19 Best Natural Hot Springs in Montana

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to relax in a hot spa?

The greatest geothermal wonders in the world are natural hot springs.

People around the world want to experience their incredible healing and relaxation powers.

Few people are aware that Montana has its own hot springs.

We searched the entire state for hot springs and even hot spring hotels.

Continue reading to see a list of the 19 most popular natural hot springs in Montana.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Norris Hot Springs

  • 2. Gardiner, Yellowstone Hot Springs

  • 3. Hot Springs Retreat in Alameda, Hot Springs

  • 4. Spa Hot Springs Motel & Clinic. White Sulphur Springs

  • 5. Boiling River in Yellowstone National Park

  • 6.Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa. Pray

  • 7. Bozeman Hot Springs, Bozeman

  • 8. Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort in Paradise

  • 9. Lolo Hot Springs, Lolo

  • 10. Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs, Saco

  • 11. Broadwater Hot Springs, Helena

  • 12. Boulder Hot Springs Inn & Spa

  • 13. Potosi Hot Springs, Pony

  • 14. Elkhorn Hot Springs in Polaris

  • 15. Jackson Hot Springs, Jackson

  • 16. Lost Trail Hot Springs in Sula

  • 17. Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Anaconda

  • 18. K Bar L Ranch, Augusta and Medicine Springs

  • 19. Nimrod Warm Springs, Missoula

1. Norris Hot Springs

You can find Norris Hot Springs in Montana’s Madison River Valley.

This is a large communal hot spring pool, measuring 30 feet in width and 40 feet long.

In winter, the water temperature is around 106°F and in summer it is just below 100°F.

You can park your RV or tent at the campground near Norris Hot Springs.

Norris also has a restaurant that is open all year.

The tented stage hosts live music throughout the year.

  • Facilities: Hot spring pool, WiFi, campsites, RV hookups and live music. On-site restaurant is open all year.

  • Address: 52 MT-84, Norris, MT.

2. Gardiner, Yellowstone Hot Springs


Yellowstone Hot Springs, Montana is located in Gardiner. It offers 4,000 square feet worth of hot springs.

This natural wonder can be found just 10 minutes away from Yellowstone National Park.

This is the latest natural hot spring location that was opened to the public in 2018, and it’s the only one.

Enjoy panoramic views of Paradise Valley while you unwind in multiple pools

Yellowstone Hot Springs is open all year, from Friday through Sunday.

Reservations are not required and admission is all-inclusive.

  • Facilities: Hot and cold hot spring pools, towels for rent, landscaped grounds.

  • Address: 24 E Gate Rd Gardiner (MT).

3. Hot Springs Retreat in Alameda, Hot Springs

Alameda’s Hot Spring Retreat is the perfect place to find a unique hot spring experience.

This historic spa-motel is located in Hot Springs Montana. It dates back to the 1930s.

When you walk into Alameda’s, you will feel like you have been transported back in history.

This will allow for you to relax and unwind throughout your stay.

Suites offer private hot spring baths, living areas, bedrooms, sun terraces, and kitchens.

Alameda’s only hot spring pool is the private baths. This makes it a great spot to take a couple or solo traveller.

  • Facilities: Full-size suites with sun terraces and private hot spring baths.

  • Hot Springs, MT, 308 N Spring St

4. Spa Hot Springs Motel & Clinic. White Sulphur Springs


Spa Hot Springs Motel & Clinic offers tranquillity and relaxation.

This hot spring lodge, which is family-friendly, can be found in White Sulphur Springs Montana.

Two outdoor and one indoor hot spring pools are available at the motel.

The temperature of the pool is drained every night and can range from 98 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hot springs are available all year and guests are welcome to use them.

You have the option of a poolside motel room and all rooms come with televisions and microwaves.

  • Facilities: Three hot springs pools (indoor or outdoor), motel rooms equipped with TVs and kitchenettes; murals by Mike Mahoney; on-site clinic.

  • Address: 202 W Main St. White Sulphur Springs (MT).

5. Boiling River in Yellowstone National Park


Boiling River is where the thermal waters of Gardiner River & Mammoth Hot Springs meet.

One of the most popular spots in Montana is Gardiner’s natural hot springs.

This is because the water is at an ideal temperature for soaking.

Boiling River is a unique experience that allows you to unwind and relax.

It’s located in Yellowstone National Park. This means that you will be surrounded by natural beauty.

The Boiling River is a main attraction stop on private tours to Yellowstone.

