Crypto Banter Will Give Away Over $500,000 to 10 Eligible Community Members

 Banter Bags is a unique project that uses cryptocurrency to give back. It started out as a $10,000 community giveaway and is now worth more than $500,000. When Crypto Banter’s YouTube channel reaches 250,000 subscribers it will randomly select ten community members to receive their share.

Ran Neuner (host of CNBC Crypto Trader) created the Banter Bags giveaway. While the original goal was to encourage active participation in the community, and to generate more engagement with daily streams, the event grew into a tool that could really make a difference in some people’s lives.

In terms of pre-market allocations the Crypto Banter group initially invested $10,000 in an Ethereum public address. To diversify the portfolio, more investments were made each day to put that money into allocations. Shopx, Aioz Refineable, Occam and Renewable are some of the most notable investments to have experienced spectacular returns. All these pre-market allocations have experienced a 100-fold increase in value.

Community members have a golden chance to take advantage of the Banter bag’s total value, which now exceeds $500,000. 10 members of the community can earn a Banterbag with the respective spoils once YouTube has reached 250,000 subscribers. Only one requirement is that you subscribe to Crypto Banter YouTube or follow the Twitter account.


The Crypto Banter group adds

With that in mind we decided to do everything in our power to reward our community. It was originally intended to be a cool $10,000 gift to the community. Instead, it has turned into an opportunity for people to make positive changes in their lives. Since our initiative was launched, the channel has grown exponentially. We have increased our reach by more than 100 percent in all metrics. We have over 100k subscribers, and more than 5,000,000 views in the last 28-days. Our community has been more active than ever. They love the idea they are giving back to others i>.

Five winners were randomly chosen so far. Each of these five have an inspiring story to tell. Irfan was a lost-of-worker who was also struggling to pay the bills. Irfan won the Banter Bag after his wife gave birth to her first child in two months. If the bags aren’t used up, any person can experience something similar.

We also announced the donation of one bag to charity.

Crypto Banter

Crypto Banter, a live streaming crypto station, was established by Ran Neuner of CNBC Crypto Trader. You can stream live coverage of the crypto markets worldwide and also have the opportunity to chat with the hosts and call in. Crypto Banter was set up to bring the banter of Telegram, Crypto Twitter, and Telegram to a moderated and curated AV streaming platform. It is a hybrid of Joe Rogan’s CNBC and talk radio about crypto.


Ran Neuner

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