How To Remove Yourself from Group Text

It is convenient and efficient to communicate with multiple people simultaneously on the same platform.

You have the option to group text. Group texting is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. However, group texts can become irritating at times.

You may feel the need to leave the group if your phone is flooded with messages. You have the option to remove yourself from the group text and get rid of unwanted messages.

How to get rid of yourself from the group text

  • Click on the group text that you wish to close

Open the iMessage (messages application) in iOS.

Select the Group message that you wish to leave.

  • Click the “INFO” button

Just tap the status bar to see the initials and images of the people in the group chat.

You will then see a new drop menu open. You will see the “info” button. Click on it.

  • Click on “Leave this Conversation”

After you click the info button, you will be redirected directly to the details section.

Scroll down to the bottom and select “Leave this Conversation”. Now you will be removed from the group text.

Sometimes, people cannot leave the group text. This is because they don’t see the option to ‘Leave this discussion’.

The question is: Why does this happen? What can you do if you cannot leave the conversation?

We have all the answers for you! !

Why is the ‘Leave a Conversation’ option not available?

If you don’t see the “Leave this Conversation” option, it’s possible that someone isn’t running iOS 9.

A second possibility is that someone in the group does not have iMessage.

What can you do?

You can delete messages and mute notifications if you do not have the option to leave the conversation.

Select “Hide Alerts” to muffle the notifications.

How do you remove yourself from the group text Android

Android users are not able to remove themselves from group texts like iOS users. You can only ask the creator to create another group for you without being added.

Mute group messages is all you can do. Muting group messages is easy and simple.

How to muffle messages

  • Tap on the icon to open your messaging app.
  • Tap to continue the conversation.
  • Click the “notifications” button at the bottom left of the screen.
  • A small mute icon will now appear beside the conversation.
  • You can mute notifications by clicking on the icon.

You can also remove all group text from your messaging application

How to delete a group chat

After you have muted the group text, tap again to continue the conversation. The ‘Delete’ button will appear at the bottom-right. This will erase the entire conversation.

You can now stop receiving unwanted messages! These are the steps to remove yourself from the Group text and mute messages.

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