10 Simple Ways to Get Faster Internet While Travelling


Multiple Networks can be used at onceAre you fed up with slow and unreliable internet while on the road? You are not the only one.

It can feel like an endless struggle, waiting for pages or apps to load, and spending precious vacation time staring at a blank screen instead of a beautiful beach.

We’ve compiled a bunch of tips to make the most of that little bit of data flowing into your smartphone or computer. Some will speed up your poor connection while others will help you make the most of the little bandwidth you have.

They’re useful in any case. It’s obvious that the quicker you get things done online the more you can travel and enjoy the true reason why you are travelling.


Make use of an External Wireless Card

You’re likely to be familiar with slow connections and weak speeds if you use Wi-Fi while on the move (and most people do). You’ll be staring at blank pages as the wireless access point moves away from your home.

An external wireless card is a great investment for laptop owners. They have stronger antennas and transmitters than your laptop’s, so they provide better, more reliable connections. These devices can allow you to connect to networks that you might not be able to otherwise.

All three work in the same way. They plug into your computer via USB and give you another, usually larger, set of wireless networks to select from in your settings.

Our current choice in this category is the Netgear AC1900. The AC1900 is lightweight and slim, but it provides significant Wi-Fi range enhancement. It supports both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz networks. This is a great way to speed up Wi-Fi when you’re on the move.

Travel routers also work well

A travel router provides strong Wi-Fi connectivity to smartphones, tablets, and other devices for those who don’t have a laptop. Some routers have more advanced features such as boosting signal strength from existing Wi-Fi networks to provide faster speeds for any device.

It is usually set up via your web browser. Once it is installed, you place it where the Wi-Fi signal is strongest and it will do its job.

The RavPower is a multi-purpose device that’s very good. It is lightweight and compact and can provide stronger Wi-Fi. Additionally, it can be used as a portable battery to charge USB-powered devices, as well as a reader for SD cards and other useful features.

The Netgear EX6120 is the best choice if you are only interested in improving your Wi-Fi. This plugs directly into a power outlet and offers a greater range than either the FileHub- or USB-powered versions.

You can move around the room

It may sound absurd, but even a little movement can make a huge difference. Your wireless signal can be hampered by interference from cordless phones, microwave ovens and other electronic devices. Concrete blocks radio waves extremely well, however.

Just a few steps to the other side of a room can make the difference between a good connection and frustration.  This takes just a few seconds..

To get technical, you can download Netspot (Mac), or Heatmapper(Windows). These programs will help you map the best spot to place your laptop. Both are free and will give you an indication of the best places in your home to stream your favourite show.

Change from Wireless to Wired

In ideal conditions, wireless networks can be much faster than the internet connection they are connected to. Unfortunately, such conditions are rare, especially in urban areas.

Each wireless network is competing for radio spectrum space. The more interference you see, the worse your connection will be. It’s not good to see more than one wireless network, even if you don’t want to use it.

This problem can be solved by switching to a wired network. You can borrow a cable to connect your laptop to a wired network if it has an Ethernet port. These cables look like phone sockets but are a bit larger.  This could be a habit you find yourself doing a lot. If so, you can borrow a short Ethernet Cable and put it in your bag.

You can make your laptop more network-friendly by adding a USB accessory to it. The RavPower FileHub, which is also a travel router, can convert a wired connection to a private wireless one.  This works great with phones and tablets..

Plug your laptop in

The simplest tip is to plug your laptop into an electrical outlet. When running on a battery, most computers will decrease the strength of their wireless cards slightly. This is great for allowing you to spend more time in front of your screen but it can also cause weak Wi-Fi networks down the hall.

You might be able to connect to the Internet by connecting your power cable.


Speedify allows you to connect multiple internet connections at once. You can combine Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi or Cellular connections and make use of all of their bandwidth. The best part is that you can use multiple Wi-Fi networks simultaneously with the external wireless card that you will be purchasing.

This can significantly increase your Internet speed if you have a 3G/LTE connection that has a lot of data or are located where you can connect to multiple Wi-Fi networks. It has proven to be very effective in my experience.

The other networks automatically take over if one network goes down.  It works with Android, Windows, and Mac..  Even better, you can get a trial for free.

It can be combined with the Hotspot product to transform your Windows laptop into an Internet hotspot that you can share with all of your devices.

Turn Off Background Apps

When you have a slow internet connection, many of the apps that you’ve installed can be your biggest enemy. You will have to limit your bandwidth and apps updaters, backup software and Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Photos will all jump over it, especially if there has been no connection for a while.

This leaves little for your browser, email or other applications you are currently using. You’ll be able load the map or send an important status update if you shut down or suspend any background programs.

The Mobile Version of Websites

Do you just want the information and not all the extras that can make websites slow to load? You can access the mobile version of this site from any device, even your laptop. It’ll have less information and may not look particularly great (https://m.facebook.com, for instance), but on a slow connection it will often be the difference between a page that displays and one that doesn’t.

You can trick the site into giving you the desktop version if it insists. This is done using a browser plugin such as User agent Switcher.

Allow Browser Data Compression

Your choice of web browser can make a big difference. Opera (all versions) as well as Chrome (only for Android) both have a built-in system that compresses text and images before being sent to your device. What is the end result? The end result? Web pages load much faster because less data is required to traverse the slow internet connection.

Chrome for Android has “Lite Mode”, but it must be enabled. It’s also available in Opera desktop and mobile under the names of “data savings” or “turbo mode.”

Online Work

Are you tired of waiting for your favourite news site to load or email to refresh every time you click reply? You can switch to an offline version and eliminate the slow connection.

Gmail offers an offline mode to allow you to use your email with other webmail providers. Programs like Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail also make it possible to access your email offline. In the worst case scenario, you can just write your emails using a text editor, word processor, or a combination thereof, and then paste them in once your connection improves.

Google Maps allows you to download maps for cities and regions in advance. The Translate app, however, does the same with language packs. The app will download less data (or none) when you use it.

Apps like Pocket allow me to save web pages for offline reading and RSS readers such as Flym New Reader let me sync my favourite websites so that I don’t have to be online while I read them. You can find many other awesome offline apps in this.


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