  • Included in the tour: Lunch, binoculars and soda/pop.

  • Address: N Entrance Rd Gardiner, MT.

6. Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa, Pray


Chicago Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa offers a tranquil escape to the natural world.

This resort in Montana, Pray is located in the heart of Paradise Valley.

This resort is more than 100 years old and is very popular with tourists from all over the United States.

Two mineral hot springs are available on site in open air.

This allows guests to soak and swim all day if they so desire.

There are multiple restaurants and a full-service spa.

  • Facilities: Two hot spring pools, luxury day spa, multiple restaurants, luxury cottages for rent, beautiful gardens, disc golf course.

  • Address: 163 Chico Rd, Pray, MT.

7. Bozeman Hot Springs, Bozeman


Bozeman Hot Springs is an institution in Montana.

Both indoor and outdoor hot spring pools can be found on-site.

You can also find swimming lessons and childcare in the pools.

A full-service spa is available with a sauna, and a fitness room.

A campground is located nearby, where you can pitch your tent, hook up your RV, or even rent a cabin.

Bozeman Hot Springs hosts events throughout the year.

  • Facilities: Swimming lessons, daycare, sauna, indoor and outdoor hot springs pools, camp with RV hookups, and events.

  • Address: 81123 Gallatin Rd., Bozeman (MT).

8. Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort in Paradise


Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort offers hot springs, fine dining and many accommodation options.

The Paradise Montana resort features 100% geothermal hot springs that can reach temperatures between 89 and 106 degrees.

You can also use the ice plunge pool to increase circulation.

The resort offers accommodation in two lodges and cabins.

Some cabins have river or canyon views.

Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort also houses Harwood House Restaurant, which was recognized by Wine Spectator Magazine.

  •  Hot spring pools, Ice-plume pool, Cabins overlooking Canyon and River, Gourmet Restaurant, Casual Bar/Restaurant
  • Address: 195 Quinn’s Canyon Rd Route 13, Plains, MT.

Official Site

9. Lolo Hot Springs, Lolo


Lolo Hot Springs, Montana is your destination of choice in Lolo.

The resort offers a mix of indoor and outdoor hot springs pools to guests who want to relax.

Lolo offers plenty of entertainment on-site to keep guests entertained, beyond the hot spring pools.

A bar and restaurant are available on site, as is a casino, gaming machines, free WiFi and free parking.

Accommodation options include full-size cabins for rent as well as RV and tent campsites.

There are many activities that you can engage in such as cross-country skiing, horseback riding and golf.

  • Hot spring pools, game machines, golf courses and horseback riding, and cabin rentals. RV hookups. Free WiFi, free parking. Bar, restaurant, casino.

  • Address: Montana 59847.

10. Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs, Saco


Stay at the Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs, Montana.

The original opening of this resort was in 1920 as a health resort.

It is today one of the most visited hot spring resorts in the State.

Multiple indoor pools are available on site that are filled with natural mineral waters on a daily basis.

A sauna is also available.

A nearby park has cabins for rent and is easily accessible.

  • Facilities: Hot spring pools indoors, RV hookups and cabins for rent. Private rooms available for birthday parties/events.

  • Address: 669 Buffalo Terrace, Saco, MT.

11. Broadwater Hot Springs, Helena


Broadwater Hot Springs, Helena, Montana is the only natural hot spring.

It is located just 10 minutes away from downtown Helena.

There are four pools to choose from, including a hot-springs pool and hot springs tub.

A cold soaker pool is also available at a temperature as low as 58.7 degrees.

The hot springs are tempting, but you will also love The Springs Taproom & Grill, the on-site restaurant.

The restaurant serves tasty meals with local ingredients and craft beers on a daily basis.

  • Hot springs and tub, on-site restaurant, live music throughout the year, and group fitness classes.

  • Address: 4920 W, US-12, Helena, MT.

12. Boulder Hot Springs Inn & Spa


National treasure, the Boulder Hot Springs Hotel

 It is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The historic inn is situated on more than 300 acres of beautiful nature.

Rent luxury suites and rooms in B&B style are available.

The main attraction is the resort’s geothermal water.

On-site, there are indoor and outdoor communal pools as well as natural mineral steam rooms.

  • Facilities: Hot springs plunge, communal pools, mineral steam room, full service spa, dining room with international cuisine, workshops, classes in art and meditation, yoga and more

  • Address: 31 Hot Springs Rd. Boulder, MT.

