Here is How to Stop Auto Likes on Facebook

Facebook, also known as Meta, was once used to communicate with friends, post updates and keep up-to-date. The social media giant Meta is now all about having more friends than it being a source for knowledge.

People have a tendency to like the most liked Facebook posts. Although no one can verify the quality of content, a post that has received several likes is considered the best.

Many apps and websites were created because people are increasingly interested in liking Facebook posts. These apps can be used to get a large number of likes for Facebook posts.

Facebook auto liker is another way a Facebook user can get likes for posts.

What’s Facebook auto-liker?

Facebook auto liker allows you to increase your likes on Fb posts. This tool works with the ‘Like for Like’ system.

Let’s suppose that 100 people use an autoliker tool or website. If you join this auto liker community, your no. The number of people using auto liker tools or websites will rise to 100.

What happens is that all 100 people like your status and photo, and the chain continues. Each time a new user is added to the site, a new like will be generated.

Facebook auto-liker is not safe. Let’s first see how to delete auto likers from Facebook accounts.

How can you stop auto-likes on Facebook

You must first remove the auto-liker app from your Facebook account in order to stop auto likes. Here’s how to do it:

  • First, open your Facebook app
  • Go to Privacy and settings.
  • Choose the Privacy and Settings option
  • You can scroll down after clicking on Settings.
  • Look for websites and apps now
  • It will display all apps and websites that you have logged into using your Facebook account.

Not a good auto-liker app, so it’s not shown. You will need to search your own apps.

  • Then, you will need to locate the app that you used to log in to auto liker the first time.
  • It is usually: Nokia account, HTC sense, Blackberry.
  • Click on the app that you wish to delete and you’ll see the remove button
  • You can click on it to finish

After you have completed all of the above steps, you will not like any status updates or photos of unknowns. You can cross-check whether or not this worked by checking your activity logs from time to time.

This method is sure to work for everyone.

Our main purpose in using Facebook auto liker to make ourselves famous is our primary reason. This is not only for common people, but also for big businessmen. This allows them to increase their followers and brand authority.

If it is beneficial for everyone, then why not use Facebook auto-liker? We’ll tell you why Facebook auto liker is not a good idea.

Why Fb Auto Liker

It’s because it poses a threat to user’s privacy and security. There are other reasons:

It has access to private messages

Fb auto liker can access your messages and not keep your private messages secret.

It posts random stuff to’s timeline.

Many users complained about Facebook posting randomly to their timelines.

You can hack your Facebook account

Fb auto-liker can increase the chance of your Facebook account being hacked.

Send random SMS to your Facebook friends

This will be a surprise to you, and your Facebook friend will get a message with your name.

It will change your Facebook password

Facebook auto-liker will collect your personal information when you use it. Your password could be changed.

The question now is, if you don’t want to use Facebook auto-liker, then how do you increase the number of likes on your Facebook posts?

We have the solution.

What can you use instead of Facebook’s auto-liker?

To get likes, you can also use 2 other things. These are:

The first one: Social Exchange

It doesn’t cost anything extra. It doesn’t even ask you for your password or any other personal information.

Sign up with your Gmail account. Here are some social exchanges you can use:

You can also try this alternative if you are not interested in social exchange.

Second: Get Facebook Likes

This is the safest and most effective way to increase likes on Fb posts. You don’t need a TOKEN or Password.

They only need your account location and a photo. This is a safe method and highly recommended. allows you to buy likes for your Facebook posts.

If you wish to see if any business or person has fake likes, we also offer a way.

Here’s how to do it:

Compare their followers and friends to see how many likes they get.

You can see which people have liked your posts by going to their likes. It is common to see fake names, Korean or Chinese names listed on profiles.

If they have many likes and it is their first st, or second st post, this means they are fake likes.

Now you know how to disable auto-likes on Facebook. We have also explained why it is not safe to use Facebook’s auto-liker.

Your safety is your responsibility. Always think carefully before you use any app. These apps pose a serious threat to your privacy. To be secure and to get liked, use the methods mentioned above.

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