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Slow download speeds on Chrome may be causing interruptions in your work. This is why you’re looking for ways to speed up chrome download speeds. The internet is where we live, work, communication, collaboration, everything works online. Chrome is the most popular browser. This article will discuss the causes and solutions to slow chrome download speeds.

Here are some reasons your chrome might have a slower download speed

  • A slow internet connection or an older version of Chrome could be the reason.
  • Perhaps page prefetch does not exist
  • Possibly multiple tabs are open
  • Perhaps VPN is not available on your device
  • Perhaps the internet source is shared with many others
  • Perhaps the download file is too big for the server
  • Perhaps there are so many browsing data accumulated
  • Chrome extensions may be responsible
  • Perhaps hardware acceleration is possible

Once all possible problems have been identified, we can now move on to the solutions. Now let’s get to the root causes and how to speed up chrome downloads.

Check your internet connection

This is the simplest way to determine if your browser is at fault. You can try downloading the same file on another device using the same internet connection.

If it downloads quickly, then the problem is with the browser. If not, then your internet speed is slow.

Chrome version

Verify that the current chrome version is up-to-date. If the chrome version is not up-to-date, then

  • Click on Help to go to the About Google Chrome
  • Google Chrome needs to be updated (if it isn’t already, you will see “chrome is current”).

Page prefetch

The network action prediction is page prefetch. Google chrome will open web pages quicker based on any link you may have opened. To turn on Page prefetch

  • Look for the three dots in the upper right corner of chrome
  • You can go to the settings >tap for privacy & security
  • Preload pages can be turned on to increase chrome’s download speed.

Close all tabs that are open in Google Chrome

Multiple tabs can be useful for multitasking and keeping a task in progress, but it also reduces the RAM available for chrome during the download process. The internet speed is affected directly by the number of tabs.

You can remove any tabs that are not being used from Google Chrome and you will see the results in the chrome download speed.

Disable a VPN

VPN can provide secure internet, but it will not work if you are far from it. Its speed decreases as you travel further. This is why you might wonder how to speed up chrome’s download speeds.

After disconnecting the VPN connection, check your Chrome download speed. As long as your security is intact.

Multiple users sharing the same internet source

Chrome download speeds will decrease if many people are using the same internet source. You can either change your internet provider or disconnect other users from your internet provider. It’s funny how this simple step can lead to a faster download speed for chrome.

Remove accumulated browsing data from cookies

Chrome will not download as fast if there are too many cookies in the background. Clear the cookies to speed up chrome’s download.

  • Use CTRL+H
  • Click on Clear browsing data
  • Clear cache and cookies, then select everything that you wish to delete.
  • Final tap on Clear Data

Parallel downloading for large files

If none of the above techniques work, you can try parallel downloading. Parallel downloading can be used to split large files into smaller pieces. It will speed up if there are multiple connections to the same file. In the end, the chrome will combine all downloaded fragments into one file. Follow these steps

  • Start a tab
  • Click on the Chrome flags
  • Search parallel downloading
  • Click on the button to enable it
  • Restart your browser

Disable chrome extensions

You may have a chrome extension that slows down the download speed. You can try turning off each chrome extension one at a time. Keep checking your internet speed continuously. Last, delete the extension that is slowing down chrome’s download speed.

Slow chrome download speeds can be caused by many factors. There are many ways to speed up chrome download speeds. You can start by identifying the root causes of slow download speed, then take the steps outlined in this article. This article should resolve the slow download speed problem.

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