13. Potosi Hot Springs, Pony


Potosi Hot Springs is the best hot spring experience you can find in nature.

This hot spring pool is located less than 7 miles from Pony Montana.

There are many other amazing spots in the area for fishing and hiking, beyond the hot spring pool.

After a hard day’s hike, what could be more relaxing than a soak in a hot mineral spring?

You can also rent rustic log cabins through Airbnb.

Potosi hot springs offer beautiful scenery.

  • Four log cabins are available for rent, including a hot spring pool and nearby hiking and fishing.

  • Address: Montana 59721.

14. Elkhorn Hot Springs in Polaris


Elkhorn Hot Springs, Polaris is one the most popular hot spring resorts in southwest Montana.

Elkhorn Hot Springs, located in Grasshopper Valley are very close to the Idaho border.

They have been in business in the area since 1918, and have established themselves as one of the top hot springs resorts in the region.

Elkhorn’s natural hot spring pools have different temperatures depending on the season. They can reach temperatures of 92 to 106 degrees.

A restaurant is available on site that serves home-style dishes.

There are many options for accommodation, from traditional lodge rooms to modern cabins.

  • Facilities: Hot spring pools and restaurants serving home-style cuisine, as well as cabins and standard rooms.

  • Address: Polaris, MT 59746.

15. Jackson Hot Springs, Jackson


Jackson Hot Springs is the place to experience western living.

Natural hot spring pools are open every day and offer the perfect place to relax or refresh.

After you’re done with the pool, go to Hot Springs Grill.

You can enjoy a delicious local meal or drink.

You’ll find your own fireplace, microwave and refrigerator in your bedroom.

Some rooms can even be pet-friendly.

  • Facilities: Hot springs pool with a bar and grill on site, pool and shuffleboard, pet-friendly rooms, and kitchenettes.

  • Address: 108 Jardine Avenue, Jackson, MT.

16. Lost Trail Hot Springs in Sula


Since 1941, Lost Trail Hot Springs has been in operation.

An outdoor hot springs pool is available year-round (in winter, it is covered).

The campground has both RV hookups as well as tent sites that are open all year.

There are also cabins that offer lodging in varying sizes.

The restaurant serves wood-fired pizzas throughout the ski season.

This hot springs resort is also located at the base Bitterroot Valley so there are many options for bird watching and hiking, fishing, biking, and other activities nearby.

  • Facilities: Hot spring pool, restaurant, and private bathroom.

  • Address: 283 Lost Trail Hot Springs Rd, Sula, MT.

17. Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Anaconda

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is Montana’s most luxurious hot springs resort.

Two mineral water soaking pools are available at the resort, along with an Olympic-sized swimming pool with an enclosed water slide.

Hot springs water is used to power the water slide.

The Fairmont Hot Springs Resort rooms are elegant and modern.

These units come with TVs, mini fridges, mini refrigerators, and private bathrooms.

A select few larger suites are available.

The property also boasts a full-service spa and a golf course. There are also three restaurants.

  • Facilities: Natural hot springs, water slide, suites, golf course, luxury Spa, three restaurants.

  • Address: Anaconda (MT), 1500 Fairmont Rd #9409.

18. K Bar L Ranch, Augusta and Medicine Springs


Experience Montana ranch life at K Bar L Ranch or Medicine Springs.

This property is situated along the Sun River near the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex.

The K Bar L Ranch lies 7 miles away from the nearest road.

This allows guests the opportunity to escape from the daily hustle and bustle.

Medicine Springs is the property’s private hot springs pool that can be reached at a temperature between 86 and 88 degrees.

You can rent cabins and take part in activities like fishing, hiking, and horseback riding.

  • Hot spring pool, private cabins with outdoor toilets and showers, on site restaurant, gift shop.

  • Address: 108C, Sun Canyon Rd, Augusta, MT.

19. Nimrod Warm Springs, Missoula

Nimrod Warm Springs, Missoula Montana, is a little-known gem.

This hot spring is definitely not on the beaten track.

It’s as natural as it can get with no facilities.

It’s still a beautiful place to visit with its massive hot spring pool located at the base of a steeply sloping rock formation.

It is still undeveloped so travellers must swim at their own risk.

It is only a short distance from the nearest parking area to the springs. But it is worth it!

  • Address: Montana 59825.

Montana offers many options for those who want to relax in a hot spring or take a dip in the plunge pool.

We hope that this list will convince you to visit a hot spring if you are planning to travel to this natural playground.


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