The Best Phone Tripods of 2022

Unless you’re a professional photographer and YouTube star, your smartphone may be the only still or digital camera you own. It is also a wonderful camera. Each year we see improved picture quality, more editing options, and more lenses.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to impress your friends with your TikTok dancing skills, but a selfie is a great idea. Similar to the above, zoom your phone in on something and then hold it steady.

The still- and video capabilities of smartphones have increased unsurprisingly so has their usage. This has meant that there is a wider selection of tripods, which are compatible with almost all smartphone models.

A phone tripod is a useful piece of equipment that many people find quite boring. The tripod is worth buying, regardless of whether you’re a photographer, a blogger, or just taking photos.

This is why we’ve created our list of recommendations for smartphone tripods that can address almost any need (and many that you may not have considered). This tree stump will love the extra time.

SALE Todi 12-Inch Lightring Holder is the best Phone Tripod Kit

  • Height 22.5-60 inches
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Bluetooth Remote
  • Other features: 12-inch light ring

$59.99 $33.99 Amazon Last Updated: 07:01 2022-06-23 SALE Best Full Size Phone Tripod Budget: Alptoy Tripod

  • Height 18.7-60 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Bluetooth Remote
  • Other features: Doubles to be a selfie stick

$34.99 $25.99 Amazon: Last Updated: 07:01 2022-06-23 Ubeesize Mobile Tripod: The Best Small Phone Tripod

  • Height 0 inches
  • Mass: 6.8 ounces
  • Bluetooth Remote
  • Other features: Flexible Legs

$17.99 Amazon Prime: Last Updated: 07:01 2022-06-23 SALE Bluehorn Selfie Stick, the Best Phone-Selfie Stick with Tripod

  • Height 8.1-40 inches
  • Mass: 8.3 Oz
  • Bluetooth Controller: No (on the handle).
  • Other features: Selfie stick

$35.99 $28.99 Amazon: Last Updated: 07:01 2022-06-23. SALE Best Phone Tripod Gimbal: DJI OM 5.

  • Height 11.4 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Bluetooth No
  • Additional Features Full-range of controls for handle

$159.00 $129.00 Amazon: Last updated: 2022-06-23 – 08:12 Best Beginner Vlogger/Video Kit: Movo Smartphone Video Rig Kit v7+

  • Height up to 16 in
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds (total)
  • Bluetooth Remote
  • Other features: Light Stereo Mic

$149.95 Amazon: Last updated at 07.01:2022-06-23.

How they were picked

Each tripod we chose is the best for a particular use. We looked at more traditional phone tripods as well as options where the tripod is part of a larger solution.


Portability is key. Even though they all had to fit in your backpack, we wanted tripods that could be moved around easily and used outside as well as inside. It was important to consider the size and weight of the tripods.


If you want to keep your expensive phone safe and sound, then it must be strong and reliable. Low-quality junk is often a waste of money. We prefer durable gear, even if it’s more expensive upfront.


Every solution listed here is compatible with any phone (as it should), but you can also use standard camera lenses with some tripods. The necessary cable will have to be purchased separately.


Shutter remotes, which are commonplace nowadays, come in almost every recommendation. Each product has different requirements, and each one addresses them. We evaluated the features of each product and compared them to other products in the same class.


Why overpay? We are happy to pay a lower price for solutions that do a superior job than the others. It’s not about cost but value.

Best Phone Tripod Kit: Todi 12” Ring Light Stand and Phone Holder

The Todi 12-inch Ringlight Stand and Phone holder is both functional and affordable. Even though not everyone wants a complete solution, the ringlight is a great option if there are plans to record yourself.


The holder has a width of 4.3 inches. This means that large phones, such as the iPhone 13 Pro Max/Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, can easily fit in.


The tripod stand has a length of 22.5 inches and a width of 63 inches. It can be used anywhere you want. Once the included flexible gooseneck holder is attached, it can extend to as high as 73 inches, which is about six feet.

Todi comes with a light ring and weighs 2.3lbs.


The stand and flexible gooseneck holder are light, but well-built. They have a tripod base with more reach than most on the market. Because the tripod has non-slip rubber feet, it is less likely that it will slip or fall than others in the same price range.

The LED light is the most fragile. This is why it should be protected whenever you’re moving.

Shutter Remote

Many tripods include Bluetooth remote shutter switch technology, and the Todi does not disappoint. The Todi is one of many tripods that have Bluetooth remote shutter switches. This allows you to snap a picture or begin filming whenever you are ready.


It’s mostly because of its ring light that this kit is our favorite solution for those who need more than a simple tripod. The various lighting modes are flexible, fun, and aimed at people who make videos for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, or other platforms.

There are three traditional white lighting modes (warm and natural), as well as six RGB color modes. These include two colors in different segments of light and one at a time. You can change between ten levels depending on the surrounding light and your specific needs.

The ring light’s power comes via a cable with many buttons. It is USB-powered, but will only work at maximum brightness if it draws more than 10 watts (5v/2amps). However, not all USB ports can achieve this. Get a USB outlet adapter instead.

