Can You See Who Reported You on Facebook to Take Further Action?

Are you curious to see if you can see your profile on Facebook? Or, would you like to find out if the person or company whose profile or page you reported can view your name? Facebook doesn’t reveal who reported keeping privacy, but it does investigate to determine the relevancy or merit of the report.

Who reported you on Facebook?

You cannot see the identity of those who have reported you, nor can they know that you have. If there is any offensive, inappropriate, or illegal content on a page, profile or private message, it will be reported. People report often if they disagree with something. It is important to note that a report will not be deleted if it violates Facebook’s terms of service. Facebook reviews each report and sends a warning to clarify the situation.

Facebook will notify you by email if it finds any problems with your comment or post after you have reported it. The exact post or comment that was deleted would not be revealed to you. You can check and make the corrections.

If your page or profile is reported by Facebook and Facebook agrees, Facebook will remove the page or profile. You might not be notified. It would be your responsibility to let you know when you attempt to access your account.

What happens when an account is suspended?

The suspension period can vary depending on the severity of the violation. The account will be enabled in 20 hours if identity or evidence of compromise can be provided. If Facebook does not respond, the account will be suspended or banned.


The content, comment, or post cannot be appealed. You can appeal to a profile or page that has been disabled. Every report is sent to the abuse department at Facebook. They disable any account or profile only if they find it in violation. You can still appeal if you feel it is unfair or if your account or page was compromised, leading to suspension for violating a violation that you did not initiate.

If your appeal is denied or rejected, you can appeal again. Your account or page will not be re-enabled.

Follow these steps to retrieve your reported account:

  • Facebook’s Report compromised account page is available.
  • Click the button “My Account is compromised”
  • Please provide the following information about your account
  • Check out the Trusted Contacts process
  • Appeal for the re-enabling your account

Facebook must not allow you to do anything that could lead to your account being suspended. You would then not have to find out if you were reported on Facebook in order to take further action. You cannot also report a page or profile just because you disagree with it. Before you report, be sure to be reasonable, rational, and certain.

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