The Xbox 720 Price; Rumored to Cost Approx. $300-$500

Microsoft will unveil the Xbox 720, the successor to the Xbox 360, to gamers, developers, and fans. The Xbox720 price is expected to be revealed at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo. The Xbox 720 codenamed “Durango” will be released right before the holiday season. This is in direct competition to the PS4 which is also slated to release during this time.

In his blog, Larry Hyrb Microsoft’s Director for programming for Xbox Live (the console’s internet service), mentions the countdown to this year’s E3 and adds “And it’s on ….”

Rumors suggest that the Xbox 720 will cost between $300 and $500. Rumors suggest that the next-gen console will include an AMD system on a chip codenamed “Jaguar”, which is a similar user interface to Windows 8.

Sony’s PS4 is expected to retail for around $400, or more, and will be cheaper than its predecessor, the PS3. Some casual gamers bought the Wii and Xbox because of their high prices and limited game selections.

Gamers will likely enjoy the holiday pricing war between the PS4 Xbox 720 price, and the console war.

The new Xbox 720 has received high expectations. It is expected that the hardware and software giant will design it six times stronger than its predecessor. This will make the Xbox 720 approximately 20 percent more powerful than the Wii U. It is possible that the future console will have more motion controls. The current Kinect peripheral can be upgraded to detect body movements with greater accuracy.

The Xbox720 may be a disappointment to gamers. It involves a code activation process that locks each disc to one console. The other changes include the switch to Blu Ray, and a greater focus on Cloud gaming.

The strongest hint points towards Bungie’s new series, which is based on choices made in games. Bungie was the creator of the Halo trilogy.

According to some reports, the next-generation Xbox 720 could feature 1.6GHz dual core AMD processors, 800MHz graphics processor and 8GB of DDR RAM. Another feature that could be included in the next generation Xbox 720 is the ability to play Xbox 360 discs with an x86 chip inside the console.

We will soon have all the rumors and speculations about the Xbox 720’s price as we watch for the E3 2013 event, which is slated to take place on June 11, 2013.

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