8 of the Best Bus Apps for Travelers

Buses may be the least expensive and most comfortable option for long-distance traveling, but they can go almost anywhere. Buses are the only public option for many destinations that are difficult to reach by train and plane.

There are sometimes VIP, sleeper and other upgraded services available that will help to ease the strain of long journeys. We have a list of the best bus apps, no matter where your journey takes us. They offer the perfect mix of comfort, price and schedule.

Many of these apps are provided by aggregators. This allows you to quickly compare the services offered by different companies. These apps are provided by bus companies directly, so that you don’t have to deal with middlemen and can avoid paying commissions.

Regardless of the approach taken, they can all be useful tools for planning your next adventure.


This app is a transportation service provider in North America. It serves the United States and Canada. It aggregates bus information, trains, flights, hotels and other data for over 5000 cities on the continent.

WanderU allows users to search by amenities such Wi-Fi, toilets or power outlets. This lets them buy tickets for the right service. You can easily compare multiple services with the app, which will provide a helpful summary of your options.

A table will show you the most available trips between Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Francisco, as well as the lowest prices, departure times, and transportation time.

iOS & Android, free



Want to skip the aggregators to get straight to where the action is? FlixBus is a great option. This company is located in Germany, and offers cheap bus services all over Europe and the United States. You can search for routes, book tickets, view trip details and more all from one app.

Special discounts and coupons are available to purchase tickets at a lower price. A lost and found section allows you to report any items that were left on the bus. Flixbus often offers multiple pick-up/drop-off locations in larger cities. Text alerts can be sent for any bus changes and route updates.

Flixbus has real-time bus tracking, but it is not available in the Flixbus app.

iOS & Android, Free


Formerly known as GoEuro , Omio can be used to travel by bus, particularly in Europe. Although the service now includes the United States, the options for travel in the US appear limited. The app can be used to book flights and trains.

A nice feature that has yet to be adopted by other apps is the possibility of entering your discount card information directly within the apps. The cards currently focus on European rail travel.

The app isn’t dependent on FlixBus (or other continent-wide buses companies) like some of its competition. It lists individual bus service providers, just as you might expect.

If you search for buses from Madrid to Barcelona, you’ll get results for Alsa. Alsa is the largest Spanish bus firm.

iOS & Android, free


This transport app gives you door-to–door information in 160 different countries. Rome2Rio has partnered up with more than 3000 bus operators and other providers of transportation, including planes, trains, and rental cars.

After you enter your desired start and ending points, the app displays possible bus routes. Before you can review the price, schedules, as well as other bus carriers, the app redirects you to a third party site where you can purchase your tickets.

Rome2Rio has limited partnerships with local businesses. If you aren’t seeing the route or schedule you desire, it is worth cross-referencing with other apps.

Some of the useful features include the ability to create multiple-stop trips and save them for later. You can also share your trip details with other friends via email or social networks. The app also displays a detailed map view of your trip.

Rome2Rio currently supports 43 foreign currencies and is available to users in seven languages.

iOS & Android, free



Many bus apps work best in a certain region. Busrader is a good example. It’s Europe and Great Britain. It’s a bus service provider aggregator like Rome2Rio. Intercity services will be found from many different companies.

The app allows users to find routes and see them on a map. They can also book tickets from a third party site. The extended search feature is great for flexible travelers. This allows you to broaden the area of your desired departure or destination point in order to find better schedules and more affordable prices.

Before you book, view a full list of all amenities available on the bus. I discovered that the bus offered free coffee and bottled water. There were also power sockets available.

iOS & Android, free


Busbud provides another worldwide transportation app. It has the advantage of offering more options than others in certain cases.

Greyhound and FlixBus offered bus services between Los Angeles and San Francisco. While it isn’t exactly extensive, it was much better than Busrader and Rome2Rio which only offered one service.

Busbud lists the amenities you can expect on the bus. This includes Wi-Fi, power outlets, and air conditioning. You can also find out any restrictions and requirements for baggage or boarding, and directions to your pickup point.

The app currently is available in 63 nations.

iOS & Android, free



redBus does not serve all countries, but has many unusual features. This app currently covers India, Singapore Malaysia Indonesia, Peru, Indonesia and Peru. You can search for flights, book tickets and even choose a seat on your trip.

Track My Bus allows you to track the exact location of your bus using a live map. If your bus arrives late, you will be refunded 25%.

The app makes it easy to cancel your ticket. This service could expand to other countries so keep your eyes peeled for future trips.

iOS & Android, free


Although it is not yet an application, it’s worth mentioning the 12Go site, for travelers in Asia and Australasia. It also has a growing number of other countries. This service allows you to book tickets in advance for many bus routes across the globe, including those from Thailand and Vietnam as well as Japan, Turkey, Jordan, India, Turkey, Jordan, and others.

This site covers private transfers, trains, vans, and ferries. You can search quickly for routes between destinations, as well multimode trips, where you swap between (eg, bus to ferry).

Below you’ll find a list of all available options. The top-rated, cheapest and fastest routes will be highlighted. For each service, amenities and travel time will be listed. You can also filter by price, type of transportation, departure and return times, and many other options.

You can book a service online once you have selected it. You are able to cancel a booking at any time if your plans change. If you need the paper ticket in person, you’ll receive exact information about how to get it.

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