How to Delete Fake Facebook Accounts Created by Others?

Today, a social media account is essential. Facebook is third in popularity among social media websites, behind YouTube and Google. Although Facebook is a great social media platform, it can sometimes ruin your happiness. This post will show how to delete a fake Facebook account that was created by someone.

How can delete a fake Facebook account

You must first determine if this is your fake account or a creation by someone you know.

You can deactivate a fake account created by you by going to Settings > Account Settings > General.

If it’s an account that someone else has created, go to the profile and select more under the Cover Photo > Report > Report this Profile > They pretend to be me, or someone I know, or This is a fake profile > Submit to Facebook for review.

You can view the status of reports if the account belongs to someone you know. Scroll down to the support inbox by going to Settings>Help center

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