22 Fun Things to Do in San Antonio for Couples

San Antonio, Texas is more than the home to the Alamo or the RiverWalk.

This lively city is waiting to be explored. It offers many opportunities for couples to bond and enjoy unique adventures.

This list contains the best things to do in San Antonio with your partner before you go.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Hop-on, Hop-off Tours

  • 2. Tower of the Americas

  • 3. SeaWorld San Antonio

  • 4. Indoor Skydiving Experience

  • 5. Buckhorn Saloon & Museum

  • 6. Morgan’s Wonderland

  • 7. San Antonio Aquarium

  • 8. San Antonio Zoo

  • 9. San Antonio River Walk & Cruise

  • 10. Visit Alamo City

  • 11. Wine Tasting

  • 12. Learn more about San Antonio Grand History

  • 13. Ghost Tours

  • 14. Segways for Romance

  • 15. Food Tasting

  • 16. Brewery Tours

  • 17. The Majestic Theatre presents a show

  • 18. Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

  • 19. San Antonio Market Square

  • 20. Japanese Tea Garden

  • 21. McNay Art Museum

1. Hop-on, Hop-off Tours

Take a double-decker hop on, hop off the bus to explore San Antonio’s beauty.

You will find a friendly and knowledgeable guide to help you learn about the history of the city.

Depending on which tour you choose, your package may include either a cruise or a walking tour along the San Antonio RiverWalk.

You can also stop at popular tourist attractions such as the Alamo and Tower of the Americas.

There will be many opportunities to have a romantic time or just for casual conversation.

2. Tower of the Americas

The best way to see San Antonio is from high up!

The spectacular views from the Flags Over Texas observation deck at the Tower of the Americas, 750 feet high, are breathtaking.

You can look at the landscape with a telescope, or use images on the deck floor to point out specific landmarks.

To truly experience the uniqueness of this city, you can also take an interactive Skies Over Texas 4D Theatre Ride.

3. SeaWorld San Antonio

SeaWorld San Antonio offers a unique opportunity to explore the amazing world of marine animals.

You can feed dolphins, or get up close and personal with penguins and sharks.

The Great White, the state’s first steel roller coaster that is upside down, will pump up your adrenaline.

You will need to do 5 loops head-over heels – this is not for the faint-hearted.

A portion of the ticket price goes towards animal rescue and conservation activities, giving your date more meaning.

4. Indoor Skydiving Experience


Enjoy a thrilling date at an indoor skydiving centre that is world-class. Learn and practice how to fly like birds.

An instructor will help you prepare for your actual skydiving session.

A revolutionary vertical wind tunnel will boost your flight preparations.

This is a job that does not require any prior experience.

You only need your loved one and your sense of adventure!

As proof of your indoor skydiving experience, you will receive a personalised flight certificate after the flight.

5. Buckhorn Saloon & Museum

For a unique date, visit the Buckhorn Saloon & Museum.

It houses an extraordinary taxidermy collection that includes more than 520 species.

There are many fascinating objects on the walls.

These include an 8-legged Lamb, a Texas Longhorn with more that 8-feet of horns, a 2-headed Calf and a Marlin from Peru that is more than 1,000lbs.

Enjoy a relaxing drink at the saloon. The former owners traded alcoholic beverages for antlers and rattlesnake rattles.

6. Morgan’s Wonderland


Visit the first-ever theme park for people with disabilities to relive your childhood.

Morgan’s Wonderland features over 25 wheelchair-accessible rides.

This is a park that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their ability.

This 25-acre oasis offers thrilling rides and an atmosphere of inclusion.

7. San Antonio Aquarium

You have the chance to see the amazing underwater world, while remaining dry.

Through a series of interactive exhibits, you can see hundreds of marine animals.

They include a touch tank for stingrays, and snorkelling with tropical fish.

You’ll also see reptiles in rainforests and a sloth called Kiwi.

Explore the interactive parakeet or lorikeet aviary.

8. San Antonio Zoo

Enjoy a memorable date at the San Antonio Zoo with your significant other.

Spend the day with some of the most amazing creatures on the planet.

The zoo has animal habitats that are both educational and entertaining.

It’s designed to provide information about the animals that is fun and interesting.

It was the first American zoo to abandon cages.

The emphasis was on animal and plant care, conservation, and sustainability.

After you’ve explored the animal exhibits make sure to visit the open rainforest, butterfly gardens, and carousel.

9. San Antonio River Walk & Cruise

Take a stroll along the San Antonio RiverWalk.

You can easily navigate the most famous spots of the city without needing to travel through traffic.

The riverwalk is located below ground level and features bars, restaurants, cafes, and shops as it winds its way through the city.

A romantic river cruise is the best way to experience the riverwalk from the water.

The San Antonio RiverWalk Cruise lasts approximately 40 minutes and offers a relaxing way to learn more about the city’s past.

It runs along a 1.5-mile stretch on the riverwalk.

10. Visit Alamo City

Step back in time and step into The Alamo, the oldest city of Texas and the location of the famous battle of 1836.

The city was founded in 17th-century Spain as a mission to Christianize Indians. It is today the most visited historical landmark in the state.

Listen to the history talks for more information about the Alamo’s history.

