prices across platforms. Prices can vary depending upon location and time of the day.

It also helps you discover local or regional ridesharing services that you didn’t know about, such as Juno in Brooklyn, Grab Kuala Lumpur or Cabify Bogota.

RideGuru’s downside is that even if you have identified a price or service you are interested in, you will still need to complete the bulk of the work by yourself. You will need to call the company, download an app, and do whatever else is required.

It’s a good idea to look at all the options before you arrive in a new city. For example, checking out the prices to travel from your Airbnb or hotel to central areas. Once you have found the right service, you can grab the phone numbers and apps that you find most helpful and keep them handy throughout your stay.


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