Kekma net – Why Kekma is famous among many people and countries In 2022?

What exactly is and what does it do? What images, content, or videos are being uploaded to this website’s site? FACTS or Feature, as well famous comments

The entire post is disturbing and infuriating. This website is also known as the most shocking site. This website shouldn’t be recommended to anyone who is weak or sick.

This article might contain disturbing topics, such as themes of rape and murder, and videos about suicide and abuse of persons. The website also contains video and other aspects related to drugs and criminality. This website is full of information that is both tragic and hopeful. We also offer support to people suffering from mental illnesses or any other illness.

What’s has the terrible title of Kekma. Ga.. Also, this website was launched 23 April 2019. Obok MeatGod created this awful website. Kek Maguy is also his name. The website supports many different claims, including Reddit duplicates or alternative-rights. Voat is well-known as a case in point.

What kind of content is the website showing you?

Any user browsing the website will be notified by the website with warning messages and an 18+ content. The website displays links from both stump, the Kekma community site, and stump This website is made for those who don’t feel satisfied in their relationships.

What are your thoughts on stump crushers?

It is a URL used to connect the Discord server. Discord is not allowed on the internet. When a user clicks the link to community, they are taken to stump From there, the content is for 18-year-olds only. The warning message is then sent to the user’s browser. The warning messages will be displayed on all displays of the user’s device or personal computer.

This illegal, vile website gives information on various triggers. They include loud sounds, distortions and Loud Nigra. This website can also make you scream. Another video on the website shows an individual squatting within a semi-clotted pool. Additionally, this website makes it possible for the user to have their urethras removed by an industrial force. contains a range of harmful and inappropriate content for its users and customers.

What images, content, or videos can you upload to

The website contains many different types of content. It contains a wide variety of images and videos that aren’t suitable for Internet users. Also, the website contains videos from March 13, 2020. This video was taken from the human heart and used as a medical test.

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It also shows another footage of the cursor, as well as an image of four deformed penises with bloodstains. These penises are also used for presenting the Swastika Flag. Also, the background transforms into two images that show a Harlequin Fetus-singing infant. It was, however, a prop that was regarded as the creator’s mind.

A second video shows an African American male having sex in a corpse. Users on the internet found the video very disturbing. Obok, the website owner, says that these images were edited. After publishing the videos, images and videos, all content was removed from The owner’s side: Obok, the website owner, did not want anyone to believe that “his site is the CP website.”

The wallpaper, which depicts a man with his face being smashed into by a bear, was changed in October 2020. The website provides an alternative image and a baby with Harlequin Fetus. This image is extremely distressing and heartbreaking for both customers and users.

However, the website does not allow for the upload of a screw-like video. The GIF however alters the photo of the head that has been smashed, and then is slashed due the injury to an arm.

A few facts about was once called the Kekma. Ga. This website may not suit everyone. It is a surprising website that contains information about NSFL. This kind of content was used in multiple raids on Discord servers and web edits in real time.

The website contains blinking NSFL photos, accompanied by a high pitched ear-rape of a human’s scream. This website will take the user to full-screen mode.

If the user makes a decision to quit this website or leaves it, they will receive confirmation messages and may be unable to exit the website.

Do you have any information regarding the history and inspiration behind’s website?

It is a story of how Keema became a website on April 23rd 2019. Book The Second has created Ga (KEKMAGA), a terrifying and terrible website. When he navigates this website or the homepage, ObokTheSecond warns him that the site “contains dark content and adult humor.”

The website then asks customers or users if they would like to proceed with the next process in their browsers. A user will be taken to the website’s homepage by clicking the link. The following information will appear on the homepage:

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GIF that is based both on two NSFL pictures and an audio.

All this information is being accompanied both by high-pitched sound and the sound of rape. 

What’s the content for

This website has NSFL details on kekma. The following features can be found on ga

  1. A flashing background is used. A GIF is created from a photo or photo that shows a dog with its hind legs suspended and skinned. This is quite a sight to see.
  2. You can see the video in its entirety, with the man lying on a patch of blood and pushing an enormous industrial screw through his Urethra.
  3. If any of the visitors access this primary page, Then, he will be exposed to all of the dark side of this site.
  4. This type of website is black and requires confirmation before closing the main webpage. The entire process can slow down the user’s computer.

How do you feel about spreading the word?

On the 15th of July 2019, a Facebook post was the first and most prominent on the mysterious website. The video received many comments worldwide. One of the most prominent comments was this one: “Why didn’t they tell people about Hitler’s shrinking markets problem?” During the seasons of summer and fall 2019, several articles were posted to YouTube. Users reported that they were using these Discords servers for multiple YouTube channels and some Romanian imageboard makers.

How can I get the latest information for the website?

The dark website domain connects with five IPs in three countries. This website also links to four domains, allowing 16 HTTP transactions through the internet.

This website also uses the primary IP address.

2606:4700:3037::ac43:b0f5, which is located in the United States of America and belongs to the CLOUDFLARENET of the US. It is the primary domain of the black website.

Information about the stream and other information

This dark website is similar in appearance to Google Safe Browsing. is a common site and there is no class.

The DNS used currently by dark websites is

(AS13335 AS13335 US – CLOUDFLARENET, US). The domain for this site was created on the 30th, July 2020 at 19 :10:05 (UTC).


What is the IP address of the website?

Here are further details about domains, and IP details:

1 2a00:1450:4001:828::2008 15169 (GOOGLE)

1 2001:4de0:ac18::1:a:2a 20446 (HIGHWINDS3)

12 2606:4700:3037::ac43:b0f5 13335 (CLOUDFLARENET)

1 2a00:1450:4001:827::200e 15169 (GOOGLE)

1 2a00:1450:4001:810::200e 15169 (GOOGLE)

What are the most well-known comments on

We all know that this website was called This name is popular because of its hacking of Kek Maga. offers visitors an unusual website. Users can access this website and navigate through this web. This dark website will inform them of all the drawbacks and information.

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A user can change the web page settings instantly by visiting the website.

The user will see both an acknowledgment message and an alert message inviting him to visit the web. The screen will display a confirmation message as well as a letter that contains his permission. It is possible to find numerous videos that show the most horrifying and terrifying scenarios on

Another video that is displayed on this website features a GIF of the dog being shaved. Also, the flashes of his skin between models that are positive and negative are website exhibits. The website also displays a third video (or GIF) that shows an ear-rape of a sound rendition, which has been called the “world’s loudest Orgasm”.

Interesting facts

This website is also playing horrible background music. You can see the cursor changing as the visitor to this dark website clicks on it. Website has all harmful and destructive materials. will remove certain content due to their morality. We urge all readers and visitors to be aware that these websites may contain content that is not in line with their morality. The web site is not recommended. Because the website is full of images, videos, memes, gifs, and other images. Due to the harmful and disturbing content, people with mental illness or weakness should not visit this website.

We strongly advise you not to visit any website that could be dangerous to your health. If there is an update on any of your online social networks sites and the message is telling you that you should visit this website, don’t log in or visit it.

It is highly recommended not to use the link. This type of website isn’t appropriate for everyone. Make sure you don’t click on it!

Last words has been known earlier as hekma. Ga. This website is morally offensive and is harmful to clients and customers. This website contains all inappropriate and explicit content. This website is also considered extremely dark and ominous. This website is full of false memes, images, videos, and GIFs.

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