Take part in live history demonstrations, which will provide you with a unique insight into the lives of people hundreds of years ago.

The Long Barrack is San Antonio’s oldest and most historic building. It was originally built in 1724 as a convent.

It now houses a museum that focuses on The Alamo’s past.

11. Wine Tasting

Fredericksburg is home to over 42 wineries, with more added each year. This wine region is worth a visit for memorable wine tasting tours.

This tour will take you through beautiful hill country to reach the first winery. You’ll also visit 4 or more wineries.

Enjoy the wine and your partner, or take the time to enjoy the meal together.

You can enjoy a San Antonio Texas experience with cowboys while you tour the Texas Hill Country.

This tour takes you very close to Lyndon B. Johnson State Park & Historic Site. It also includes a visit to the LBJ Ranch.

Find out more about the cattle drives and the role played by Texas cowboys in these trips from South Texas to Midwest markets.

You can choose to have wine tasting, and visit Fredericksburg’s vineyards. Or you can enjoy a relaxing lunch at a German beer garden with a few drinks.

12. Learn more about San Antonio Grand History

Halb-Day – Morning

Take a half-day morning tour to discover more about San Antonio and its most famous tourist spots.

The tour starts downtown and includes Hemisfair Park and the theatre district, Buckhorn Saloon and Alamo Plaza as well as historic hotels such the Alamodome and Rivercenter Mall.

You can also follow the JFK parade route on the day prior to his assassination. The tour ends at either the El Mercado, or the Alamo.

Half-Day – Afternoon

This is the second section of the tour, which provides an overview of the city’s history as well as its most prominent landmarks.

The tour begins at the San Antonio RiverWalk locks bridge and continues to interesting spots such as the Pearl Brewery Redevelopment and San Antonio Botanical Museum. McNay Art Museum, San Antonio Zoo, Japanese Tea Garden, San Antonio Zoo and other major universities.

You can end the tour at either your hotel downtown or at Alamo.

13. Ghost Tours

San Antonio is considered one of the most haunted American cities. It offers spooky stories and haunting experiences.

You can take a ghost tour through the city at night on foot or in a luxury motor coach.

Tour guides will tell you the dark history and haunting places of the city.

To add excitement, you can include a pub crawl or hot cocoa to soothe your partner’s frantic nerves.

14. Segways for Romance

For a romantic, yet unconventional date, take a pair of Segways to explore the city.

This San Antonio tour includes stops at the Alamo and El Mercado towers of the Americas, San Antonio Convention Centre, Alamodome and other landmarks.

A ghost tour can also be done by segway.

You can visit the city’s most haunted places at night like the Alamo and Menger Hotel, La Villita and Emily Morgan Hotel.

15. Food Tasting

San Antonio is more than a historic city. It is also a place where foodies can enjoy multi-cultural culinary adventures.

You can find the best Tex-Mex restaurants and stalls.

One of the chefs who dream of making Creole cuisine more accessible to people in Louisiana will also be able to serve Creole food.

Find out where locals gather for great food and drink, and learn about the city’s history.

16. Brewery Tours

Take a tour of three local craft breweries and satisfy your thirst in San Antonio.

This 6-hour adventure will allow you to get a closer look into the art of beer-making.

You will also have the opportunity to taste some San Antonio craft beer products.

Safe transportation from and to the breweries is included, along with a local guide to provide information about each place.

17. The Majestic Theatre presents a show


Enjoy a romantic date at the Majestic Theatre, San Antonio’s oldest and largest atmospheric theatre.

In 1993, the Majestic Theatre was declared a National Historic Landmark and in 1975 it was added to the National Register of Historical Places.

They present a range of performances including plays, orchestra performances, concerts, and other performances.

18. Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Visit the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch to experience an African safari in Texas style.

You will have the opportunity to interact with exotic animals from the safety of your car.

More than 500 animals from 40 endangered, indigenous, and exotic species are on display.

The Wildlife Ranch is home to over 450 acres of beautiful natural scenery.

19. San Antonio Market Square

Enjoy the joyous atmosphere at this outdoor plaza.

The San Antonio Market Square is located in downtown San Antonio and has a variety of shops and restaurants.

It was once the largest Mexican market outside Mexico.

Browse the selection of specialties available at more than 100 restaurants and shops.

All shops are local.

Enjoy the sights and sounds that are typical of Mexico’s past.

20. Japanese Tea Garden

If you are looking for a romantic spot to stroll, the Japanese Garden is your best choice.

The gardens are surrounded with lush greenery, and stunning floral displays.

Shaded walkways make for quiet walks and peaceful conversations.

Spend this time with your loved one by spending time in the koi ponds or 60-foot waterfall.

21. McNay Art Museum


Take a McNay Art appreciation date – this museum is the first modern art museum of the state and houses American and European art dating back to the 19th century.

As a bequest to Marion Koogler McNay, the collections are housed in a Spanish Colonial-style 24-room mansion on 23 acres.

Continue your exploration of the grounds after admiring the art in the museum.

San Antonio is the ideal place for couples to have fun together and try new things.

No matter what activity you choose, San Antonio offers unique adventures that encourage couples and strengthen their bond.


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