You can take out the light stand as needed, for transport purposes or to conserve space if not being used for long.


You get a lot for your buck here. The kit is very affordable for what it holds and the flexibility that comes along with it.


  • Good value
  • Adjustable height
  • Versatile light-ring


  • A reasonable, but certainly not exceptional, level of durability


Best Full-Size Tripod on a Budget: Laptop Tripod

Sometimes all you need to take pictures is a tripod. There is no need for lights or gimbals. Your phone will be propped up by a tripod, whatever you choose.

This is where this Laptop model excels. This full-size tripod is affordable and simple, but has some extra features that make it stand apart.


The Alloy will fit phones between two to four inches in diameter. This makes it compatible with almost every phone on the market, as well as larger phones like the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The phone holder attaches via a traditional 1/4-inch screws, which allows for small cameras to be used with the tripod.


The Alps, a full-sized tripod, has a high height range. The tripod sits 17 inches off of the ground at the lower end, and can be extended to reach 60 inches at full extension. The legs can be folded in to make the tripod a good selfie stick, though it may be a little heavy.


The stand is lightweight at just 1.5 pounds. The base opens wide enough to support the pole even when extended. The tripod height can easily be adjusted using the four quick-flip locking mechanisms.

Its light weight makes it easy to transport, but you must be careful not to tip the tripod in windy conditions or crowded areas.

Shutter Remote

Even the basic tripod has a Bluetooth remote that can be used to control the shutter. It speaks volumes of their popularity. It is normal to expect that you will find a remote compatible with most tripods or selfie sticks. While it works, we’d like it to have a greater range.

Selfie Stick Option

The Alps also doubles as a selfie stand. The phone holder rotates 180 degrees to allow you to quickly flip between portrait and normal mode.

The tripod is easy to hold in one hand due to its lightweight. However it does get heavier as you increase the height. Also, wrapping your hand around folded legs isn’t as comfortable than the padded grip on dedicated selfie sticks.

We’d consider this a bonus feature, not something that you’d use daily, but it is still very useful.


This tripod is an affordable option for anyone looking for a lightweight, versatile tripod that can be used across a range of situations.


  • Lightweight
  • Great price
  • Extensions are available in good quality
  • Doubles well as a self-portrait stick


  • This selfie stick is not suitable for regular use.
  • Can’t rotate your phone left/right or up/down


Ubeesize Mobile Tripod is the Best Small Phone Tripod

It sounds great for family photos and selfies when you go on camping and hiking adventures. It is.

The UBeesize backpack can be used to carry the UBeesize in a bag or other small container. This tiny tripod is great for use in situations where regular tripods just aren’t feasible.

Its flexibility is due to its ability to be, well, flexible. The octopus-style legs allow for stability on uneven surfaces and can wrap around everything from a branch or a handle on a bicycle.


Ubeesize phones mounts are able to accommodate devices from 2 to 3.9 inches in width. If you remove the holder, you can also attach small sport cameras to your phone using the 1/4-inch screws. The mount pivots 180 degrees for horizontal or vertical shots.


The Ubeesize has been designed to be used on-the-go. It measures ten by seven inches when the mount is attached. It’s lightweight at just a little more than six ounces.

The legs’ shorter length can limit what kind of shots are possible, depending upon what you have nearby to set the tripod on or wrap around it. It is perfect for low angle shots and unusual perspectives but it isn’t as strong as a full-size tripod.


The Ubee Size is small and economical, but it is very durable, as long as you are using it properly. It is lightweight and made of plastic. This tripod isn’t suitable for large cameras, but it can hold your GoPro or smartphone. It comes with a lifetime guarantee in event of any problems.

Shutter Remote

Shutter remotes, as we’ve already said, have become an expectation. They’re a necessity to attach to a pine branch or other nearby object, and the Ubeesize version works well with most phones.


You don’t have to pay a lot to get small mobile phone tripods such as these. The Ubeesize costs about the same price as other models with similar quality, but not quite as much.

This is the reason it’s so popular on Amazon. It’s lightweight and portable, and can be used as a phone tripod while on the move.


  • Well-constructed
  • Inexpensive
  • You can use the flexibility of octopus legs to make your shots more fluid
  • Extremely lightweight


  • The selfie stick can be doubled in no time
  • Larger phones or cameras cannot be held.


Bluehorn Selfie Stick, the Best Phone-Selfie Stick With Tripod

Face-to-face selfies are here and will not go away, let’s face. Some people are embarrassed by the pictures they take of themselves. But others find their entire life documented. We have made a great leap from the photo taken in the mirror in the bathroom, which is actually not a bad thing.

For a perfect self-portrait, a selfie stick is necessary. The goal is to have the right balance of background and face. Most of us have shorter arms than 7-foot high basketball players.

There are almost as many selfie stick brands in the galaxy than stars. However, if your goal is to have a double-purpose tripod, then this BZE model might be the right one.


