CETI Project Launched To Decode Whale Language

An international team of scientists has launched Project CETI to decode and communicate with sperm whales. CETI- Cetacean Translation Initiative is a non-profit organization and 2020 TED Audacious project that uses advanced machine learning and gentle robots. It will be used for deciphering the communication of “the sperm whale”. Whales communicate in clicks. They do this in rhythmic sequences called “Codas”. Shane Gero, a Canadian biologist, was the one who recorded the codas.

Project CETI

Project CETI is the first step in understanding the ecosystem surrounding humans and other species. Major organizations are involved in the project, including the National Geographic Society and Computer Science and AI Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Researchers were able to translate two languages, one human and one machine, using AI and unsupervised machine translators for the first-ever time. These discoveries will provide the blueprint for the first ever blueprint of a language from another animal.

Over the next five years, Project CETI will attempt to understand sperm Whales at a level that has never been achieved before. David Gruber- President Professor of Biology and Environmental Science at CUNY is the leader of the CETI Project.

The Project will create a public portal, and its partners will engage a global community to explore the wonders of meaningful dialogue with non-human species.

Project CETI Goals

The first goal of the research team is to collect 4 billion sperm whale codas. Without context, all collected codas will be meaningless. The goal of creating a language model that communicates “whale” will be achieved once it is accomplished. This will forever change the way we perceive and interact with nature.

“If we find out that there is an entire civilization under our nose, maybe it will lead to a shift in how we treat our environment and maybe it’ll result in more respect for our living world,” Michael Bronstein, Project CETI’s chief of machine learning.

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