The stick will hold all kinds of smartphones, from smartphones between 2 and 4 inches wide. By simply removing your phone holder, you can attach a small camera such as GoPro or similar.

We wouldn’t recommend larger cameras especially at full extension. It will cause the tripod/selfie stick to become quite unbalanced.


A heavy selfie stick is not what anyone needs. It weighs 8.3oz and is light enough that you can hold it in your hands while also being easy to transport.

You can store the stick in a small backpack or bag. It extends from 8 to 39 inches, which gives you plenty of range and shooting flexibility.


A well-made aluminum alloy makes the pole very sturdy and flexible even when it’s fully extended. It is designed as a selfie stick and a tripod at the same time, so it is easier to hold than the Alps Toy model.

The downside to this design is that it may not be the best tripod choice for certain situations. The legs are shorter and do not extend as far as other tripods. This results in instability at its maximum height. It works well at shorter lengths (e.g., if it’s placed on a desk for Zoom phone calls),

Shutter Remote

Yes, there is even a remote for your selfie stick. It’s not possible to reach 40″ in order for the phone to click the shutter button. It can be attached to your handle for selfies or used as a tripod.


The price for this selfie stick is higher than those of lower-end models. However, it offers quality and flexibility.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Good value
  • It has a Bluetooth remote control that you can use to take selfies
  • It’s easy to transport
  • Does double duty as a desk tripod


  • Stable at maximum extension but not as stable as a tripod
  • The handle’s shutter remote doesn’t work well for tripod use.


Best Phone Tripod Gimbal: DHOOM 5

DJI has always been synonymous with quality products for those who have a drone. Video stabilization is also a DJI specialty. After years of making gimbals and drones for many customers, it was easy to see why the company decided to make standalone versions.

If you don’t know what handheld gimbals can do, they have become an indispensable tool. They allow you to create smooth and fluid video that feels like you are moving through the environment smoothly with no shakes.

This is a great tool for filming walks through parks, concerts, or even to help realtors do a “flythrough” of a house.

The DJI OM-5 phone gimbal is the latest and greatest. This is the gimbal that doubles up as a tripod.


The OM-5 accommodates every smartphone up to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The ring’s adhesive back allows you to attach it to your case or phone.

The iOS app works much better than the Android version, so we would suggest this gimbal to people with Apple devices.


The OM-5 is compact enough for a gimbal (but not for a tripod) and weighs in around a pound. It should be kept in your bag/backpack, and not your pocket.


We expect DJI to produce high-quality products, and they deliver. The Android version of the app, however, isn’t quite as good as it is for iOS. While this is disappointing, it is also something that can be easily fixed in the future.

Shutter Remote

You don’t have to settle for a shutter remotely. The OM-5 includes its own app. It allows you to track subjects, create video timelapses, use gesture controls, create panoramas by stitching photos together, and many other features. You can zoom in and out, change between landscape and portrait, adjust pitch, as well as use the handle controls.


Although the OM-5 is intended as a gimbal, it can also be used to create selfies with its 8-inch extension. The tripod legs are foldable to form a handgrip. The tripod legs attach via a standard 1/4-inch bolt. If you need something longer and more stable, you may be able to use other types of tripod.


It’s DJI and therefore more expensive. However, it’s DJI. Even though not everyone needs one, it is something everyone should have.


  • Impressive hardware
  • Multipurpose thanks to the extension and tripod rod
  • The gimbal guarantees smooth, stable footage
  • The gimbal standard makes it portable and compact


  • It’s a little expensive
  • No remote shutter system (use the app instead).
  • A full-size tripod is not available, even though that’s probably not the reason why you’d purchase it.


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Best Beginner Vlogger/Video Kit: Movo Smartphone Video Rig Kit v7+

Vlogging has been briefly mentioned before but we felt it was appropriate to provide a complete solution. These can run up to several hundred dollars at the top end. But, they are also more affordable for newbies.

Movo Smartphone Video Rig Kits v7+ start with a tripod. Next, you can add everything else that you need in order to get started. You will find a handgrip as well as a stereo microphone and an LED light.


Movo accepts phones from 2.2″ up to 3.6″.


This rig is heavy at 2.8 pounds. However, the mic and light are also included in that weight. If you want to use the optional extension pole, you will be able to extend it up to 16 inches.


Movo offers a sturdy product made of aluminum and coated with foam grip. The microphone and LED light are of high quality and the price is right. Also, the hard case helps protect the kit from damage during transport.

Shutter Remote

You won’t be surprised to learn that there is a Bluetooth remote control shutter included. It does exactly what you expect.

Microphones, LED Lights, and Tripod

Movo is designed to be a complete beginner-vlogger solution. The Movo features an LED lamp to illuminate your subjects, as well as a stereo microphone which allows you to record at much higher quality levels than a standard smartphone mic.

The tripod legs are removable as necessary. You can attach the pole to a bigger, more durable tripod, just like the OM-5, if you need extra height or use standard 1/4-inch screws.


There are many options. However, there is a better solution.

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